Why do women all have the same taste? Some men are into fit girls, some are into thin girls, some are into curvy girls...

Why do women all have the same taste? Some men are into fit girls, some are into thin girls, some are into curvy girls, some are into short girls, some are into tall girls. Yet all women have the same ideal man: Assertive, fit and above 6 ft. Zero individuality, literally NPC gender.

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their brains are just completely warped from all the social media. they just want some dipshit that looks good to put up on facebook to show off to all the other dipshit women they have in their friends list

>gf likes skinny guys
>5'9 125lbs
>shes 5'6 110lbs

women have less variability across a great majority of traits

Female humans have been selectively bred to be cute, sweet, submissive whores.

that's it. theres nothing else to say.

My wife doesnt like the fit look at all. Were you dropped on your head when you were little? Shut up retard lol

Evolution - Cause women are hypergam. They always search for a man with good genetics. That means a healthy, strong and tall man who can protect her. For long so even short relationship this man must be
preferably one of the "20 percent" because if she gets a child she is reliant on the man!

Women are more likely to be average and it's only because of make up that some women look like 7s when they're really 4s. One example is IQ. There is less variation in IQ among women while for men there are more geniuses but there are also more retards too. The male is nature's testing ground.

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how would you people know about women's tastes anyway? you don't even interact with them.

To be honest, in my experience as a fembot, most guys, including black, white and Asian, always seem to find the same generic nordic stock stacy gremlins hot. Every Chad I see is always with some blonde basic bitch in her lululemons. The guy I am currently dating is the first guy who is not attracted to those type of girls and is probably the first person I met who has a strong preference for Med olive maidens such as myself.

Women do have varying tastes. You should try talking to an actual woman sometime so you don't come across as such a fool.

Meet more women.

because of mountains of peer reviewed research which is far more accurate than anecdotal reports, which suffer from social desirability bias among other things

t. ovulatory shift hypothesis, mate switching hypothesis, bodyguard hypothesis, the list goes on

or have you not read The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology, user? you can read mammoth verbose texts brimming with dense concepts within a week or so, r-right?

Nice LARP faggot, lot of guys love med type brunettes

Yeah when they go blonde and get fake tits

>tfw ginger guy
yeah if i became a girl i would live on easy-mode
so it is like ultra-hard

Everyday I see 500 threads by robots crying about their oneitis with the same bland pic related Stacy attached.

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>b-but women are the NPCs!!!

only an imbecile would take those hypotheses and come to the conclusion that each and every single woman wants an absolute Chad, thus making women the NPC gender.
interact with women in real life and see for yourself. on second thought, please don't - you sound like a creep.

I have a lot of male friends and almost all of them have a preference for blondes. I dont have a problem with preferences, but dont cry about all women just wanting Chad when you men consistently fawn over and post about the most boring dull white bread girls.

>that basic bitch

Top kek m8

As soon as any mousey sad underage looking white girl comes on this board they get about ten thousand thirsty robots trying to add her on discord. White girls have it so easy.

All Stacies are basic bitches. Genuinely hot women are always more unique and are therefore not classified as Stacy.

>women are the NPC gender
see "Qt thread" on here (which has over 100 replies as of now) and show me the variation.

What people want and what people are willing to settle for are two different things.

my ideal is
>white, pale
>kind "subby" but able to function
>basically just likes me being reassuring and kind of mommydom i guess
>but i also want him to be loving and confident towards me too, not weird slave stuff
>long hair is cute
>soft skin is cute
>not fat but soft belly

The point of the thread is the ideal type of both genders

Anyone who would rather fuck a basic blonde chick over a buxom Med beauty is a boy, not a man.

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I think its because female attraction comes down to functionality, things that would enable a man to survive or be better than the next guy, which means being assertive, strong and savvy. There's just not a lot of wiggle room when it comes to this, shyness won't help you, being shorter won't help you, being fat won't help beyond surviving longer without food. Since men are the actual survivalist and woman are just along for the ride, we kind of view them as customizable waifus that can satisfy our various kinks and desires, even if the traits aren't really beneficial.

>muh variation
>almost all white
>almost all pale
>almost all look underage and are 15-20
>almost all have terrible makeup and bags under their eyes
>almost all geeky manic pixie dream girl types

Weak bait desu.

many are into dadbods
many are into skeles
many are into andro dudes
many are into feminine dudes
many are into muscular dudes
some are into manlets (sorry lol)

get a grip

>Since men are the actual survivalist and woman are just along for the ride

men only need to live long enough to fuck
they have no need to survive past that

women have to survive to fuck, survive to gestate, survive to birth, nurse, and raise the offspring

the survival instincts in mother animals is absurd vs. the males of the species.

Forgot to add

>Almost all waifish and short with no tits because this board is full of cryptofags, lolicons and pedophiles

Tell me more about how robots are not NPCs?

die zoomfag

That is also why women are prone to anxiety, hysteria and have more intuition. The self preservation drive is strong because they want to be able to raise their kids.

Well, you can thank god then, because it's not like that. Girls DO have different tastes, but never forget the #1 rule in dating:
>Be good-looking

You can be different, but be good looking.

That applies for both sexes.

There is variation all over this board. Asian woman, black woman, fat woman, petite woman, older woman, underage woman, trans "woman", nerdy woman, stacies, brap hogs, 2d girls, yandere, tsundere, art hoes, e thots, 5/10s, etc. You have to admit there are threads showing love for a wide variety of woman all across Jow Forums.

"hysteria" isn't a thing
"more intuition" is also not a thing
higher rates of anxiety is real though. you got that one right.

Fuck off. Men are the ones who actually did all the killing and building shit, woman would be tiger food without men. Survival for them just means leeching off the most capable men.

