Any INTPs wanna talk on discord or something?

any INTPs wanna talk on discord or something?
I know this is cringe but maybe someone will resonate with me.
Used to love talking about things, seeking meaning, but I've come to the conclusion that there is no point in trying to understand things that I never will. I have no trust in anything anymore. Barely any motivation left to even play video games. I don't think i'm depressed because I am able to enjoy things just not often. I need something to talk about or do just so I can feel something.

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Why not just talk here user? I'm open to listen to anything you have to say.

Not on Discord but I'll listen to you here. Tell me about what you used to enjoy doing, and what you mean by understanding things. I get the impression that I used to be in your shoes.

I don't know if I used to be more stupid or maybe I was just happier but it seemed easy to have stimulating conversations with people about life, the universe, philosophy, stuff like that. It just all seems so pointless now. Everything I think I might know about the world around me is probably false. Just the idea of trying to use reason seems flawed to me because my perception of things is so biased, and I'm probably just fed lies by everything I read and hear on the internet.

>damn when should I even eat???
it's almost like the author isn't a normal person, but rather some retarded autist incapable of basic function

>claims to be an INTP
>has a discord account
Take off the sheep's clothes

you're sounding a lot like an INFP here, user

I sort of envy everyone else that is able to just make their own meaning out of life. I wish I was able to accept some sort of religion, ideology, anything. I had one friend I talked to about dumb sperg stuff but I don't even know if we are friends anymore. All of my other friends seem to be drifting away from me. I'm working at a summer camp right now and I try to be social with people, I know I have to practice with that, but every time I see people going out on the weekend and I'm not invited I feel awful and get so self-conscious.

i have never seen worse advice and more terrible takes given than the "talking" that goes on amongst the denizens of r9k.
OP, the less time you spend here, the better. Don't let yourself be gaslighted by the fools here, as well intentioned as they are in their idiocy.

here you go fren.


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trust me I when I say I trust people here less than I do anywhere else. I really only come here because looking at people who have it worse off than me makes me feel better.

I get the impression that you're really young. One thing, when you've established your opinions about philosophy and have had enough conversations about it, of course it's going to feel bland when the conversations get repeated enough. It should feel as pointless as smalltalk. If you want to continue in philosophy, which I was never in to, you need to study different ideas and methods of reasoning. This would also address the doubt you have in your own methods of reasoning. Maybe you were arrogant as a child, or maybe you were smarter than your classmates and the investment of thought into the conversation was lopsided and you weren't stimulated enough. If you don't want to continue in philosophy you need to study the sciences, which fulfills a need for stimulation and understanding. It is probably true that you are fed lies by everything you read, and the only solution to that is to not be concerned with what is being reported on. I don't even know if I'm understanding and addressing your problem correctly and if I'm not let me know. Also sorry for slow replies.

a lot of the time it's totally fine to invite yourself to something or ask people what's going on and if you can join, you have to be kind of forceful if you ever want to actually enter a new social circle

assuming they like you and you aren't a total autist, normies are usually pretty accommodating to having new people to hang out with

He would be speaking to the same idiots on discord because he literally offered on r9k, so I don't see the difference.

What was the dumb sperg stuff you talked to him about? That's probably an important detail.

am 18 so yes
I don't know if I was arrogant as a child, but I try not to think about my childhood as it just give me nightmares thinking about the ways that I acted. I try to be very open to all ways of thinking, but I don't even have any personal philosophies at this point.

shitty comedy, existential edgy stuff, things that people would just look at me disgusted when I get passionate about.

So what exactly do you want? Do you want something to believe in like a personal philosophy? If that is what you want, what should it encompass? A general understanding of the universe, people, morals, what?

I don't think I can accept any beliefs because I doubt my own reasoning too much. I think I'm fine accepting this though. Really I just want to find something I'm motivated to do.

Seeing as you're 18, those were probably the typical series of realizations that young adults think about. They probably reacted negatively because they haven't had the same realizations yet and some of them never will. It's nothing to be a shamed of.

Welp, this is finally it Jow Forums
>family despises me
>spent literally all of my life on 4ch and 8ch
>no gf

Since you guys have been chill with me, I'll be chill with you. This board has always been my favorite.
Live streaming my suicide in roughly 15 minutes. a

Iive stream link + further explanation:

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I am just very self aware of my faults at this period in my life. I feel crippled by all of the self doubt and fear I am experiencing. Maybe I need therapy or something.

Philosophy is utterly a waste of time, but also part of the way I was lead to Christ. It's a funny thing when attempting to ascertain truth when human beings by nature are never able to occupy the "God's eye" view of absolute truth.

Biggest thing you'll need to understand is that nothing will ever be as fulfilling than to have faith in Christ.

