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Previous thread committed suicide out of loneliness
What are you up to drugbots?
Waiting on any recent purchases?

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>be neet
>no money for drugs

Just saying.

is booze a drug
if so
>kinda jealous
>ticket to hell

>been doing benzos for 6 months
>full tolerance reached
>can't get high from weed
>try lsd
>it's fucking nothing

what do

Please stop making the same thread over and over the point of this board is for original content not the same 5 general threads every single god damn fucking day

There needs to be a /gen/ board for non-video game generals.

>what do

Just take more

My friend offered me to take acid with him, but I get really bad mood swings from time to time and have a history of alcohol abuse. Should I take him up on the offer or decline?

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Just visited a friend in rehab. Rehab girls are so hot I need to get addicted just so I can get in there.

>drinking with some friends at a fire last week
>wake up in hospital
>0.4 Bac when I came in
>was in full on psychosis before that
>repeatedly running into the woods and smashing into trees
>went into full on catatonic state for an hour before they called 911
>cops show up and apparently I kept telling them to shoot me or I was going to cut their throats
>remember none of this
>woke up with gashes all over me and bruising on every part of my body
I haven't had a drink since and want to switch over to weed. Talked to a family member who is a pothead. Gave her money to get me an eighth. It's been 6 days and she keeps saying her dealer is being a douche or some shit like that. Don't think I'll be able to stay away from alcohol if I don't get this shit really soon. Sorry for blogpost

what a fucking joke, there's never any original content on Jow Forums and there hasn't been any for a long time. just fembot and tranny threads non-stop everyday

What country do you live in?


good luck user, just note that with weed, unlike alcohol, weed can be a lot more inconsistent with quality and different plants can vary greatly in how the high is. So you might not start getting really high right off the bat, so just have patience

US of A
Thanks user. And I know. I smoked for a good bit in my early 20's but could never get a consistent dealer and alcohol was easier

If you have the predisposition to psychosis be careful with the weed. I say this from experience, seven years into and out of mental institutions due to cannabis use

They said it was alcohol induced psychosis and that it really only happens above 0.3 bac. When it comes to weed I'm usually good off of 2 hits from a one hitter. Thanks for looking out for me though user. Hope your psyche improves as well

Nice trips lol

I think you'll be okay, though the mood swings could be cause for concern. I've dropped psychedelics like ~30 times as someone with a mood disorder, and about 10% of the time it messed with me, but never too severely. The times it messed with me were also times i didn't respect the substance and my life setting at the time (dropping an eighth if mushrooms like 3 hours after calling suicide hotline would be a fine example). You'll be good if you really plan out your trip ahead of time and get comfy, and I'd still prep for the worst just in case. I'd also reccomend a half tab or even a quarter tab for your first time. You'll be just fine as long as you're not actively going through hard life experiences though, and even if you are, it might help you positively reframe these experiences

Like the other user said, be careful with weed and a history of psychosis. Maybe try kratom as a substitute instead?

>450mg DXM in staggered doses
>50mg DPH
>0.5mg clonazepam

I'm high as fuck and music is pretty damn good. Bout to watch some Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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Welp, this is finally it Jow Forums
>family despises me
>spent literally all of my life on 4ch and 8ch
>no gf

Since you guys have been chill with me, I'll be chill with you. This board has always been my favorite.
Live streaming my suicide in roughly 15 minutes. o

Iive stream link + further explanation:

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ignore the suicide bot. he's been posting that shit on every board for the last 2 hours

If I'm planning on boofing an opiate to get high, can I just shove the whole pill up my ass and call it a day or do I need to crush/dissolve it in water and syringe it up? Please help I'm a retard at drugs

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the latter

I'm doing 600 mg dxm with weed tonight and I'm gonna have a nightwalk during the peak it's gonna be lit as fuck

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>can I just shove the whole pill up my ass and call it a day

co'mon guys i already said i was a stupid retard all things drugs concerned... how come just the pill won't work? now I have to find a syringe...

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>now I have to find a syringe...
oral syringes are like 4 bucks at CVS

>how come just the pill won't work?

ok ahah ill stop i feel bad

the pill wont work bc if you shove it up your ass it will literally just...sit there. get a syringe from any store and crush the pill up and volumetrically dose it with water. lay on your side and insert the syringe and then push slowly, making sure nothing flows out. also a good idea to clear bowels and flush out your ass before you do this

but desu just look up a guide. search duckduckgo (fuck google they censor drug forums and link to shitty rehab sites, if you dont believe try it yourself) or another non shit search engine and find a guide on how to boof or plug and youll find detail responses

mb man didnt realize u had a stomach up your ass. carry on

That's metal as fuck
>There's a stomach up my...ASSSSSSSSS


>tfw gabapetin doesn't do anything anymore and blew through a month's supply

Waiting on any recent purchases?
bought more heroin cause I just ran out of the other batch
hopefully it gets here real soon

i cant get stoned anymore. ??????

ive been getting high off a few different strains of dry weed from a pipe and a desktop vape and a few different strains of oil distillates in a vape pen.

ive been doing this basically nonstop (i work from home and can be stoned while working) for several months and now i just... feel nothing. at all? from weed. damn.

