User, I think I twisted my ankle getting out of the pool. You're going to have to carry me to the nurse's office

>user, I think I twisted my ankle getting out of the pool. You're going to have to carry me to the nurse's office.

How do you respond?

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as a muscular 6'5" man I let her ride on my back, of course

Carry her of course, to the best of my ability.

Sure, I'll call my wife to help out

actually i don't HAVE to do anything you fucking bitch. now ask me nicely

Help the poor whale back into the pool

Free the Willy.

I can squat 245 pounds 5x so I think I'd be fine. She doesn't look like she could be more then 190 (unless she's actually really tall in which case I definetly do it and hopefully I lose my grip and she falls on me and I get buried under her mountain of flesh).

push her back into the sea where she belongs

Since she can't run away I rip off her swimsuit and rape her fat ass.

t. I'm black

Sorry i'm not a crane to carry a cow to the veterinary

If you're a man you should be able to lift her easily.

"Hold on, let me get the forklift"

Are you a genetically modfied whale who can talk or am I going nuts?

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How does one hold something 2 dimensional

don't worry, I know what to do

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A woman, not a fat cow

This thread is full of the most retarded unfunny fat jokes.

>gets down on my hands and knees
"your noble steed awaits m'lady."

>Hey user, now that we're here, do you want to... do it? I don't need to use my feet for this.

How do you respond?

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this but 6'1''

I have sex in the missionary position while holding hands. And impregnate her, she is mine forever now. Plus she is gonna get even fatter and larger breasts from this

How tall is she OP?
If she's a shortstack then I'll pick her up.
If she's amazonian I'll sacrifice my spine for that thicc massive girl.
If she's in the middle then best I can do it have her lean on me and help her limp to the office.

This but also resolve to take her out for dinners and so forth with enough frequency to exacerbate this process.

Just wait until it heals then lol

>Help her up
>Take her to the cafeteria instead

Can't run away from me now

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>doesn't need feet
Excuse me what? The feet are essential

She is 5'8.

i had enough of your bullshit

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Fuuuk, the only thing harder than carrying her to the nurse will be my dick.
>Of course, can you be on top?

Well... This whole situation changed dramatically.

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who is the artist, please

Sit her up, crouch down, rap her arm over my shoulder, lower my head toward the middle of her torso, pull on arm while simultaneously standing up and picking up her lower body, once she is balanced above me I make sure to hold arms and legs tight so she doesn't fall, proceed to nurses office for treatment.

I carried my older sister on my back like she was a baby recently so thats not hard desu.

is she a big gal? may i partake in a photo?

She's 150 lbs I think at 5,10 so not really. Also no.

Why would you shoot your gf?

>that height
You need to feed her and make her bigger.