Post reasons why your life is fucked up

post reasons why your life is fucked up

>nazi sympathizer
>slightly overweight

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>hate almost everyone ive met up to this point, which isnt a lot of people

Ignatius is BASEDDD

You can fix 3/5 of those

no friends
on meds that make me fat

>nazi sympathizer
unfuk yourself faggot nazis did not think fatness was okay

im going on hikes everyday and losing weight senpai

only play videogames, bad at videogames
too much junk food
don't want to interact with other people
like reading, don't retain information
giant pussy
high estrogen and all the effeminate features that brings. raised to be a girly faggot because kids always know best about what kind of life choices they should make

I'm just a schizoid fucktard that never had any ambitions in life, working a dead end call center job at the age of 26. And ofc I'm fat aswell, not that I really care about that anyway. What bothers me is that the only 2 things in life that provided me joy, vidya and anime, don't entertain me anymore. Now my days consist of watching yt 10 hours a day. Just make it stop already, no matter how.

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>the only 2 things in life that provided me joy, vidya and anime, don't entertain me anymore



>post reasons why your life is fucked up
I gave up on college. I quit my job at a pizza place then got a job in retail and quit it too. I got a taste of the NEET life and stayed that way for 2 more years. I got addicted to drugs. I lied to everyone I knew about school and work and what I do all day. I don't try.

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Can't tell, I just don't feel anything playing/watching anymore. At this point I force myself to play so I can tell myself that I didn't throw away my day but used it playing vidya, as pathetic as it sounds.

Damn it's like I'm reading something that I'd post. Dropped out, quit a couple jobs, got high everyday for six years straight. Told my friends from highschool I switched programs and schools. Lmao I dont have even one year of school under my belt

lazy, poor discipline, bad upbringing. I also have no friends but I'm ok with this.

How are you
>Nazi sympathizer

You cannot be both a Nazi and fat. Wherever else, the Nazis believed in health.

>traumatic brain injury at 16 (car accident)
>full recovery but it happened in front of my HS so everyone in the school knew about it
>this made me feel really self-conscious and uncomfortable
>started to withdraw socially
>social skills and intuition atrophied significantly
>got by on other peoples efforts and the halo effect
>self-consciousness seeped into social interactions
>started actively avoiding socializing
>got kicked out of a language dorm for hiding from the RA and leaving when we had mandatory group activities
>hid in my dorm and ate in secluded, isolated locations on campus away from people
>would go eat mcdonalds behind buildings on campus in my car alone on weekends to avoid seeing people
>chose jobs that had limited social interaction like overnight stocking
>job history is full of garbage ass jobs despite having college degree because of my fear of interacting with people
>not sure if i can recover

>24 kissless virgin
>unemployed and drowning in debt
>severely bipolar and probably autistic too
>addicted to anime, porn, and the Internet
>also alcoholic but I can't drink as much as I want due to medication
>hopeless romantic
>increasingly becoming a hikkikomori
All I want in life is a girl to cuddle with as I drift off to sleep with her beside me. Is it too late?

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>neet for like 8 years
>was an opiate addict throughout my 20s
>live with parents
but hey at least im not fat, r-right? h-haha. i overdosed on heroin once and paramedics brought me back with narcan. i wish they didn't bring me back

how did you not get any dope queen pussy after 8 years as an opiate addict? thats pathetic. they should've just canned you ijnstead of narcanned you *badum ptsssssss*

hmm i did not realize i am pathetic i will take that under advisement
i knew a bunch of girl addicts back then, i used to get high with one and we'd nod out watching moves or whatever. when you're on that shit you really don't care much about sex or any of that, it supplants that desire. my dick didn't really work anyway

>beaner parents
>born into one of the poorest cities in america
>diagnosed with aspergers
>bullied relentlessly
>destroyed every friendship ive ever had

>single mother has a nigger brain
>i had to teach myself everything in life
>ive had a girlfriend and all that normie shit but my crippling depression is getting to me
>im so depressed i dont even do drugs
>my irl friends just want to play vidya with me and not meet up irl so im considering ghosting them all

it may not seem much but fuck its eating me up real badly

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>4 year gap in resume
>useless parents who cant help me find work while my cousins got a car and shit from theirs
>socially inexperienced, havent had friends since maybe grade 7
>increasingly less patient by the day, slowly developing anger issues

>The single act that fucked my life was when I started a stupid habit in middle school where I press on the blood vessel in my neck until I start to pass out, when release it.
>huge bruise and mark on my neck
>cognitive problems, muscle twitches, get light headed easily even when not doing it.

>kissless virgin
>severe social anxiety
>prone to self-sabotaging
I actually got a scholarship to study in japan but I'm worried I'll fuck it up somehow or it'll lead to nothing and in a couple of years I'll just be back to living at my dad's place so it brings me 0 joy.

everyone in japan knows youre a sexpat beta pedo

>put in special ed in 2nd grade where I remained for my entire school career
>forever known as retarded just for being in special ed
>had schizophrenic symptoms from a young age, 8 years old
>had my first psychotic episode at age 15
>never quite had any friends, 1 or 2 here and there
>fall in love with anyone trying to be my friend
>schizoaffective, bipolar type, adhd, ocd, ptsd from psychosis
>awkward mannerisms and ways of doing things
>difficult to relate with anyone who isn't very similar to how I am/I haven't known for a long time/doesn't at the very least go on Jow Forums
>60% of my waking time is spent on my hobbies, incapable of working with other people on my hobbies because of my way of working on them
>other 40% is spent on an online jmmorpg where I am still incapable of talking to anyone who doesn't talk to me first
>straight up don't know how to talk to people outside of Jow Forums posts

>350 pounds
>Started cc again after years of neetdom. Brain is mush
> surrounded by young glowful chads and stacies
> tier 1 social anxiety
>no relationship with family

I got that depression yo.
Fuck knows why, by all rights my life should be pretty good.
>Decent career - make $40/h with loadings for weekends, evenings etc. Make $80/h for any overtime.
>6'3", white, fit enough that people comment on my broad shoulders and shit
>Family are proud of me
>Not a virgin
>Able to hold a conversation only semi autistically
But fuck. Everything feels so pointless. I spent 34h this weekend sleeping because I couldn't think of anything else to do and even vidya/anime have lost their appeal.
All my 'friends' are too busy to meet up even when I drag up the effort to message them.
Constant voice in my head telling me I should kill myself gets stronger every day.

>have absolutely no family, father died when i was 12, mother died when i was 15
>same accident mother died put me in a coma
>wake up with amnesia
>half to go through physical therapy
>16.5 now
>decided i don't need to be adopted
>sent to boarding school
>finished school
>sit alone in an apartment with nothing to do
>don't have motivation to get a job because i have money from inheritances, selling houses, settlement money from accidents
>hated school so i don't want to go college
>anti social so don't really want to date anyone

>eyes are fucked beyond repair, may go blind
>poor mental health (anxiety, depression etc.)

im fucked bros

>user posts a picture of chad for a self-improvement thread
P unoriginal desu

>bipolar with ocd and psychosis
>self destructive
>addicted to medication
>live with parents
>mom still controls me even being an adult
>used to be a smart child but lost ability from medication and alcohol