>work under the table private security
>boss hasn't paid me in 2 weeks and owes me like 100+
Holy fucking shit I could definitely use a drink right now. OH YEAH, OH FUCKING WAIT, I HAVE NO MONEY TO BUY SOME

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>be neet
>too nervous to buy drugs in person or online
>have to rely on dissolving benzedrex inhalers
Try harder normie scum

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Sorry about that man wish I could share some of my liquor can't drink right now anyway with double jaw surgery

lmfao wagearoonis are sad, sad people. basically dogs

not him but how else do you propose I survive other than by working

>tfw I don't know what happened to my cocaine after blacking out on clonazolam

It was a nice sample. Hopefully I snorted it, although there's really no trace I did. I even did like Paterson said and cleaned my room to try and find it, but nothing.

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Well don other drugs. What doyaa do as a job anyway?

well don? what?

i do call center/tech support. i just reset peoples passwords and tell them to change their printer default n shit.

Nightwalking on a couple of bumps of ketamine was nice. I felt like a giant in some sort of video game world. Ugh I need more ketamine. Anyway, know yourself and your limits when you do it.

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I meant do other drugs. I mean I don't think it should affect your ability to do what you too much. There's even a whole plethora legal drugs you can try. How'd you find such a gig?

i applied to it on indeed and worked in-house for a year or two

i dont have any other drugs available currently. i only really like weed and psychedelics but dont feel like dealing with darknet stuff currently since dream got shut down and some stuff happened. i could grow some shrooms but thatd take 2 months.

Dankweebs is fine at the moment. Just use the biggest market at the moment. Legal things like phenibut and kratom are pretty enjoyable.

yeah i just dont wanna deal with it + coin place suddenly decided i need to reverify my identity then rejects my ID and i dont feel like dealing with the customer service stuff/my current ID doesnt match

Me and my friend had our first lsd experiences yesterday, and I was definitely underprepared. We changed tripsitters like every half hour, and spent like 2-3 hours alone. We put the blotter on at 11:49 AM, and were expecting to be back home at 11-12 PM (we both live with parents). Boy was that wrong, because I was tripping at least until 2 AM. Found a playlist "LSD TRIP", and listened to it when in bed. I still saw rainbows and patterns spinning around (when eyes were closed). It was also a national holiday yesterday, so a lot of armymen and some police were there. But it was well worth it.

One friend said he bought 150 ug, the other said he bought 300 ug. Both blotters were a single piece. How likely were we scammed?
Oh, and I'm 20 hours in and shit's still beautiful. Gravity doesn't seem as a threat anymore (although I'm just lying in bed) and I don't seem to get thought loops anymore. Is life supposed to still be beautiful after LSD? Or are these just after effects?

what youre experiencing is afterglow
it is a very nice feeling and will linger probably until you go to sleep or 32-48 hours.

Been 9 months since brutally bad acid trip. Been told I have given myself psychadelic trauma. I had been hoping I could integrate the experience but instead I just have this vision of total hell that doesnt really do anything to help me but give me crippling anxiety. Can't even smoke weed.

Any advice? I started getting suicidal thoughts and i'm getting really scared.

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take more acid

What is the reasoning behind this? How would it help me doing the same thing that's fucked me up so hard. It could just fuck me up worse.

Do you have balance there? I personally used a local bitcoins thing, changed my btc to euros pretty easy. (This was at like $9000, now I'm sad, but that's not important)
Does anything other than "life is actually beautiful" happen? If a policeman checks me, will I be safe?

ive been doing this for 7 years. its just i dont feel like dealing with it. my desire to be lazy outweighs my desire for acid or dmt currently.

>Does anything other than "life is actually beautiful" happen? If a policeman checks me, will I be safe?
nothing happens, you just feel good and a little off for a day or so after a trip. i usually prefer not to drive or do anything i might feel anxiety over doing "wrong" but it isnt like you will suddenly freak out. youre just still a little brain frazzled and if you had a good trip, likely in good spirits.

Anyone else smoke cbd bud? Its actually pretty enjoyable. You usually don't get a high off it unless you smoke a ton of it, but you definitely get a nice buzz on it

im 26 and have done the following:
>years of daily/all day weed use
>dry bud, oil distillates, edibles, dabs, vapes, etc.
>a variety of research chem "synthetic weed" products
>dxm, some other research chem dissociative i don't remember
>hydrocodone, flexeril
>ambien, xanax
>dph, nutmeg
>some MDMA analog i don't remember the name for
>thousands of mc of LSD over a span of 7 years
>many instances of DMT
weirdly i have never had mushrooms. i should grow some.

