Im about to watch Evangelion for the first time. What am i in for?

Im about to watch Evangelion for the first time. What am i in for?
Im not really into anime but I heard people talking about it recently. And ive got nothing else to do with my time.

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Stay away from the annoying ass community and don't watch the Netflx version if at all possible and you're experience will be 100x better, it starts off slow as fuck and there is some filler. Overall a worthwhile show though End of Evangelion is one of my favorite movies, only reason to watch the show imo.

>there's a kikeflix version

Just go watch it retard.

>not having watched eva already in 2005+14

Honestly this.

I watched it before I was of age. If we had cool and appropriate moderation he'd be underage banned.

Go away namefag. Pls just be user

im actually 25.

Should I watch it in english or with subtitles? in your opinion.

if netflix ver. watch the Japanese, if OG blue-ray or something then watch english.


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Prepare yourself
you're about to catch the gay virus

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jewflix version is fucking trash

It's a pretty boring show, to be honest. I had to watch through it two separate times, but it got me sex with two guys that aren't gay.

I like Eva because Shinji's reluctance to get in the robot reminds me of my reluctance and crying about cancer treatment as a kid. Despite both things being for the best. I don't care if this is cringe

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I agree 100%, but the mentally retarded sometimes don't know what a "torrent" is.

I don't get you guys saying the netflix version is trash unless you mean dub. They did a new translation and some lines are changed but the change isn't arbitrary or decided based on censorship. It still fits with the original wording in Japanese

>tfw zoomers probably won't know what torrenting is

>What am i in for?

And waifu wars.

>tfw the next generation will think the ps2 is for boomers

What's so bad about the Netflix version?

Good doujins if you like incest. The doujins actually are directly tied to my Eva love and feelings. The m-bation line is canon to me

the dub is god awful, far worse than the original dub, which still isn't even as good as just using subs.

>Im not really into anime
Then you shouldn't waste your time. Eva is not an entry level anime.

I don't have jewflix but they probably cut the pedo fanservice tier parts out.

>not entry level
Bad bait is bad.

No (You).

just finished the series yesterday. you're in for: unlikable characters, silly plot, massive religious undertones, abandonment issues. and a blueballed ending.

looks good though and the mechas as cool.

did you watch eoe?

>blueballed ending
The ending was the best part, you uncultured swine.

Textbook normalfag response. This is why I say Eva is not entry-level. If you haven't seen 200+ anime you simply aren't capable of appreciating it.

Dont try to rationalize anything that happens. Just accept it as art and move on.

Main reason to watch the show desu

basically yeah, eoe is the whole point of the series

Yeah nah, Evangelion was widely considered a masterpiece for 2 years before EoE existed.

I enjoy and think eva is a fantastic show but I feel like EoE is the real masterpiece.

I've seen like 5 animemes and appreciated it still.

Congratulations > giant Rei

Fight me

apparently in the netflix version, on-screen kanji is largely untranslated, the ending theme is different and doesn't appear in the show proper even when its supposed to because of licensing, the dubs are different but nobody should watch dubs anyway, and certain lines are translated differently. i would go with a bootleg version instead of netflix
both the show and eoe are excellent imo it was one of the first animes i watched altho ive watched them a few times now

>I don't have jewflix but they probably cut the pedo fanservice tier parts out.
They did not. The only thing cut from the show was the Fly Me to the Moon outro due to licensing or something like that. The old English dub was dropped though in favor of a new one.

they are both part of the ending.

I liked it. It seems very much more oldschool and therefore more authentic Japanese.

Sure, but Congratulations and the implication that Instrumentality effectively lasts forever felt more conclusive on its own.

OP here
Just about to start episode 4. So far it seems alright. Lots of still shots with not much happening.

episode 2 is awesome how can u say this

Kids today are only into anime for how impressive the CGI can be. NGE is a drawn 90s anime.

They don't get the point of anime.

I honestly have to agree, I enjoy/ed EoE way more than the original show.

people think its great, it isn't imo. Just another regular anime with nothing special about it. You're in for a full load of nothing.

>maybe I didn't bait enough today!

The still shots are supposed to add to the atmosphere and it plays a key role at understanding the character's feelings and struggles. Personally I think it adds depth to the series. Also some of the scenes are supposed to be used as foreshadowing, or used in a metaphorical sense. Fucking normie

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But it's not just art. There is a reason for everything and many universal themes to explore.

im starting to get this idea. I just finished episode 4 and what the fuck is up with that scene on the train tracks?! If it werent for the crickets chirping id swear my screen froze. Is this what the whole series is like, just 30 second shots of nothing happening?

..But still, that last scene on episode 4. literally nothing happened. and this is a mecha anime, and there wasnt one single mecha that whole episode.

>this is a mecha anime
lmao this is too precious

it will seem alright for most of the series, but the last few episodes will make everything have an impact. And the movie is incredible.

don't watch the netflix version user.

i just watched the scene yeah it's pretty long but you can hear the announcements and i guess it's supposed to be awkward between the two of them. im not gonna say i love how long that shot is but i guess the significance is that he didn't get on the train

explain please. Isnt the whole point of the show to have the evas fighting angels?

im gonna stick with it, but theres just really a lot of those shots.

yeah i kinda figured thats what it was about, but again they coulda cut it shorter.

eva is a psychological drama that initially presents itself as a mecha show. there's plenty of mecha stuff but you can already see in the first 2 episodes that things are messier than they appear. idk in general imo the less said the better but eva is kind of famous for being like this. a lot of people hate shinji and hate eva and you may be one of those people that's fine but if possible stick it out to the end and watch end of evangelion at least to say that you did