How does Jow Forums feel about death?

Death is so mind boggling to me. To imagine that at 1 point in time you will just stop existing, and you won't experience anything anymore. Ofcourse you won't really dissapear because the atoms that make up your body will find a new purpose, but still, your consience will dissapear.

When i think about death i also realise it isn't scary at all. You won't feel pain, you won't feel anything at all.

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The same thing happens every night when you sleep. You've experienced this thousands of times. What's so mind boggling about it?

I'm feeling pretty scared. But I don't know. Maybe it isn't the end user?

Look into the philosophy of time. There's a lot more to it than you may think.

There *may* be more to it than you may think. It's definitely not a sure thing.

Just think about one point, you were nothing. You literally did not exist. It's also quite the jarring thought.

I'm so fucking ready for it.

Your consience is active while you sleep thought, but you just don't remember it most of the time.

What were we before we were born? Probably some lifeless state, right? So what is stopping you from thinking we won't be born once more?

Anything extraordinary that you've realised so far?

Exactly. To go from a state of existance to a state of non-existance at once.

i hope you know no one is gonna remember u 60 years from now.

What do you expect/hope for?

From my experience, god in it of itself is a being not from our understanding of basic matter and reality as we know it. Our conscience is much like stagnant code in the immaterial world, leaving an imprent of ourselves. What that is can be interpreted as heaven, hell, or any other number of afterlifes. From what I know, God is real but not in the sense of what we know him now. Heaven and ghosts are real, but they are again not what we understand them to be. Souls are chocked up to the personality and emotional make up of you that can be in place of a separate body. TLDR god and heaven is real but not what we have been led on to believe.

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Just made a thread on /x/ about this but theyre fucking dead right now so ill copypasta it here

>Back well over a decade ago
>Attempted killing myself through hanging
>method was a belt looped through some overhead cupboards in my room so not fully tightened around my neck
>loop head through and put weight on
>Kind of fuzzy but not really choking me

>decide its not going to work and give up
>take my head out, turn on tv
>watching shit on my bed get tired and start falling half asleep
>suddenly feel like im being fucking electrocuted/extremely painful or intense full body pins and needles
>Wake up with the tv off.
>Look over and belt is snapped in half

Turn out my method actually worked and put me totally out and I only pulled through because the cheapo belt snapped, everything after the gap in the greentext was either
a) fabricated in my head
b) potential after life????

Obviously people will claim it was a) however surely if it was my brain dumping all the trippy DMT like chemicals because I was dying I would have seen something way less mundane than just carrying on my life as normal and watching TV

That's completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

So basically you believe we could never comprehend god/truth in our material form, right?

It might be the sensation of braincells dying off while you were suffocating yourself.

"Your conscience is active while you sleep thought [sic], but you just don't remember it most of the time"

Not how that works bud. If you can't remember it, you don't know whether or not that's actually true. Just like you won't know what your consciousness will be after you're dead. Minus the fact that you generally pull out of unconsciousness after sleep, death is the same thing in terms of what it actually "feels" like. How did it feel to be unconscious for the billions of years prior to your birth?

If you want to panic over something that's already a daily part of your existence on this earth, go for it.

I'm fucking terrified of death, that's why I don't have the balls to end it all

What that was could be a sign of you not being ment to die from your subconscious and the will to live manifesting itself to you allowing you to survive

I'm not panicking at all, i told my original post that i'm not affraid of death. I just try to figure out how other people feel about death.

What is the part that terrifies you? That there could be something bad on the other side? Or maybe being non-existant?

That the problem with you humans, you interpret existence as a yes or no, an on or off. It's more of a scale, or varying measurement.

I don't believe that you die when you sleep, it's more in tune to your brain just forgeting something mundane as a dream. Dreams are like short term memory never remebered and forgotten easily

Do lsd nigga

Think of the eternity that passed before your consciousness. You've experienced an eternity of death before, and I'm assuming it wasn't much of anything to worry about.

> it's more in tune to your brain just forgetting something mundane as a dream

For all intents and purposes, that is indistinguishable from actual non-consciousness. You should genuinely pick up an intro to philosophy book sometime if you're interested in this stuff, you can start to form coherent positions on the matter.

had a similar experience
>thought dying from hanging was because of suffocation or breaking of the neck
>trying hanging myself from a ceiling fan with ethernet cable to test if i would break my neck
>doesnt work so i try to see if suffocation would work
>decide im too much of a pussy to do it after about 10 seconds
>untie noose
>fall on treadmill next to ceiling fan
>unconscious for who knows how long
>wake up and cant remember where i was, what im doing etc. like i was a vegetable
>after 5 or so seconds i snap out of it and start remembering
turns out blood flow restriction is what causes death? pretty scary experience beacause its that easy

I worry that there's something bad in the other side. Almost afraid enough to turn to religion...almost...

I honestly have no idea. I hope I learn to accept it instead of coping with a fantasy about life after death, but I'm only human.

You're still talking about how "mind boggling" it is for one's consciousness to just disappear, and I'm saying that it's only mind boggling if you don't consider that you're already familiar with non-consciousness, even if you refuse to admit it. You've already been unconscious for an eternity prior to your birth, and you go through bouts of unconsciousness every night in your sleep. Just stop and think about it for a second.

There is much more philosophical merit to religion than a shallow reassurance that there could be an afterlife, even though the afterlife does exist.

I walk by a cemetery every day and try to think about the names as people. It makes me wonder about what my epitaph will be. Have you guys thought of yours yet?

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What bothers me is that this is probably all the time we will ever have together.

Stop being dense. You actually experience being asleep, but you just forget it most of the time. Being dead isn't a memory, it's a state of being. Sleeping without dreaming is like a times-skip.

Would you not agree that death is the sole reason why religion is so widespread over the planet? Like how Christians used hell as a way to scare people into their religion?

Mature opinion i would say.

You don't remember how it was before you were conscious. You also don't know how it feels.

That sounds a bit useless to think about because most of the time it isn't your hands at all.

Would it matter though?

>if you're reading this, I will kill your mom in her sleep. Take a picture and send to 10 people to stop me

I hope it's just like going to sleep and never waking up, with my luck I'll be spending eternity in hell though.

> Stop being dense. You actually experience being asleep, but you just forget it most of the time

This is genuinely the most retarded shit I've ever heard. Please explain the logic that you used to arrive at this conclusion. I'm all ears.

The idea of me not existing fucks with my head hard. One day I'm going to die, and humanity is just going to keep on moving. One day we'll be exploring the universe, but that doesn't matter for me because I know most likely ill be dead before it happens. Even though I can't find any happiness in my life I'm still terrified to know that one day it's going to be over. There won't be any chances for me to change things. One day the story of my life is going to end, and it'll be set in stone forever

Gonna give you a (You) because I think that is what you need but not what you deserve

When you sleep your consious will process the information it recieved in the short term memory, these memories might take on a form that we call a dream. For some reason humans forget most dreams, but sometimes we remember them. While you are asleep you're consious, but when you die you're not. Stop smoothbraining and think for 1 second.

i feel it will be the most intense and numbing feeling ever... im scared desu

You do know that we only dream during certain phases of sleep, right? There is no scientific or anecdotal evidence to suggest that humans are conscious (committing experiences to memory and consciously experiencing those experiences) for 100% of the time that they're sleeping.

Let that deep information sink in for a minute, and join the rest of the rational human populace after you're finished.