Take mushrooms instead. Acid can be intense shit but mushrooms will show you what needs to be fixed.

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>>some MDMA analog i don't remember the name for

Oh man I remember methlyone, use to roll pretty hard on that stuff. It was like diet MDMA with a more amphetamine type effect.

Thinking about making DMT this fall once I'm back at school. Any tips for making/smoking it? I wanna break through, none of that pussy shit

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just do it.... YOU BITCH

sup nigs, any of you get this adderallish effect from low doses of xans? Im much more energetic, ive been cleaning my appartment and i constantly wanna do stuff. Anyone else gets this?

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and i mean ive been taking it around 1mg every day, pop a quarter every 2 hours or so. This has been going on for a week now. I swear this stuff can help me out unfuck my shit for real

Questions for all the drug using robots. How much drugs do you guys buy at a time and how much do you spend on it? And how often do you guys buy?

I'm not FBI. I'm just curious as to how much your habits are costing you. I would get high if I knew where to get drugs.

My acid playlist was awful to listen to on mushrooms. I had to switch from future base to Dave Mathews greatest hits CD because I knew nothing else. What do you guys listen to on mushrooms?

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This, acid is a powerful psych but has only been available for less than a century and lacks the wisdom that other compounds have. So when people take acid and start thinking they have superpowers or they get sent to hell thats basically what the trip amounts to - a bunch of psychotic shit that at the end doesnt offer anything

Youre much better off taking shrooms or plant based ayahuasca (dmt for those who dont know) than lsd since they tend to keep people in check when the trip starts to ramp up. That way if something bad happens, youll get feedback on why it happened in a constructive way and can work your way through it.

Eventually you'll understand the dynamics behind why shit happens and be able to confidently take acid again but until then theres a likelihood of having the same exact bad trip you had originally

how the fuck does one live a sober life after opioids?
been sober for 2 weeks now and it's hell
withdrawals are nothing compared with this boredom and depression

Is selling drugs as lucrative as people make it out to be? How hard is it to get into it? How can I start?

I'm sick of being broke, I want money and free drugs.

ate a bunch of speed about 2 hours ago because bored.

going to play csgo, then I'm going to jack off.

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i buy 10 grams of moroccan hash for 50 euros every 5-7 days, and buy xanax 1mg for 2 euros each, i take one a day, maximum 1 and a half on fridays. My monthly drug habit adds up to around
300 euros total a month, when i also add in the random coke w/e

do you get xanax irl or online.

the klonopin the doctor gives me is n't cutting it anymore.

I need to find a supply.

my friend got in through having a good relations with his plug, asked for small jobs after getting to know him. there is mutual trust

7 years. I've been stoned basically every day for 7 years straight now.

irl from gypsies, they sell me the hash too. but i carry a knife when walking there

I have a tab of 4 HO MET I'm saving for the next time I have mushrooms.

Anyone ever done this combo?

good choice man. wish i lived over there

only thing good about america for me at least is I get paid bank for what I do.

i know a guy who's dealing weed, molly, speed and mephedrone and some random benzos from time to time
it's no fun for him his boss won't let him leave. last time he tried to they broke his fingers xd
if you really have to deal avoid organised groups

I have a bunch of peyote in a jar I'm waiting to take.
I've tripped triple-digits numbers of times on everything else, but I'm not in a good headspace to trip right now and I've never done peyote. Plus I heard you puke.

if i dosed 1 tab acid like 15 hours ago do you think another tab will give me any extra juice?

I did some peyote earlier this year. It's fucking disgusting if in powered form. Highly recommend you put it into capsules. The texture and flavor is enough to make me gag just thinking of it.

The trip was a subtle lofty feeling that was very enjoyable when accompanied by the military history channel. Having R Lee Ermey scream in my face while on drugs is something I'll never forget. Not visible heavy, but your body feeling and headspace is great.

Comparable to LSA, only you don't feel like you're going to die like on LSA.

That's good. I honestly thought I was having a stroke when I took morning glory seeds with a bong rip.

Dude, I was straight up paranoid, unable to swallow my own spit, I thought the cats were out to get me. My friend ended up leaving and doing his overnight security job (pistol carried) and was convinced he saw a moose (his coworker assured him it was a deer.) My brother put on Eyes Without A Face and it completely melted my entire existence.

There was another time I did it where I ended up listening to Floating Coffin in an effort to put myself to sleep.

I think 'Floating Coffin' sums up the entire feeling surrounding the trip on LSA.

