attacking the nether fortress, how many times have the bastids killed ya?,edition

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first for LARPers smell

Shippy is a big fucking nonce

Gonna watch some more movies tonight lads. 3/4 I saw yesterday were good which is rare for me

>wasting time with GoTshit
naaaah ill pass mate

>live action role play
>on an anonymous internet forum

>attacking the nether fortress

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>rare purple pepe

interested, ngl

... Swipe down ... Kill the construction workers Shopper Bear

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Have you seen American beauty?

That girl on the right is an American beauty desu

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there are only like 6 and it's likely most of them were thrown in the bin. i'll make you one if you give me some special 50ps

6 emeralds for a fucking pair of leather boots you CHEEKY SPIV CUNT?!

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i want a sexy purple pepe now though

yep, gonna fuck up some blaze bastards

watched the french connection tonight, is excellent


don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro
i'm not your babe, i'm not your babe, Fernando

Has that user fixed his CV yet? I have him an hour.
Really shouldn't take this long.

of course. More interested in sci-fi/horror though
>I Trapped the Devil
>Escape Room
yesterday. Listed in rank of goodness

If you want one now you'll have to track down one of the originals

my korean wife is very cute


they're charging that?
build a sugarcane farm and then turn it into paper and swap with a librarian

Right, slogged through season 2 of Twin Peaks

onto the rewatch of Fire Walk With Me, one of the most underrated films ever desu, although you do have to watch 2 seasons of a television program before watching it.

You. Are. Expendable.

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Tried watching twin peaks. Boring af. Prefer stranger things.

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>tfw you have a non rare yeIIow pepe

ill be keeping my special LARP 50ps thanks lad

It that how to make it comprehendable, quads lad? I couldn't make head nor tail of it and hated Twin Peaks.

Funny. On the Opry theres interviews with fans. They all really fuckin pissed.

is this bait or are you this much of a pleb?

chek'd. s2 was a slog at times but there were some great parts. I need to re-watch the whole thing including FWWM as well, don't sleep on s3 either

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only a pathetic incel would watch stranger things.

Going to give My Time at Portia a try since it's now on Game Pass.

Anyone is expendable

well if you hated Twin Peaks it's no wonder you couldn't make heads nor tails of it desu.

I rewatched the series cause I bought the season 3 blu ray. actually skipped ahead from episode 14 I think to the finale of season 2 cause I just couldn't take rewatching James' MILF story arc, Ben Horne's Gettysburg and the Andrew shit for a second time.

never understood the hate for second half of season 2, no its nowhere good as the first season and first 8-9 episodes but windom earle was good fun
enjoy the boobies in fwwm

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Hope my mate SP is having a cracker of a saturday night

>He uses incel as an insult

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Love the nightclub scene in FWWM. Simple as. Only thing I don't like is they replaced Lara Flynn Boyle. I know she was a cunt IRL but she was so fucking gorgeous back then. Its a shame she looks like Pete Burns nowadays.

>onto the rewatch of Fire Walk With Me
Then afterwards The Missing Pieces, I hope.
So much (really, loads) in that which season 3 hangs upon that it should've been billed as a complete second movie really, it's bizarre that it's relegated to a boxset extra.

Honest question.

Whats the nicest thing youve ever done. Something that on your deathbed youll think - yeah im proud of that. Think mine might have been slapping that bitch of a woman I used to call my wife.

>Ben Horne's Gettysburg
That was pure kino, take it back! Worst of all though was the crazy woman with the eye patch arc. How would you rate the seasons? It's really difficult but I think I'd put it as 1>3>2

Is that the film with Martin Sheen. If so, good film/s

I'd say

1 > 3 > first half of 2 + last episode > FWWM > second half of 2

I actually see a lot of fans of the original series who hate season 3. can only imagine they're stupid boomers who watched the show as a straight soap opera and also hated FWWM

I need to buy another deck box, maybe a playmat

I feel like I only have five feelings/emotions: anger, sadness, relief/comfort, indifference, anxious/nervous.
Any lads here sort of know what I mean? Are there any other emotions? I can't really think of any I feel.

save your best content for your blog poley.

Used to spend ages with a demented Italian woman where I worked whose husband had died a few years prior. She thought that I was her husband and I saw a few things that deeply upset me. If she was distressed I would take her into the little conservatory at the home and let her hold my hand and talk with me. She would smile the most genuine smile ever at me and I wished I could have brought him back.
it hurts me so bad bros, like makes me want to cry.

You have a Wordpress for those sorts of musings.

For me? It's The Slim Shady LP.

My mum only remembers the quirky fun stuff from the original and thought the 3rd season would be all about romance and coffee with pie.

>Milly Bobby Brown has a sister called ava/eva
>eva brown
>eva braun
>Parents obviously have no historical education

S3 felt even more bipolar than S2 tbqh, it had some really shit gimmicky moments but also some of the best moments of the entire series.

>For me? It's The Slim Shady LP.
Only gaylords listen to eminem.
Real n*ggas listen to NWA and sheet.

Mine is when some stacey was getting upset about some boy. She was playing piano in the chapel and suddenly broke down so i went and sat on the stool mext to her to comfort her. Everyone else left. We talked for a few hours. Was really spiritual, deep and satisfying.