Women don't have individual personalities and thoughts. They are constantly on default mode and will emulate whatever is happening around them at the time. I also think it has something to do with natural evolution, because men evolved to seek the most attractive mate, which means they desire different features. Whereas women evolved to need security, now in the form of money. And obviously a certain kind of guy will give them that.

Fuck off you little Dawkins dick cunt.

women can survive on their own
men can survive on their own

women are more incentivized to survive longer due to having dependents

men do not get pregnant
they do not have dependents
they live to fuck, then die

women live to fuck and more
look at their life spans

Then why are blonde blue eyed petite blonde women so universally fetishized by men of every race?

sometimes I think robots are misunderstood, then i come to these threads and I realize you people don't get bullied enough in real life.

>Girls DO have different tastes

But not nearly as varied as men, lets be real. Or did I miss the "I love short small dick broke men who aren't the same race as me" threads?

Skinny guys are very popular among young women for some reason.

If you mean to imply that every men of every race think blonde and blue eyed is peak attractiveness then you're wrong. If you mean that every race contain at least some people who have that preference well duuuh.

this is incorrect.

the methods shown in mate choice are for females "female choice" and for males "male-male competition".

you are saying the literal opposite of what happens. when you get "female choice" you end up with animals like the peacock. flamboyant and attractive. male guppies that are more likely to be eaten by predators due to their flashy spots. preference for vibrant colors like blue.

when you have male-male competition you see one male becoming chad, murdering/excluding the other males, and congregating a bunch of women/resources. he has zero preference. he wants them all and wants the other guy to get NOTHING.

>lurk ideal mate threads
>most anons want the same thing: a pale-skinned shy sweet "wholesome" and "innocent" shut-in girl who likes anime/vidya and is "cute rather than hot"
>if a femanon describes herself as having these qualities then she will get 50+ (You)s easily

Nailed it lol. Pic related is 99% of robots type. Robots are the true NPCs.

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women are inherently more attractive and skinny men are more feminine, and they haven't developed and appreciation for man despite his less attractive body
or, theyre young and still associating with teenage idealized bodies, where the boys are skinnier

Oh, that's shitty man. That shrinks your pool quite a bit.

How short are you?

Why havent robots taken the exotic pill yet?

Why do you only want either mousey white girls or pitch black negresses?

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If a femanon describes herself as being female and not grotesque she will get 50+ (you)'s easily

show me the variation, OP.

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Lol you are so wrong, women have varying tastes. My fucking 18 yo sister has a thing for a bald guy in his late 20s. Go figure

>tfw everything but long hair
why live

long hair is just cute

That's not actually true, though. Sure, a lot of women want fit, charming, successful men. But by that same token, most men like slim, pretty, demure women. It's not universal. Something tells me you're just butthurt about the women you're attracted to not returning your feelings.

What I learned from this thread : Robots are the actual NPC

>all women have the same ideal man
>Assertive, fit and above 6 ft
Unfortunately, you are operating under a false assumption, OP. This is not the case at all.

I think at this point womens and mens just invent excuses to not date each others over the most stupid shit possible.

This is some gooooooood bait

quit being a pathetic orbiter and get your shit together faggot

We are not saying there is zero diversity. We are saying there is very little diversity when compared to men. Men are okay with skinny women, fat women, small boobs, big boobs, short, tall etc. I admit I haven't done a thorough search but have I missed the short, small dicked, balding male porn that women watch? In fact I guarantee more straight guys have watched that kind of porn than women.

Statistics > Anecdotal evidence
Responding to the point > Calling the other person a loser

>come to the conclusion that each and every single woman wants an absolute Chad
Responding to the point that they made > Straw man

Does not have to be white. Literally any female of any race will get swarmed with attention from these simps.

You are literally making things up. There are so many threads with the majority of races, small boobs, big boobs, tall, small, muscular, obese etc. Women's porn threads and subreddits are nowhere near as diverse. I also wouldn't recommend using Jow Forums to gauge typical male tastes.
But even if what you were saying is true, men are much more likely to settle below their preference than women.

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Ya because a real man prefers whatever used up old leather hag that is.

In be4 "I wouldn't recommend using porn to gauge typical female interests".

You all love your scientific explanations, right? Women have the same taste because there is no need for them to have diverse tastes. Men plant the seeds, they're going to be more flexible about taste. The seed grows in women though, they have to be specific about the kind of man they want.

Im honestly attracted to all body types but I do mountain climbing and other athletic stuff and would want someone that can do those things too

women are literally the selector species you retard
men will get a hoard of girls and fuck them all
men have no preference they just want to fuck
women look at a man and think "are you worth my time?"
men look at women and think "WANT FUCK"

I like bears and fluffy people i dont really have any care for height as long as they arent shorter than 5,4 and arent retarded

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Wow, literally no contradiction with what I posted. Calm your virgin rage.

Because women are the "safer" sex. They're closer to the average across nearly everything meaningful. From an evolutionary perspective it makes sense. If a few guys die because they were at a bad end of the spectrum then so what? The guys who varied in a good way will just have more women to impregnate. Isn't so much the case with women, they're reproductively more valuable so you need them to be a safe bet.

Seconded. As brunette femanon I see this shit everywhere.

I'm into skinny guys no muscles no gym. I can forgive a lot though with a good personality and pretty dick. No buff guys though...need not apply.

Yes user, all women are the same and you aren't fucking retarded

I have long hair down to my ass. Everyone says I should cut it. That's because the style is now so short for girls. But I really like it... :( brunette femanon

OP said all women have the same taste. How does that not mean that not all women think the same?

I like innocent and adventurous soft boys that are cute and pliable. I want a cute boyish bf to mommydom and bully sometimes.

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