>Is selling drugs as lucrative as people make it out to be?
It can be if you know how to do it. The reason most "hustlers" are still struggling is because more than half the niggas in the trap are fucking morons and have no idea how to manage the cashflow.
>is it hard to get into
is definitely easier if you've already been associating with people who are in the dope game or get high a lot. Not a robot friendly job at all or a job for introverts. Selling just weed n weed products is probably a lot safer and you can still make good money but selling weed has changed a lot in just the past 5-10 years. Also you shouldn't start selling drugs if you dont absolutely have to and can't get money elsewhere. protip: you never actually have to there's always a better way but if you're gonna make bad choices, there's a right way to make them and profit. If you sell hard drugs though you will see a very disgusting and sad side of humanity/society

t. user who has been trapping full time for 6 years and isn't even old enough to drink in America yet

Kel, shit is definitely scary.
I had a positive lsa experience once on a plane ride. Just listened to Sleater-Kinney the whole way and looked out the window. Somehow, I think the bong rip is what sent me over the edge the time it floored me. Started seeing fucking illuminati symbols and shit and it was like my eyes had a strobe effect. Ugh.
You order your seeds online or get them retail?

My brother got them online.

He was so fucked up on them that he was trying to lure a raccoon into my grandma's house because he was convinced it was a cat.

In that same night, he was so fucked up that listening to Jimi Hendrix became monotonous and boring to him.

Anyone who says that shit is milder than acid is doing it wrong. I take it you ate a high # of seeds?

We boiled them into a tea, drank it, then sucked on the mushy seeds until they were a pulp, then swallowed the pulp.

My highest dose was probably 100+ seeds. There's no telling how many my brother did, that same man was on like 6 tabs of acid and developed an emotional bond with a gallon bag of leftover Costco pizza, so much so that he was sobbing on the porch because he didn't want to eat it. He ended up taking the bag of pizza on a walk to come to terms with eating it, then ended up not eating it anyways.

The thing is that I dont know any plugs. I know a lot of people that use drugs but I always either get it from them or just get smoked out from the few people I get high with together.
I wouldn't even know where to find organized crime groups involved in drugs but how can I steer clear of them once I'm actively selling?
I assume you have a lot of knowledge about dealing if you've been doing it for 6 years. What do you sell and how much do you make in a week?

>but how can I steer clear of them once I'm actively selling?
no idea
best would be to find some way to find a supplier that does not want anything from you like a darknet wholesaler or something

are psychs profitable compared to other drugs? I grow shrooms and always have least 10x more than i can consume each harvest

>What do you sell and how much do you make in a week?
Meth, weed and xans. Those are the only 3 things I got all the time and got a consistent hookup/plug for. As for how mch I make weekly is kinda hard to determine cuz i seperate money in a certain way but after all the expenses I make about 2 grand in a slow week and around 4grand on average though if I'm not lazy it's not that uncommon to see 8 grand straight profit by the end of the week.
Idk if u were expecting a more impressive number I'm pretty low level and dont move a lot of weight. I dont got no problem saying what I do on a public chinese cartoon imageboard because I'm not even a blimp on FBI's radar

Most likely way I'll get caught is through a traffic stop lol

>be happy
>taking NAC recently, for some reason it curbs the urge to take my Adderall
>I've also been busy at work and time flies
>very often I'll wake up, Addy up and be so busy I don't take my other doses
Life is good. See you at the bottomless pit that always accompanies happy events.

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Yeah there's always a market for those. You just gotta find it. Esp for shit that can be hard to come by like where I'm at shrooms n acid are gettin a little rare so there's a demand

God i wish i overdosed
being sober and therapy is far worse than death

So what are these super secret money-managing techniques that you have yet to go into detail about? The entire strategy seems fairly simple just buying wholesale and selling retail. Just with illegal drugs. Elementary business 101 is probably like rocket science to you people (meth dealers)

>awake for 54 hours
>ran out of speed that I can use, I have to save the rest for work.
>ran of benzos
>ran out of alcohol
>still spun out of my mind
>even if I had more it wouldn't help

All I have is nicotine. I hope my heart just stops and I die.

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>tfw coffeeshops near me are getting more and more expensive due to drug tourists
How do I find a reliable dealer as a shutin neet?

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Thank you so much for the advice.

go to a coffee shop and ask for some numbers of delivery services?

just order from the onions bud and hash from NL are the amongst the cheapest on the markets. And you're ordering domestic so LE can't do Jack shit

Ketamine is the best fucking drug on planet Earth
>Get IV infusion from doctor for depression
>Literally like tripping on psychedelic heroin
>Maxxx comfy, introspective and detached from my self-loathing ego completely for about an hour
>Close eyes and play binaural low freq drone in headphones; re-enter womb
>Go home feeling weird and nice, take ultimate nigntwalk with deep dubstep in headphones
>Not depressed for three months after
Gonna go back soon