Your mum's a normie pleb, better hope you don't take after her

Then she went home and sucked chad's cock while you cried yourself to sleep

Nah Christians dont do that.

>Lord Lucan was considered for the role or James Bond

No one more apt desu

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>Christians dont do that.
Oh you sweet summer child

Alertness, different to anxious imo
There's probably more

first david lynch film I ever saw was mulholland drive and couldn't watch beyond this scene cause it scared me as a young'un


>Your mum's a normie pleb
I mean she watches Eastenders and talent shows so I knew that already.

anyone got an archive of the OP images so i can have a look at 'em? any ideas on a way to get back at the romanians?

>Are there any other emotions?
I hear some people feel happiness

Tbh I think the first choice for James Bond was actually Cary Grant. I think he would have made a funnier, slightly less mysoginistic bond. And its no surprise Lors Lucan looks like Freddie Mercury if you know what I mean.

>tfw no ASMR gamer gf

mummy has finally gone to bed so I can finally smoke

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>housemates throwing party
>loud, obnoxious normies everywhere drinking and blasting shitty music
>head down to kitchen to make a cup of tea
>nobody tries to bother me thank christ, however...
>two people having a conversation in the kitchen
>"yeah, so did I hear you were a lesbian or something? I don't wanna be rude you know if it's cool to ask?"
>"umm, actually I'm a non-binary"
>"ah right right cool, yeah so is that like you aren't a boy or girl or...

They just went on and on about this shit. Honestly was hard to not say anything about this fucking nonsense to them.

How did society fall so far so fast? The stuff they were saying was literally insane. Is it all just them wanting attention in a faceless world where the average person achieves nothing at all in their life?

I believe happiness is a moment, not a state but perhaps that's just me.

She's not a real gamer. I bet she wouldn't even say nigger.

Know where the fusebox is? Shut it down la

You mean he's camp?
He does look like him but I don't detect anything else about him in common

I think youd be surprised silly b****.

>ywn meet Lord Lucan

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>tfw demisexual heterokin

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I'll tell you what user, you were very successful in killing the Richie Edwards meme stone dead

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Why is sexuality and gender even a topic of conversation? If it/they had said "mind your own business" the whole thing could have been avoided.
Pointless. Set the smoke alarm off and call the fire brigade, evacuate them all.

Read the Lucan files.

you sure you not the attention seeker lad/lass?

Nah because that'd mess with me as well. Might call the police though because they're smoking weed and I guarantee that some of the others have harder drugs on them as well.

But fuck man, this is fucking Manchester, the police will probably just laugh down the line at me if I say there's people smoking weed. Police are such a fucking joke.

Are you a uni student? This just sounds like the sort of thing hipster uni students would talk about at a party.

it has a single very important function
it's a sign to keep yourself and children the fuck away from them

yep, half 10 seems like a good time to wank to asians

the game is the progressive stack, and since being crippled isn't an option they had to create new entries to be viable

I long for the days where pop music was a clique, instead of this shit

lad i would have just started sniggering to myself whilst i was making the tea and made some off-the-cuff remark as you walked away if they asked what you were laughing at

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exact same desu, I rewatched it recently and I was so scared when I knew that scene was coming up, but it didn't actually affect me. you should watch the rest of it

>the only way to win is by not participating

not having a gf is all I think about all day every day. I want to die so much. someone please love me

I dunno lad, they're just a bunch of cunts. I know it's a meme and all, but everyone I heard talking sounded like a complete NPC as well. It's just sad really.

I'm doing a Master's paid for by my job, everyone else is an undergrad and all the people at the party are either undergrad or 'perpetual student'/manchildren types of people, but the normie kind if that makes sense? Basically the shittest of the shit.

This. LGBT shit is cancerous and EVERY SINGLE one of them has some kind of story of abuse that led them to being gay or lesbian or a tranny or some other insane kind of special non-gender. They're crazy kid touchers.

Devilish, I should've.

I've told you lot before. Shut the fuck up you big gobbed wankers. I've got a massive bloody migraine and I don't need you bastids shouting.

I did that the first time I ever saw a lass with them lip injections and nearly got a smack in the eye because I couldn't stop laughing at her.

>ywn beat up your wife and murder your nanny causing a massive manhunt.

>I long for the days where pop music was a clique
When was popular music a clique?

Think I've got e coli lads I've taken five runny shits throughout the day


Lately I've been thinking about her non stop. Literally every time I'm not distracting myself with something my mind goes to her. Hang in there lad :(

Jesus would love to strip a lass and slap her tits and arse about and then fuck her without a condom, lol.

why yes i was touched in ALL of my naughty parts by my father when i was six! wa waaaaaaaa

Yeah I'll just sit here all night sober wow such fun

>I'm doing a Master's paid for by my job
Fug lad that's my dream, wish I could find a company to pay for postgrad.

>just sit here all night sober wow

what do you normally do mate

About who? Gfs are far overrated. Happier not having to think about women. Even when I was fucking a lass just for fun with no strings attached (eventhough she liked me) felt no good coz didnt really like her and she was boring (didnt suck dick, didnt do doggy and made us use connys all the time)