Is Crispy's girlfriend the best girl yet?

Is Crispy's girlfriend the best girl yet?

>gorgeous face
>right amount of thicc
>huge udders
>genuinely funny/entertaining, streams aren't boring (unlike her gf)
>has a real job, streams for fun, not to collect betabux

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Yo, who the fuck is crispy?

She's some instathot turned streamer who's posted on her silly

I need those udders in my life.....

>is whos who literally the whos who

all women are whores

She's this ugly with excessive makeup and gratuitous photoshopping. Imagine how ugly this hipless, assless, fat cow is in real life.

>the best girl yet?

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Super Mario sunshine was probably my second favorite gamecube game

Lesbians aren't even real lmao
They STILL get off by being penetrated.

Why would you save that image?
it was okay because I never beat it

Sonic riders is first, right?

No, luigi"s mansion, sorry

Sonic riders zero gravity was better...

Just not by you. Or a dick in general

Yeah, only by a dick shaped, silicon based dick that scraps her insides like a dick.

i wish 100 years of lesbian bed death on her

Super Mario Sunshine on Nintendo GameCube is the best video game ever.

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If you find that attractive in the least, I question your judgment. That thing is nothing more than a fat uggo using filters and angles to convince desperate saps like you that she's not a hideous cow.

>Why would you save that image?
Why wouldn't I?

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Hot lesbians are actually a good thing, you newfaggot.

only 13 year olds and 50 year olds think this

>Thinking he'll actually get with a lesbian

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What sort of thinking is that? I don't ever think I'll get with someone i see online, why would you even think that?
Girl on girl action is hot, if you don't think so, you should question your sexuality.
Every straight guy thinks that way. You should stop watching cuckold porn.

I think Kat is bi

It's some random lesbian online, not some pornstar. Your acting like a orbiting retard.

I don't watch either of them. None of my posts suggested that. I am just stating my opinion on attractive lesbians.
What the fuck are you on about?