Vidya anhedonia

>vidya anhedonia
>anime anhedonia
>sexual anhednoia
>all while being in my room all day
even shitposting on discord isn't fun anymore. still obsessed about my loss. what's going to be the end of this story arc?

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You're beyond saving even by my standards, Gunjy. have you considered suicide? I'm saying this as your friend.

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>You're beyond saving even by my standards
only 1 thing could have saved me and its already gone beyond repair

Oh, here I am, accused of being Gunjy for the countless time already. I guess that things never change. No matter how many times I might adotp a new nickname/persona, it all revets back to this.

>have you considered suicide
i had sui thoughts lately, but too pussy to act upon those thoughts i guess

>I'm saying this as your friend.
i've no frens. zero. nada.

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Perhaps you're right. I do have a hard time liking you. I have a hard time even believing that you can feel bad about anything after my time interacting with you. Recently I've been having a hard time with friendships and trusting people too. It must be our fate. Should've stayed anonymous. You'll always be Gunjy to me.

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aren't you like the mastermind behind most of the discord servers originated here? please stop shilling your retarded servers in my threads thanks ,

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I suffer from anhedonia. I enjoy nothing. I'm 27 and it gets worse every year.
Why am I not suicidal yet.

I don't think so, Saki. Regardless, this person is a dangerous manipulator. I always wished to drive him to commit suicide.

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whenever people made discord threads they always mentioned him but all I care about stopping those discord trannies from shilling their shit in my threads, it really makes them look bad especially with kashii accusing me of being a discord tranny myself

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Can you guys tell me the discord. I'm so fucking lonely.

How old are you? Please don't be over 25 xumi

i'm unrelated to whatever you talk about. please leave out my threads alone

the novelty wears off and it hits you hard and harder as you age

.unfortunately am slightly over 25. my prospects aren't good. it ain't getting any better

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You think you can escape your past, Gunjy? You even failed to leave Jow Forums. I hope you suffer.

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so are you the mastermind or not? im very confused, very drunk and very out of patience, answer me you discord tranny

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Get tested for ADHD. Once I got medicated I became a productive member of society again.

>over 25
Yeah you're fucked. Sad!

He is not gunjy I know that for a fact. I thought you were smarter than this, can't you seriously tell appart writing styles?

>inb4 why do you care
The dude is already going through enough for others to shit on him for unrelated reasons. Ironically gunjy seems to have gotten better irl lmao

Gunjy, you're still dumb as a rock, I see. I wonder if you'd still remember me.

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I was diagnosed with ADHD. I'm not fond of this diagnosis, as most people who used to bully me IRL had that diagnosis as well, and my own and their own symptoms are night and day difference. Tried meds - didn't hep.

thanks man i appreciate that

the only other cat-paintings avatarfag I've known got his discord account disabled few months ago by me. he was also shitting on me, despite it not being my entire fault. on that note, i wish to tell him im sorry for acting smug instead of apolozing for getting him involved

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I'm not them, but someone else you know. I don't really want you to know who, I'm just here to encourage you to commit suicide.

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If you truly had anhedonia you wouldn't be on r9k

Ayyy, you dimwit, this is why everyone is destined to "betray" you, you're just fucking dumb and so is gunjy. Posting schizo cats like you're tricking anyone.

He doesn't recognize you because he's a discordfag and not who you think he is, Aiste.

Anyway stop being a dick to this guy please.

I know who he is. A predator who's better off dead. He deserves all the suffering he gets.

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where would i be then user?

>pic related, deja vu
makes you wonder how mentally ill this schizo tranny avatarfag is. don't even bother engaging them

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That's pretty rude, Gunjy. You said you hallucinate too, remember? You really shouldn't pretend you're the normal one here.

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Ey Gunjy, thanks for the tips on how to scam people, now i don't have to wageslave and be a NEET for a long time now, thanks.

buncha fags in this thread

Honestly though, please just die. I don't care how, just do. A stone will be lifted off my heart if you do. Goodbye now, you disgusting creature.

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A lot has passed since then. Apparently he was actually a she all along and she was never a discordfag or so she says.

What's your beef with gunjy anyway? He never did anything to you before the vocaroos, maybe you attacked him for Jow Forums clout? And if he did do something to you then you were a discordfag all along and you've proved yourself yet again as a massive mentally ill compulsive liar, you deserve to be betrayed and raped forever. Poor clueless Saki trusting a well known doxxer.

Tastes numb the tongue and music deafens the ears.
Overexposing yourself to the same type of media over and over will always make it boring. If you want to enjoy those things properly again you must take a step back and do something else for a while. And I mean to DO ANYTHING. When you never move you'll become automatically tired no matter what as your body basically adjusts to its lifestyle. On the the other hand once you get rolling doing new and other stuff becomes easier and easier.

It really doesn't matter what you do. It can be sport, a creative project, doing walks when the weather is nice, cleaning your room or something else. Take it slow and only do things step by step. Don't expect a miracle. If you have no idea what you want to do then I recommend to look inside you and figure out the things that bother you and then fix them.

I already proved countless times I'm a boy. Gunjy is just a disgusting creature. If he wasn't ruining people on Discord, he'd be out in the streets raping and murdering. All predators and rapists like him should just die. There's far too much tolerance for them. I can't even carry a weapon where I live.

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>I already proved countless times I'm a boy.

>Gunjy is just a disgusting creature. If he wasn't ruining people on Discord, he'd be out in the streets raping and murdering. All predators and rapists like him should just die.
That's true, I'm not a fan of gunjy either. I thought you were him at first lmao. All I'm saying is OP's not gunjy, and if you can accept that but still feel wronged by OP you shouldn't because he did nothing wrong. The rapist is ritalinbot btw, get your facts straight.

Someone mind giving me a quick rundown?

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>INTP 5w6
>Someone mind giving me a quick rundown?
sage goes in all fields

Alright, there. Why should i do this?

because this thread is full of cancer and mental illness, the sooner it archives the better

Well, isnt that like 95% of all r9k my dear lad?

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