I'm on drugs and will talk to you about anything and every topic...

I'm on drugs and will talk to you about anything and every topic. I mean it replies are guaranteed! This special offer is only available for 4 -6 hours so don't miss your chance. ;)

Enjoy this clown.

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Posting Cirno in order to boost morale.

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>don't miss your chance. winky face
Fucking goddamn it OP.

I do like smileys and I think they are perfectly valid form of conveying emotions through the rather sterile form of text. What do you not like about them?

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It's about time and place OP. Don't winky face the depressed anons of r9k.

do you consider yourself to have any kind of worth?

what are you on and whats the dose

Where are you from? Who is your favorite Touhou? Do you ever fap to Touhou porn?

Maybe a winky gives them a nice thought. I know some might see it as off putting to be confronted with positivity while they feel stuck in negativity but I believe life is about causing misunderstandings and so I'd rather give a an accurate expression of my mood than to make sure no one thinks I'm making fun of them.

Yes and no. Worth is just a word and an idea. We are what we are and some may consider us full of worth, others less. Once you let go of the baggage of having to prove your worth, you automatically do what you think is right and through that become truly worthy.

MDMA, 150mg + 50mg redose. To the user from the drug thread: gomen. :P

Germany. I like Cirno for being a lovable idiot and Rumia for being herself.
I don't actually. Do you have some recommendations? e.g. sites, h-mangas

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Do you like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?

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What is your style like (fashion)?

Do you think democratic system work?

What is your favorite pair of shoes that you own OP?
btw the winky face gets a big OK from me :3

Yes, I loved the beginning and the first arcs. When they introduced Stand users I kind of stopped watching half way though. I'm talking about the anime though, haven't read the manga.

I don't have any particular style though I wear lots of black/white t-shirt with shorts in the summer and usually buy a single jacket that I wear throughout the winter. I like Hoodies but I want to buy some more shirts because they look pretty slick.

It works as much much as any system works. How would you even define the difference between working and not working? As far as I'm concerned it's good that we decided to listen to each other and vote on issues we feel important. Could you please specify what you mean by that question?

I usually only wear 1-2 kinds of shoes over the year before I throw them away and buy new ones, haha. As of now I wear red sneakers. Thanks :3
What about you?

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>It works as much much as any system works. How would you even define the difference between working and not working? As far as I'm concerned it's good that we decided to listen to each other and vote on issues we feel important. Could you please specify what you mean by that question?
Do they accomplish their objective to give more power to the general populace in any significant way and do they get things done more efficiently than other political system?

Nice, though I would recommend continuing, part 4 and 5 are pretty good. Also better not be skipping parts!

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How the fuck do you find a drug dealer? My friends all are too boring to know anybody who can hook me up

>MDMA, 150mg + 50mg redose. To the user from the drug thread: gomen. :P
ayyy I have no friends and I always roll alone on r9k. People here can be nice

Those are some very vague metrics and desu I wrote desu on purpose! ;) I wouldn't call them the objectives of a system because that implies someone put them in for that specific reason. The way we are governed evolves over a long time span and always carries the past with it. As in there were, once in a time, reason for people to do something in a certain way. But to look at it retrospectively and try to judge is not very productive in my opinion. Also political system aren't in any real form of competition unless we make it one.

If I remember it by tomorrow I will give it a go then. I hope they step back from the "sitcom" style and bring some more over the top impact story.

Not very. Many people use drugs and they often have a dealer. Just have to be social and you'll find one. But to be honest I'm not a fan of dealers unless it's a close friend. I order everything from the internet and it's amazingly easy once you figured it out. e.g. I ordered the MDMA on Monday because I had some spare coins (for about 8euros/g) and it arrived Saturday. No worrying, no paranoia just picking up the package easy and relaxed.

Yeah, rolling here is nice. Makes the general negativity here manageable and you have enough energy to give everyone a good reply.

Every time I have posted while I was on E I got pretty good responses. My third time doing E I was having a difficult experience and some people on b of all places helped me out

Wow, I really can't imagine not having a good time on E. Considering it's literally releasing the happy hormone en mass, haha. Mind telling me about it?

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lol it was mostly because I was uninformed. Usually I do research on a drug before I do it but with E for some reason I didn't look too into it. It was my first time doing a tesla. I was by myself and I took half. It was going really well but for some reason I felt like it wasn't as good as the last high so I said fuck it and re dosed the rest. Minutes after doing that my stomach started to hurt really bad and I felt like I needed to throw up. I live with my parents so if I threw up they would have heard and known I was fucked up so I held it. After I started getting into a really weird headspace and I got some very vivid hallucinations. At this point I thought I was either oding or my E was spiked to I went on b and asked if it sounded right. They told me it was fine and to just relax and have water. After that things got better but the roll was already killed

Wow, that doesn't sound nice. Yeah, redosing can be very overwhelming. I remember when I took two pills because the first one "didn't work" it did and while I was chatting with Anons here my vision was out of control and I could barely type any sentence. Though I considered it to be a nice feeling.

Glad things worked out though. And at least you'll know how to avoid doing the same mistake again.

PS to everyone who reads this: I need more cute anime girls. I'm posting from a laptop with a fresh Ubuntu install because I fucked my previous OS and just overwrote everything.

