Favorite Animal

What is your favorite animal, please post pics.

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rats because everyone hates them

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Frogs they are very original and holy

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Very cute, OP. I'm a fan of squirrels.

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Beavers because watching them build shit is really interesting and they're smart. I like to think that Beavers would be on par with humans but because they're really small there's more shit that can kill them

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for me, it's the house centipede

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Owls, but im too lazy to post a pic

I got you, user. We need more cute pictures in this thread.

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frogs are natures cornerstone

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Capybaras are quite based.

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Red rumped agouti

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Come on, folks. At least post a real frog.

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Dogs, here's my family pet growing up.

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I just want to ruffle his ears and tell him he's a good boy.

They aint got shit to do , even jungle mammals live for a respectable reason.

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Reminds me of grumpy cat

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i love transpuppy most of all

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Birds. Flying and literally shitting on normies seems based as fuck.

Foxes. Growing up we always used to have them in our garden. One of them for about 2 years would always come to the same spot every night and just stare at me. Felt like I had a friend. It was not an unpleasant feel.

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I like possums, but raccoons are really great too.

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Good taste

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This is the only elephant image I have ;_;
They're wise and kind - usually
Apparently their brains light up like how ours do when we see puppies. They think we're cute!

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For me it's the Binturong

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Deer. Majestic as fuck

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not real enough for you, bro?

say that to my face

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I don't think you're as cute as a frog in person, user.

Rabbits. I love them. I would never eat a rabbit consciously and I love that my university campus right now is filled with them frolicking around. I want one but I wouldn't ever be able to provide for Cap'n Bun Buns since I don't have a stable life suitable for a rabbit

Forgot image of Cap'n Bun Buns. They remind me of Bugs Bunny

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