I just wanna kill people at this point you know?

I just wanna kill people at this point you know?

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You do know law enforcement unironically monitor posts like this, right?

keep bumping thread so law enforcement eventually sees this

I'm on a vpn and I'm not going to actually do it.
It's just a desire born from my distaste of people not something I'm.gonna do

Cool, but why? Write a note first.

It's not gonna change anything but further prove to others how bad your own situation is. Unless you're sadistic and killing people feels like an orgasm or something, it's not a good a plan.

You are actually a brainlet
Look at : I am growing more and more distasteful of people, I feel a lot of pain on the daily and the fact other people are so simply happy makes me dislike them.
Im not gonna do it anyways, so no need for a note

Did someone just call me a brainlet only to describe their Emo life in the following sentence

user if you do decide to hurt people please don't use guns. Don't make it hard for the rest of us. It is also very unoriginal.

Make a supersoaker flamethrower

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Why would he take into consideration other people when he's so far gone? He will most likely do that to even make things worse for gun owners, which will cause more damage, since that's his goal.

I think I would like it as some sort of "revenge"

>Doesn't know my condition
>Emo life hurr Durr
Real smart there

no. kill yourself and leave other people alone

Those emo conditions must be very difficult for you

Did Dad not buy you the sneakers you wanted

No, but the only person I ever loved died of an undiagnosed disease a few months ago and I'm not getting any kind of help/understanding
Is that so emo?

Post your feels here, user. WE are here for you.

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Go to group if you want understanding. Posting about how edgy you are is a bad move

Already tried, it did nothing but bring down the people who are nice enough to actually care, who I wanna kill is the average normie who has no compassion or emphaty

Are you literally 13? Fucking kill yourself faggot. You took a pic of girls in public, posted along the lines of "oh look at me im gonna kyll ppl xd!!1!!" and then shit your pants when police were brought up. I would hate you less if you were an actual serial killer.

>I want to kill hehehehe lol so cool
>normies have no empathy
T. 34 IQ

>saying that you want to break the law is illegal
>implying police can stop people from venting online
>implying they can stop people from doing anything in general

Fuck off.

Have you tried not doing it in a threatening way?

Got it you are a normie no further discussion is needed.

If you had enough braincells to actually understand written language you'd see my post actually says "I just WANT to kill people you know" not "I'm GOING TO kill people"
Expressing a dark thought is too much for you to handle?
You're being a good puppet you know, simply saying I want to dissent from laws is illegal, what an idiot, how do those boots taste?

I was mistreated by normies so I understandably have no regard for them

IQ meme is literally from redd*t and you can have empathy and kill, obviously. Retard.

You mistreated yourself by allowing yourself to be this retarded

Yep, this is actually the first time I say something like this, usually I try to be nice and open to people

How so?

T. Below 30 IQ.
dont have any kids

Whore!!! Whoorre!!!

No, of course not. I would never

You either give us a name for who you want to kill who specifically BTFO your gay emo ass, or you are just admitting to being a violent asshole who kills randomly

No I don't know because I'm not an incel lmao

>these posts

Pic related of course.

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>Give us a name
Nope, won't fall for that, I know at that point it becomes actually illegal.
Try harder, won't fall for your bait

>being a jack black fan
>also defending the creep
Jack black makes fun of kids like OP

Is one of them a 'Whore!!!' and the other one a 'Whoorre!!!' or does the following 'Whoorre!!!' only serve to emphasize the prior word.

Fuck! Well get you next time, attention whore poster

>being a newfaggot
It's a common reaction image for like over ten years when someone or people is or are being retarded you mass quote them to tell them or they off.

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I don't think he's using the black jack thing as something to say he's a fan of the guy, i think he's only using that image as a reaction, not to state he likes the guy or is a fan, fucking retard.

>now hes posting willy wonka who btfo the dumb edgy kid in the movie

I wish you crazy violent fucks would find another board to make your retarded threats on. I only come here to post and talk about cute asian girls. You're just as bad as the tranny and r9gay posters desu

How new are you?
also posting a picture of someone with your post as a reaction image doesn't mean you are their fan lurk more

Kys :)

Sounds very intere- *zzzzzzz*

Its too hot to go outside and my wife is cooking. Life is hard for me too

Then go to either /s/ or hell even /jp/
Don't get me wrong I appreciate asian girls too but if you are annoyed by anything other than that you shouldn't stay here

How is it hard, it's hot here too, but I don't have anyone to cook for me.
Why do you come here

Its hard because Im bored until my wife finishes dinner.

I wish I could legitimately strangle you.
Go anywhere else or kill yourself

I wish you would clean your room, filthy whore

My room is clean.
I'm not A whore.
Got any more incorrect statements to say

Probably not as clean as my room lol

And is that a thing to boast about?

More so than being emo? Sure. We are having chicken wings and fried rice

I'm not boasting
Enjoy your dinner

Doesn't matter since you have no friends who'll see it

Thanks bro.
>craaaawling iin my skiiiiin
Who remembers that meme? Circa 2011 at least