My gf may be bi

Wat do. Not interested in threesomes. Feeling kind of betrayed because she said no when I asked

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beat the whore out of her

Break up with her, basically. If she's bi, it just means you're not enough for her and her experimenting with women will very quickly become "But what if I did it with guys, is this something you would be okay with, teehee? xD".

Ditch now, before you get too attached.

>not interested in threesomes
what the fuck is wrong with you?
I had a friend who literally dumped his gf because she hooked up with a girl. why are there dudes out there like (you) and my friend? why are you such faggots?

>what, you're not a cuck like me?
>you're not such a cuck that you're willing to give your woman up to another woman????
>what the fuck is wrong with you????????

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It's been a year and a half fug
>bro it's 2019 it's normal to be a cuck now :)

Relationships can be very difficult you might learn someday, my friend. If you had a gf you wouldnt want her messing around with anyone, doesn't matter who.
>inb4 but muh awsum lezbian 3some sex wud b so ahwsum bro
No it's awkward and terrible and feels like cheating for everyone involved. Relationships have been ruined like this.

My bf is hot superior guy and still does not want 3 somes. If the guy cares about you he doesn't want you fucking girls or guys. I thought girls didn't count but they do with that line of thinking. I'd be mad if he wanted to fuck a guy although I have had exes who did.
Superior dating material

Isn't he saying she's the one not interested when he asked her

Superior to you, whore

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I meant she said no when I asked if was bi and I feel betrayed if she's hiding something from me. I said I was not interested in threesomes because I anticipated that people might suggest that

Oh I thought he meant he asked if she was Bi, she said no then wsnted 3somes bc the title.
Is your gf BI or NOT? Bc if she's not....why would she say yes to 3some?

Superior to the planet of guys maybe even the galaxy. 10/10 everyone would fuck awesome personality doesn't use social all. Attracts everyone but hates everyone.

I never asked about threesomes. I saw some texts that confirm she's likely bi but when I asked her if she's bi she said she no

Holy shit I hate these fucking threads so much, this is Jow Forumsrelationships tier. Talk to her like an adult about your concerns. This is the answer to 95% of relationship problems. If you feel you can't trust her to tell the truth about something as basic as this then this clearly isn't a healthy relationship.

>My gf
Opinion discarded. Consider posting this elsewhere going forward.

valuing any particular girl at all is insane to me. you're all interchangeable sets of 3 holes. i had a threesome with my gf and i ended up nutting in her friend. i love hurting people

It's different being a girl. We're not stigmatized like guys [although nowadays...] But girls are touchy, feely, flirty with each other. When I was young in high school you would not believe how many girls kissed me out of nowhere. I dont think of them as bi or les. But this was a long time ago before it was trendy to have the label.

Right because you don't like her learn to read
>If the guy cares about you he doesn't want you fucking girls or guys.

End of thread. Loose ends kill a relationship before you even know it, and then the uncertainty drags on until it finally dies a tragic death.

It's Saturday night can you guys really afford to be picky? I'm avoiding fem thread don't wanna hijack but I'm surprised you all aren't there.

>coping this hard
You're not very docile, are ya

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