Modern weaponry is supposed to equalize the playing field

>modern weaponry is supposed to equalize the playing field
>can't even own pepper spray in this authoritarian hellhole

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why wont you start working out so you can get big and strong and beat up twinks

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But you have Kierkegaard to protect you, why would you even need weapons or pepper spray?

Norway has insanely low crime rates though, not too much to worry about. If you still feel unsafe you can carry an object that can be used as weapon but can also be explained as being meant for some other purpose, a screwdriver for example.

No need to shill that to my mind anymore. And I'm pretty sure he's just a scrawny boy with heart problems. Probably stronger than me, but that's not much of an achievement.
How could you explain a knife?

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Get one of your orbiters to mail you some weaponry (mace) from Burgerland. Or just hop on a Ryan Air flight to Germany and get mace.

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Too bad, but i will stop then.

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no amount of pepper spray is going to stop me from raping your tight asshole

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A knife is certainly more risky, Norway has pretty strict laws when it comes to this stuff, you can try to tell them it was meant to be used as a tool, purposes that come to mind are carving, opening boxes, opening bottles, or maybe as a kitchen utencil. I can't guarantee it will work, and you need to be careful as to not let it be seen. You likely won't ever have to use it to defend yourself anyway but just having it with you might make you feel safer, I carry one too but our laws are more lenient here in the Netherlands.

your muscles are the weapon your techniques the bullet, with blood, sweat and tears your body can be the deadliest weapon know to man, no conceal, no fear, you need only to pull the trigger

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Pretty sure it'd get confiscated, so you'd need to smuggle it in. You can't really possess or get anything here.
I'm starting to think I'm more scared of authorities. World is hell.

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how about a crowbar? crowbars are pretty popular here and its legal to own one

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Wouldn't be surprised if that's illegal too. I think I might be fine as long as I don't go into the city too much. That's where bad things always happen.

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My last idea would be a pen or a sharpened pencil, can be a decent self-defence tool, it's compact, a sudden stab is sure to make any attacker stagger, and I highly doubt it's illegal. I think you might be worrying a bit too much though, the chances of actually getting assaulted seem very slim in Norway.

>I think you better leave the paranoid attitude at home. It will only create trouble for you here. I dont know where you are from, but your thinking is very foreign to this country. Violence (hereunder arms of different sorts) only begets more violence. Dont associate with criminals. That is all you need to do.
you dont protect yourself in norway, you better start working on your legs and stamina

That's actually a pretty good suggestion. It's small enough to be kept close and deployed fast. Thanks, user. I'll think about it.

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A knife can be used for opening packaging of basically any kind, cutting tape or rope, hell even eating. Theres a ton of ways to explain a knife

Glad I could help! Stay safe.

I carry a shovel and axe in my car on the excuse that I camp a lot

Switchblades are illegal too. Not sure about other knives. I'd rather not have trouble with authorities. They have all my records.
Thank you. You too.
How useful would something in your car be if you were suddenly assaulted?

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>Not sure about other knives
What about a box cutter or something? It's more utility than weapon so less likely to be questioned

If their laws are somewhat like the ones in the UK, she would get arrested for even carrying a butter knife outside the house i think. But i am not sure.

Checked again and yes all knives are banned unless you have a good reason for one. They'd have no issue noticing if one is intended for combat. And they'd trust me even less because they have my records from all over Europe.

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So you have done something worthy of being a criminal. And you talk about how dangerous most people are and you can't trust anyone, hmmm...

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Living in a jurisdiction with strong anti weapons laws is extremely oppressive to women and manlets. A world with no guns would be hell. The physically strong would dominate the physically weak with impunity. Thank God for glocks and AR15s

I'm not a criminal. But I was picked up by the police once for wandering along the highway at night once. Officially, I was only fined for walking on the wrong side of the road and not wearing reflectors. But who knows? Authorities can't really be trusted.
That sounds nice, but America is pretty dangerous as I hear.

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>America is pretty dangerous as I hear.

diversity tends to do that to countries

*ahem* Switzerland

What about one of those chains you put on wallets? Not the best weapon but still something
Alternatively get some big keys for your keychain

Aiste is confirmed female

>What about one of those chains you put on wallets
the metal is not thick enough to defend yourself or do something to to disable the other person. Unless you use one of the big, and only retards use those. I might be wrong.


Are you afraid for your life living there?
Can you really carry guns for self-defense there? I've heard that gun ownership is only so high because people keep them after military service, but they don't even get any ammunition.
I actually already do have that! Not sure if it's of much use.

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I mean you dont have to use the stock chain, they sell chains at hardware stores. They have one here in burgerland that's easy to attach and actually pretty sharp

Good point. Did not think about that option.

>I actually already do have that! Not sure if it's of much use.
Pic related is called sash chain, it's nice and pointy while also having a kinda cool aesthetic

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Working out just to get shot.
Couldn't be me

Reminder that anti-rape devices make the rapist more likely to brutalize/kill his victim.

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Looks like you could definitely strangle someone with it. Are wallet chains stylish or cringe though? haha.
I've heard of those. Yeah, it's pretty stupid. If you're not going for the kill right from the beginning, you're just going to end up worse. I'd definitely not hesitate to kill anyone assaulting me.

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>Are wallet chains stylish or cringe though?
Both, but i use them anyways.

If someone decides to prey on you chances are you're already fucked. These people are violent criminals, they expect resistance and will take hold of your arms before you can even react. The only way to avoid it is never putting yourself in the situation to begin with.

>Are wallet chains stylish or cringe though?
Depends on what you're wearing with it. Either way it has utility. I hope I was able to help!


I usually prefer plain clothing. I'm pretty selective with anything fancier haha. I'll see.
But which people exactly? Seems like there are violent manipulators everywhere.

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All i wear is black, black shirts, black jeans and black boots. So it works well having a chain wallet. But again, wearing all black is school-shooter tier and cringey to most people. So i have no idea of what fashion is.