Last year I remember seeing threads on the catalog that seemed to explicitly make fun of me...

Last year I remember seeing threads on the catalog that seemed to explicitly make fun of me, it could have been to anyone really, like throwing a rock to a hive of africanized bees. I couldn't help but think some of those threads were made by someone that knew me and wanted to make me feel vulnerable, I even remember going off on people believing they were targeting me and making threads with malicious intent. Now the catalog while flawed, those threads are nowhere to be seen. Anyone else experienced something like that?

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I used to feel the same way but it was cause the threads were triggering my PTSD

You have schizophrenia, right?

Were the topics related to your personal life?
I don't think I had schizophrenia but I did use to have delusions of reference, delusional beliefs and I was really paranoid at the time. It got better when I got medicated for a while.

>Were the topics related to your personal life?
enough to trigger a memory

No one cares tripfaggatron.

Yes. I specifically made a thread regarding this matter a couple of days ago with the exact same picture you used. Is this a mockery of that thread ? Are you trying to bait me out, and expose me for something I've done?

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Then what did the doctor said you had when you got medicated?

Link or im not buying it. And no, im being genuine. I had this problem for years, it only made it's way into 4chuckles last year.
He said I had ideation problems.

If it's not permanent, then it's treatable.
Go meet a psychologist and get help before you go permanently insane.

No fucking idea what that is. Explain.

Thank you, I already got treated but at the time it felt so real, more so because I was more exposed to society and one time men looked at me with a face that said, "I don't know if im pissed or dissapointed" and a lot more experiences that summer; long story short I was trying to live the fast life while having that problem, except I didn't recognize it until last year.
Me neither, I defined what I experienced in my first answer, adding that I didn't actually knew that was a problem and believed my delusions were just how life was.

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ok, what meds were you on?

Pretty tame meds, aripiprazole and escitalopram.

Anti-psychotic and anti-depressant. Are you sure you are not a type of schizo? like schizo typical seems to be the one to describe your delusions and these problems you had.

Maybe, im not really sure. The psychiatrist said it could be hereditary given something I told him.

I see, but where you aware of them? like you knew you had those weird ideas/delusions and couldn't control them, but you knew they were not real?

When I was younger I thought that was just how life was, after a while I knew it was nonsense, it wasn't until I seeked treament that they curbed down.

>Same for me. But the meds did not help me, i realized that they were not "normal" after i talked with my mom about them.

Sorry, was not supposed to put the '>' there.

I dropped the treatment as well, did it one month and a half in, the meds still served their purpose.

Now a small chronology of the problem illustrated with meme arrows:
>7 years old first delusion of reference at school,I discard it since it wasn't a big deal.
>have a couple of similar events ages 8-12, I don't pay too much attention as they were not intense enough to captivate me
>14yo I start smoking weed, after the first 10 times I get mildly paranoid everytime I smoke, surprisingly no delusions at this stage
>16 things get bad, my weed usage is off the charts now and of course, I actually hallucinated sounds from time to time here
>in a weed run I legitimately saw a black SUV with 4 carbon copy blonde guys with sunglasses, they were rolling the black tinted windows up and down and looking everywhere, pretty surreal
>18 I stop attending high school (and go to an open high school instead) from this delusions
>it doesnt get any better, I had many episodes similar to the one I described in the opening post
>20 yo get fed up after I can't even work because I think my coworkers know personal things about me, so I look for treatment

Yeah, people with these kind of problems are not supposed to do these drugs (weed, since it only made me paranoid as fuck too and intensified my delusions) or psychedelics, i did them and everything it only got worse.