Be long haired boy

>be long haired boy
>hired as a waiter
>forced to wear my head in a top bun like the waitresses
>look like an absolute faggot
>to top it off my uniform is a a bit on the small side, making the pants and button up shirt very "form fitting"
>this makes it resemble the waitress clothes (men and women wear the same uniforms, but women have tighter pants and blouses)
>I don't know how many times I've been called mam or miss while serving
>even coworkers tease me by calling me she

Unfortunately I need the money...

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Sounds like you like all the new attention

I want to see you in your outfit

either cut your hair or get a different job unless you're a phagg0t and enjoy that shit

Just get a haircut and your bitch problem is gone, holy shit it's that easy

That's hot. Where do you work?

You know you enjoy it sissy fag

I'd usually say to grow a beard in this situation. However, I am a lover of traps so maybe shave and embrace your new femininity

Reminds me of a shadman comic, if this is real that's hilarious

The fact that you called yourself a "long haired boy" makes me think you're a faggot.

I was literally gonna say that. OP let me come harrass you at your work pretty please.

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An italian restaurant, the pay is reall good desu.
Being treated like a girl when you're a boy isn't fun, user.

The only plus is that the other waitresses seem to be very friendly with me (I assume it's because my appearance makes me come off as non-threatening)

Exactly what I was thinking of. OP is probably a larp fag who wants attention though

Post yourself in the outfit ;) I wanna see how you look

post yourself in the outfit because I don't believe you

Sound cool.

Now post your outfit and let me come work with you OP.

Damn this sounds great where can I get a job like this

come on op post it >:)

Post tummy qt. If you need cash i might be able to help you out.

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I'm starting to think I fell for some really gay bait.

user why are you typing like a faggot?

Sora? That you?

Because he's desperate for attention.

I will post the back because the front has the logo. The "back end" is the most egregious part anyways.

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does the male personell flirt with you?

plz be my bf. dear god is that a nice body you have

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nice little ass friend
it's cute

I used to have long hair but cut it short for the first time since middle school when the tranny meme got big.

cut your damn hair son

Straight up. That's fucking hot man.

long hair is based and patrician, plebeian

lookin' good user can we see your feet

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for the love of god post more unidentifiable pictures please

GROW A FUCKING BEARD user. This makes you stand out even if it's a little shit-smear goatee.

Can you post your hair

Once a guy squeezed my butt to tease me.

But in general guys seem to have this smirk about them, I'm not sure if they're laughing at me or what.
Dang, thanks. Not gonna lie the attention is kinda nice haha.

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cut your hair,f ag.

if it bothers you that much don't shave and cut yer hair short

Me too user. The amount of times I've gotten weird looks off of people as they contemplate whether to call me miss or mister. It's been like it since I was a kid though.

you are very cute, post your hair? black out your face

nice ass baby

not gonna lie, that ass is as basic as it could get. everyone here is just thirsty

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It looked better in his first pic

yeaaahhh op youre not as fantastic as these horndogs are making you out to be, sorry. im sure youre overplaying your situation because you secretly(blatantly) love the attention, though.

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don't listen to them, you are beautiful, post more


just get a haircut quit your job and quit being a little bitch OP

so you're telling me you're walking around with pants so tight they spread your buttcheecks and a cute little bun and you're not a sissy fag? lmao


I'm pretty sure you like it a little OP, even if you pretend not to. It's ok.

Who cares? What does it matter people think you're a girl? Are you so uncertain about your own masculinity that you need to prove it by also looking masculine? Dude just take it! The fact that you look like a girl is hilarious!

I wish I wasn't balding so I could look like a girl

If you haven't already gotten a haircut you are obviously gay.

You should suck your customers dicks for more money

It is fags who have short hair. Long hair is based but OP is obviously a sissy.

I fucking love sissy boys... don't transition or get discouraged by being called a fag pls

This so much. My current bf doesn't take hormones or anything, and I it's so hot having him be a sissy rather then trans.

You're right user. I will try to make the best out of the situation. Plus if I'm very honest I'm starting to like the attention from everyone at work, even if it's kind of gay sometimes haha.

just cut your hair.
or better yet, own it, because after all, they're just teasing you.

wait do you actually like men instead of women?

Nope, but guys are nicer and more talkative to me now compared to my other jobs. I really like that because I've always had trouble talking to people.

it's fine guys like you can get girlfriends too

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Fuck you discord tranny
Fuck you discord trannies
fuck you discord tranny

nice boogeywoman(man)