Food you eat, yet you will still hunger again. Water you drink, yet you will still thirst again. Sleep only precedes more exhaustion, and the satisfactions of this world will only precede more emptiness and desire.

Yet, Christ is always there, never changing, always guiding. and eternally good.

If you want words of wisdom, it's this: Give your life and soul to Christ, for everything else in the world will always leave you wanting. It's the way things are that nothing here will last, and even people and their preferences are as changing as the weather.

Christ is sufficient in all things.

Everyone in this god damn thread join this server. As newfound frens we will get through it together. Especially you OP

Give me an example of an old belief you had that you began to doubt and why you began to doubt it.
When I was about 12 I began to do this thing where I thought about every aspect of every object I focused on. Without getting into a lot of details I would do this thing all the time which I wasn't distracted by something else. Anyway when I was around 16 I began to doubt all of my reasoning maybe in a similar way that you do. Without getting into specifics I would think of a "problem", solve it, then keep thinking about it and solve it again using a different method, even though I already had, realizing everything had too many solutions to find them all. This resulted in me doubting my "reasoning" whenever I "solved" a "problem". I know this is vague but I avoid talking about this because it's autistic but I'm just trying to understand you.

I really dont have anything against you but this is impossible for me

there's no meaning dude. go manufacture a crisis in your life. move somewhere without a support network. go to a foreign country and live there for awhile. that's how you feel alive. you want to go back to the basic state of feeling alive, feeling risk, feeling danger. life isn't ascending into some self-actualized astral plane, its about reigniting the novel sensation of feeling "alive"

ever try really hard to think about a specific thing or a word that's on the tip of your tongue but just cant? Thats sort of happening to me right now. but ill get back to you. I definitely did the same thing as you though where you think of one solution or answer to something only to realize that it's completely wrong and the amount of factors that go into the problem is so impossibly large that it would be impossible to take it all into account.

pretty cringe server, but i guess i deserve since i got baited

I thought of a less vague description. As an example, in school I would learn about some famous science experiment that allowed the scientists to create some theory or principle of how something works. I would think about why the results of the experiment would lead them to their conclusion, then I would imagine other scenarios of how nature works that would also produce the same results from the same experiment. Obviously what I would imagine would be wrong because of a lack of context, but eventually I just started doubting or second guessing everything I deduced about a system, number, machine, whatever. For example, this method of thinking transferred to if I would look at a machine and try and figure out what is inside of it. This would cause me to think of other configurations of parts that would produce the same result. Describing this makes me feel both arrogant and autistic.

I think I just doubt and second guess everything I think now. I didn't used to do this. I thought I was smart because I could do well on tests and that this somehow made me able to understand things. Becoming aware of this has just made me go so far in the opposite direction that I probably seem like such loser to everyone around me. I'm studying game design at uni right now and I'm really uncertain weather I will succeed. I got good grades the first semester but I never had the motivation to complete any personal projects and the first year probably is a lot easier than the rest.

*first year not semester*

What do you people look for in a discord server anyway? I'm considering setting one up for personality stuff.

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Very sad to hear this fren.
Discord is cancer, get off of there as soon as you can.

No. Unless you're a girl. Then give contact. I'm thirsty.

Can you view all of reality from every single point, from every single perspective? Can you say to know absolutely everything there is to know?

If you cannot, then you cannot say what is or is impossible.

There is nothing that is impossible for God.

What's your discord I'd like someone to talk to as well

you sound like a cult leader recruiting. dont lecture me about how wrong i am ab the meaning of the universe when you cant prove yours either.

I'm not a cult leader, and Christianity isn't a cult. It's the absolute truth of Jesus Christ and what He's done for us.

Nothing I said was wrong and nothing I've said is unsubstantiated. The evidence is everywhere.

holy fucking shit shut the fuck up with your personality type bullshit.

Realize that you're time on Earth is very short and you should strive to fill it with as many interesting experiences as you can.

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>you should strive to fill it with as many interesting experiences as you can.
I disagree. You should fill it with whatever you want, even if that's boring.

I used to think that, but that turned into doing lots of boring things for instant gratification (like browsing 4chin) rather than working towards other things with a much more rewarding pay-off.

So? What's your point? You'd rather work towards things that have a more rewarding payoff?

I think most people want to but won't because they think it's too hard.

INFJ-T here, s-saving the thread! '^o^

Nice trips! UwU


Actual server with a setup

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This this fucking this. Jesus christ.

So now there's an /mbti/ thread! OwO
Here~: ! \(^.^)/

this image describes my life perfectly.
i mean i meet with friends more often but that took some time...2017 i was most of the summer in the attic from my grandparents playing some videogames...i would like to have nice talk with you but im actually german and cant speak very proper english acutally