Be femanon

>be femanon
>work for years to try to get success
>tiktok whore gets famous and thousands of dollars overnight

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It's capitalism, not a meritocracy.
Supply and demand. Men will always be demanding thots, you already knew that.
Learn the game, then play the game.

youre doing it wrong. all females need to do Is shake their pussy around. men will flock to it like flies on fresh shit.

Hate the game, not the player.

thank you for not being a slut femanon, we like you more for that even though you're a silly roastie


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>didn't buy a lottery ticket
>Is angry someone else won the lottery

Don't see how you can complain about some getting popular from shaking their ass on tiktok if you're not also doing it.

I can relate, it's hard to accept there are simply better people than ours
Bet tiktok whore has some insane dancing talent and aesthetics that makes her followers fall in love instantly.

how do you define success, OP?

do you think your view of it might be a little skewed if you think a prostitute can ever be truly deemed 'successful' ?

God won't let tiktok whores into heaven.

You could still always just fuck a rich guy.
Your problems aren't real, Brittany.

He will once they give him some attention and make him feel special, after all he's another virgin, he never had sex with Mary. All he did was send an angel to plant his "seed" he was so embarrassed of intimacy as any other robot.
I bet he was one of the first posters here.

success as independednt business owner

>>be femanon
you mean be human

> success as independednt business owner

ah right, so quite the narrow parameter then?

well hey, if you're not interested in a healthy sense of self-worth, the ability to maintain relationships, a self assurance that comes from not depending on one's looks with little fear that their fading will end your security, and any other hallmarks of a successful life that brings some measure of contentment, then sure; go ahead and compare yourself to this foolish young woman who is prostituting herself

shut the FUCK up you satanist faggot loser nigger god is such a fucking chad he doesnt even fuck with bitches he just sends his flunkies to fuck for him cause hes sitting in heaven high on the universe since the beginning of time.

even gigachad is an incel loser compared to the LORD you faggot, go to church.

What kind of business are you trying to run OP?

welcome to the clown world honk honk bietch

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I guess they never miss huh. Original.

It takes a lot more work to be an attractive whore than some middle of the road job.

>Have to exercise and maintain diet daily.
>Hours of make up, trimming, hydrating, lotion-ing, and other hygiene tasks to look as perfect as possible.
>Hours of research following trends, including memes, fashion, products, and other media influencers.
>Have to regulate lifestyle to be under the constant gaze of product sponsers. Videotaping yourself, plugging products, and making sure your life is interesting enough to put on Instagram.
>This takes thousands of hours of practice learning photography, proper posing, lighting, and perspective.
>Have to keep track of literally thousands of anonymous donators, who are only willing to donate money if you're willing to be "friends" with them. You try keeping track of "GlompsAlot42" interests, witty memes, pet's name, and how much they donated.
>You're entitled to no privacy, sleepy days off, or peace. Romantic relationships can sink your career (your biggest selling point is that you're cute and single) so you're surrounded by shallow online "friends" as your only source of regular and intimate contact.

You can sell your bathwater, too.

I'm screenshoting this post. You might not like thots but you cant say they dont put the hours in that frankly I'm sure they would rather be doing something else or banging chad. It's the same with youtubers.