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Yea now when I roll I enjoy hallucinations and being in weird headspaces. Another thing that really scared me during that trip was eye wiggles I didn't know what they were so right away I assumed that my body was failing.
PS ima go here is the only anime girl I have on my computer :)

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What kind of hallucinations are you talking about? I have experience with LSD and shrooms but right now things look about the same. Though I can appreciate the things around me more.

Well, Bob seems like nice guy so I'll let it pass :P

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Should I go to Tuebingen or Heidelberg to study?

I don't know, user. Never been there. What are the pros and cons for each side as far as you know?

It only occurs to me at high doses or if I smoke weed with it. They can be really realistic. You can almost swear that you see something but in reality its something else. My hallucinations sometimes move around a bit or wiggle too. I only have experience with low doses of shrooms and lsd so I can't compare them too well but I have never had more realistic hallucinations then the ones I get from E.

Heidelberg is a really pretty medieval city. I've never been to Tuebingen.

How high doses are you talking? I do get some slight visual on weed when combined with E (mostly on the comedown) but they are like little "effects" but no fullblown hallucination. Wait, before we go on let me make some clear: For me a hallucination is seeing something that isn't actually there and visuals is everything that makes the same recognizable things look slightly or even wildly different but it stays the "same".

If you like medieval cities then go to Heidelberg obviously. Inform yourself about rent prices and how student friendly the town is, what activities there are, where the Uni is located and if there are some Studentenverbindungen that appeal to you. Don't fall for the cliches they are not ALL about party and there are not only "dude bros" there.
What do you plan on studying?

Yea I do mean full blown hallucinations. You won't truly believe there is a cat in your room but you might see your shoe on the floor and for a quick second see a cat. I almost always take half or 3/4 of my pills and redose later so maybe somewhere around 200mg then the rest. I don't always hallucinate but the times I have hallucinated the most was with the tesla I was talking about and the last pill I smoked weed with.

Maybe it has something to do with either the weed or this psychonautwiki.org/wiki/MDA as it's often mixed with MDMA. Honestly, although I haven't one myself, I recommend you to buy a test kit.

Please give me a (You). I'm running low. Enjoy ur drugs. Is MDMA any good?

Here is your (You), user. :)
Thanks, I do enjoy them. MDMA is a top tier drug for its effect. You feel pure euphoria and you become way more empathic. Also it's a stimulant which means it gives one an insane energy boost like a cup of coffee but with an effect 100x as strong. Though you musn't take too much or too often since it works on your serotonin mechanisms which not only regulate happiness but many other bodily functions. It's a delicate balance and abuse that doesn't give the body enough time to rest can be unpleasant.

My friend tested some for me and every roll has felt similar to the time I tested it except for some being stronger or weaker. Its possible that I have taken pills with other things in it but as of now I think the worse thing that could have been in it would be mda which I don't mind much. Also the guy I bought it from has a good reputation if people found out he was selling spiked pills people wouldn't buy from him.
I know I should test them anyways but again I live at home if an mdma testkit showed up I'd probably get kicked out.

What do you want to accomplish in life and what is your biggest regret?

Ok, understandable. As I said before I don't use any either but you shouldn't trust a dude on his reputation btw. Always assume that the dealer has even less knowledge about the drug than you and you'll be right most of the time.

I want to find one nice girl, get a good place where I feel comfortable in work and maybe make a family. The work is going smoothly as I'll start an apprenticeship in IT and I like programming. The girl I currently have my eyes on will probably happen when I expect it the least so I don't really worry and the family comes when it's time. Other than that I want to learn Japanese so I can understand all the songs I listen to and find many hobbies that I can indulge in.

My biggest regret was letting myself drown in thoughts for a long time. My mother always said I was intelligent and I assumed that thinking all the time is a good thing. In the end I became very anxious about many things and tried to compare my life with fiction and ideals that I obviously didn't match. Now I try to think about life as simple as possible and try to enjoy the present. Simple thinking doesn't mean being dumb by the way. It's about looking at life in an uncomplicated and realistic way by not indulging in the world of ideas and names too much.

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But adding to that I don't really "regret" it. All my anxiousness has led me to very interesting places and I feel as if I came out strong and durable as ever. Mistakes are for learning and weakness is the perfect ground for strength to grow.

yea I don't put all my trust in it that's why I almost always take half then redose. If it doesn't feel right then at least I only had half of what ever it is. Back to the whole hallucination thing not everyone seems to get them but they do happen

I want to try MDMA + heroin
The comfiest roll ever rolled

Have you done both separately? I don't have any experience with H

Boobs or ass? What do you prefer?

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Yes I've done plenty of Mandy and methylone, butylone etc and I'm a heroin addict sober at the moment. My favorite thing is coke + h. I can't enjoy stimulants without dope due to the tension/anxiety. The best feel I ever had was before my dope addiction, ~75mg MDMA and 10mg oxycodone. Super duper euphoric but relaxing all at once.
Now I want so badly to drop like 125mg molly and snort h all night.

Do you actually play 2hu? If so, fav game? Fav soundtrack?

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I love them both but a IRL doesn't even need to have that for me to find her attractive. If I had to choose then I'd say boobs

I'm currently playing Scarlet Mansion on and off but not really progressing. The farthest I came is to Sakuya on normal. Other than that I haven't played any other Touhou games.

Oh and my favorite soundtrack would be hard to choose to. I mostly listen to rearrangements from many different soundtracks and most of the time I don't know the original. Right now this song is one of my favorites youtube.com/watch?v=Dk9KSajiVKM

Sorry everyone for not replying sooner. I just did a nice long night walk.

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