Friends bullying me about gay stuff more and more

>friends bullying me about gay stuff more and more
>one of them literally said "At least I'm not a closet fag"
>they don't know that I actually am

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>they don't know that I actually am


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kill yourself faggot oregon trail wow. lets see here. gooble de goop faggot lynched and pooped

A-a-user... I wanna suck your d-dick...

Daily remind that if you weren't gay from a young age, you are fucked in the head.

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>the way the foreskin perfectly encases the head

Do you enjoy being bullied for being gay, OP?

I've been into dicks as soon as I started jacking off, had my first crush on a boy in elementary school, and have been forcing fantasies about men dominating me out of my head for years.

It honestly makes me pretty uncomfortable because I have no idea how to handle it.

You two are shameless.

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>It honestly makes me pretty uncomfortable because I have no idea how to handle it.
Ah. The pic you chose for the OP made me think this was an ERP thread.

Imagine being forced to gently suck on those balls while he sits there uninterested and playing vidya or watching TV.

No it actually happens to me. The picture is just from a game I like.

>tfw no cock pillow bf

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How does it look so perfect? I just want to rub it all over my face.

I wanna cut it open and rip trough the urethra. user please let me draw blood inside your dick and lick off all the cum and blood from your shaft

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I see you are a cock connoisseur.

none of these dicks are selfies, that's against the rules.

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you still have a dick i assume user

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Try to force it down your throat just so you can taste as much of it as possible look. Then you suck on the tip and get so much cum in your mouth it drips down your chin.

cock is like a lobster you're trying to get whats inside it at all cost so why not draw a little blood instead of huffing it down

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pls do not harm my penis.
I would edge him in my mouth until he loses patience and jerks off in my face, then it's back to light sucking until he's hard again.

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Because I'm supposed to do what the person who has the cock wants. The experience of playing with, feeling, and tasting the end result is my reward.

its not harming really as long as you get confused with cumming its more of a new uncomfortable orgasm

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your very flowing with experiences instead of just experimenting ad doing things

Would you ever consider drinking at a femboy cafe?

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I would want to be the one in the back filling up the drinks.

femboys are cute but big men are what make me happy

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wholesome trap maid cafe: yes
cafe where they serve femboy cum: no

oh I see, servants.

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based ToA poster

What if the special drinks are optional?

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if your good with small light slashes on your dick and along your body ill be any cocks servent

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ah what a good boy.

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fuck it, whatever you want user just fucking choke me and let me see your cum turn red and ill squeal your name

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no, boymaids are for subtlety and teasing and other cute shit, hardcore lewd should stay out of the place
good pic tho

can i work if im a femanon? i can put something to make it seem like a bulge and it wouldn't mater because lewd is not allowed

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No actually boymaids are for taking into private rooms and breaking.

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Of course, it's better if you're a dick drunk girl.

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Could we bite/nibble them or any physical contact with patrons?

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OK that works

You obviously do whatever the guest wants. If you bite without their request you might get punished.

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Punished how? will they spank me or will they pin me down and choke me as the slash at my quivering body?

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It usually depends on how badly the maid needs to be straightened out. If you're doing it to be punished you'll definitely get more of a punishment than you want. The clear choice is to behave and beg the guest to let you do what you want.

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They can cut me new fuck holes for all I care i just want something pain like that isnt fucking spanking or week softboi choking

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I'm sure that could be arranged but you'd probably be reserved as a niche item for the more extreme guests.

It's alright, you can experience pleasure through pleasing their intact cocks.

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can you be the extreme guest user?

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can you be the extreme guest user? i wont bite you unless i warn you

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What if I don't want to be bitten and only want to cut you?

if you're not fucking me while doing it then your teasing me and im gonna bite a jogular

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Are you not one of the servants? I assumed the teasing was implied

Im confused if im getting stabbed and fucked silly while being abused or if im getting poked and teased as I serve people

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Well of course I could, but at that point you wouldn't really be a maid. You'd just be something for everyone to fuck and abuse. You definitely wouldn't bite my dick.

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The other user has the right idea. I'd say poked and teased while bound somewhere unable to move, with an audience most likely

im not gonna let everyone do it. not only that but the whole me biting and drawing blood from the dick would lower the people to you

thats just torture with no end. im not Sisyphus i want someone to love me

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Love and knives don't mix silly. You only get one and I think I know which you'd pick.

but cant i get abused/fucked and then cuddled ?

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Not in some perverted maid cafe you couldn't

then ill just be a cute maid who fucks with people and say suggestive masochist things

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Aren't you that animal killing psychopath user? So you're a fag too. You better kys before it's too late.

cvnka pls leave

bloods just so sexy i cant resist abuse or being abused it gets me wet

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How deep have you been cut?

One time while playing with myself i added in blood by cutting my pinkie with a knife and i cut a tendon and i cant move the end of it well

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That's hot, although a bit more tame than I was expecting

ive killed animals and cut friends but apart from cuts i like choking

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Sounds like you're scared of getting cut yourself

im fine with it but no one elese shares the same desire sexually so i just refuse to do it seriously myself

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cock obsession > cutting

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i can do both but there has to be something in it for me otherwise im kinda just a slut arent i?

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are you afraid of being just another damaged slut?

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I just have standards for myself other than being a mindless fuckdoll otherwise why cant you buy a flashlight and call it a day

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Don't listen to him. That type of person would abuse you and wouldn't let himself get hurt. Anyone who abuses weaker beings is trash.

so am i just destined to never have someone who i can be kinky with and cuddle at the end of the day?

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He's right, don't listen to people like me

You can treat a girl like a slut, train her to do what you want, and still at the end of the day be in a loving relationship. The degenerate love making is balanced out by the thoughtful interactions in every other moment you share together. You can't make love to a fleshlight and you can't struggle through life together with a fleshlight. Ok I guess you could but a woman is much better.

I have been with a girl who's into kinky physical abuse but never to the point of doing long term damage.

Don't pretend to be me.

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I'm not, dumbass

Mister, you murdered a cat. Not to be a moralfag, but that's a telltale sign that you shouldn't be allowed near people.

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I can agree with that and maybe look forward in hopes of finding a guy like that thanks user

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Its just a cat and you dont know if it was paralyzed, suffering, blind you just know it was a cat

Misread the chain.

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>no friends
>bully myself into getting gayer and gayer

What a wonderful peace offering
I can bully you into it also if you'd like

I just want a boyfriend dammit

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too bad user no gf for u

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read that wrong. Im sure one of the chads here would take you onto their loving arms

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>bully myself

You don't actually love cock right, you just "bullied" yourself into thinking you do.

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Too autistic to engage with people thanks though

It's just porn yeah

>Too autistic to engage with people thanks though
hm you'd be very surprised user

>It's just porn


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I am not surprised that you think you have something unique to offer but it's the internet and only so many permutations of "do x for me slut" are possible

Lots of short tempered gays out tonight

>welcome to the Trap Cafe, may I take your order?

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i just want a coffee man

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Would you like that with our special milk?

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at this point ill take cyanide too

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>tfw I have a small and shitty dick and will probably never be able to satisfy a cute femboy

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What a weak cumshot. If it's not shot-sized (1 and 1/4 ounce), why bother?

>he doesn't know it takes multiple boys to make a single drink

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