I'm living in someone's head rent free for petty reasons. What do?

I'm living in someone's head rent free for petty reasons. What do?

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Stop being a mooch and help with the bills or at least wash your own dirty dishes.

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what do you mean petty reasons? I am living at my parent's home rent free, although I give them a small amount of cash every month.

I wash my own dishes, and pick up after myself around the house. Insurance, healthcare etc, gas, travel money/food drink, entertainment all of this I deal with myself, although getting a break on rent is still HUGE, I realize this.

Have you seen the price of headspace nowadays.You should be more grateful. Who ever they are, they must be generous. They can easily rent it out to a family of foreigners or students.

How do I know you're not a squatter?

whoever they are? they are my parents and they would never rent out the two or three extra rooms to random peoples they don't know. I just said I was pretty grateful pray tell user how I be MORE GRATEFUL

Do your parents realize how much harm they are doing by not kicking you out?

harm to whom or what exactly?

Example: liking music they don't like
Suddenly I am treated like the Devil from that point onwards, constantly mentioned in a negative sense even if I am not relevant to the discussion at all

I don't get it, is it that much of a strain? personally I love all types of music but I love hip hop as well, my white boomer parents don't like it and talk shit about it but I am just like whatever nigga

You should play your music louder throughout the day so they too can enjoy some sweet jams.Also try leaving the caps on toothpaste open to save them the trouble of uncapping it. Also leave lights on to save them time.

To your development. Unless you are a self motivated workaholic, living with rents as an adult is straight poison to the brain

>try leaving the caps on toothpaste open to save them the trouble of uncapping it
you think I share the same toothpaste as my parents user? what kind of savage would leave it uncapped anyways?
>leave lights on to save them time
I don't like to "waste the energy" if it isn't being used what is the point; my parents fall asleep with the doors unlocked and TV on all the time, I turn that stuff off to save a dime and not get raped.

what do I have to develop? Tomorrow I imagine I would be doing all the same things I do today, but if I have an apartment I would just be alone and lighting 40% of my income on fire. where is the logic here? I am stacking money like an 80s cracklord

An "enlightened" autist (who is the group admin) wanted to block me for it but I am "marginally better" than some other person he blocked so that's why I haven't been blocked (yet)

I am confused, who is the enlightened autist?

>not lighting 95% of your income on fire
Maybe Im wrong about you but it would be social suicide where I live, and people tend to take it very easy and slow when they dont have to cover their own ass

The guy whose head I'm living in rent free
"enlightened" because he claims it himself

I am not sure what you mean it seems like you have too many assumptions. Yes living at home at age 27 is "social suicide" but then again when you are 27 years old your social circle isn't very big assuming you are working and done with school and all of your friends have moved to different places and are getting married.

Being "single" past age 25 is pretty damn rough for a male. The nice byproduct is I am working out and getting fit as hell and making money. And smoking tons of hash

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