Is it normal to feel like literal shit when a white man is close to you, i mean...

Is it normal to feel like literal shit when a white man is close to you, i mean, it's like i feel embarrassment for just being beside him and i get like really anxious. (i'm not a fatty or something like a creep but i feel like they always see me as a bother or with pity)

Has anyone had a feeling like this or something related?

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Are you black femanon? I used to feel this way around blond blue eyed people.

I dont get what attribute is making you feel this way?

Gender? race? looks?

I get embarrassed and awkward around really good looking guys, but I think everyone acts that way in front of good looking people.

Well I mean if you're kind, they will almost always like you. If you're still concerned you can just be quiet. :P

Maybe race and looks cuz i look similar to a latino and i'm a manlet, so everytime i have to talk with them (which for my luck they always are 2 meters blonde guys) i just sperg out and start mumbling

sorry i'm not a girl

yeah that's like the thing i always do but i want to be better with social skills

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You can always practice. Maybe download an app like yubo or just try talking to them. Tell them to let you know if you're being annoying

Are you gay or something? It's cute when people get flustered and awkward around you, but I wouldn't want anyone to feel bad

I'm a white ginger who wishes he had that sexy ass latino dark hair and skin. I literally look like i don't have eyebrows. The grass is always greener on the other side dude, you're fine

I think it's just because you're a gay guy or something. Probably because you're so self-conscious about being a manlet too. I'm a little over 6', and I'm latino, never really cared. Maybe because I'm on the autism spectrum
Only looks "sexy" if you have the basic good looking features already.

i will try it, thanks

i'm not gay like i love boys or something like that, cuz with people who look like me i can relate more easily, i don't hate white people (i would say i admire them more) but maybe is just too much self aware or i'm just autistic. (i always start conversations with : ''pardon'' or ''excuse me'' things like that)

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No, because I see them watching me. They try not to make eye contact but are also clearly aware of me. Makes me feel powerful that I dominate their thoughts through sheer melanin count. Chickenshit white apes.

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Just dye your eyebrows brown. No one will know.

You're genuinely just too self conscious, work out and eat right i guess? You don't sound that bad really besides being a fucking weeb

Yes actually, but not only with white males, but with females too.
I feel terrible around them

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I did that once in highschool and people flipped their shit. I might start filling them in or something though, i kinda dig makeup honestly. Thanks for the advice lol

Never before have we seen a deeper, blacker cope on this site.

This is an Osaka thread now, please post and talk about Osaka

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>sorry im not a girl
the entire thread becomes irrelevant the nanosecond you uttered this. nobody is intrigued by anything about a faggot. i don't care if you said you're not gay, only a faggot would feel these emotions. fuck you. there should be a new movement where gay people stay in the closet and kill themselves under the pressure. its way better then wen they "Express" themselves. again, you're a faggot

I used to when I was a chubby kid with a shitty school mandated hair. But then I grew up, I got in shape, I got decent facial hair and got my hair how I always liked it and honestly? I don't feel insecure around anyone anymore. I look good, and I'm doing my best at everything I do. If I run into someone who's incredibly better looking than me (which is rare) I know I look good enough to not be pathetic next to them, and if someone is vastly better than me at something I know I'm doing my best and they can help me improve.

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I am like this but with literally anyone who I think is objectively attractive.
I feel subhuman and get very nervous being around any chads or stacys.