If you gave these charterers a week prep time. And have them battle to the death, who would come out on time?

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Home Alone kid

It's hard to choose. If shaggy were there, he could kill them all by only using 0.1% of his power

Spike obviously. How could any of these characters stop Spike in the Swordfish?

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Samurai Jack. Fred and Heisenburg arent even competitors. Spike is just a pretty good fighter. Samurai Jack is a warrior of unprecedented skill who has trained his whole life to master all martial arts. There is no chance any of them will beat Jack.

I agree with this man. Jack trained his whole life to defeat a demon and just barely lost.

Realistically, Fred and Walter would both be out immediately, leaving Spike and Jack to duke it out. It's a super close call, but I'd give the upper hand to Jack simply for pure experience and training.

Fred traps him and he is fucked.

How did you come to the conclusion Fred would be a worthy competitor? I like the guy when he's more of a chick magnet autist than a regular chad, but including him just isn't fair for his sake. FPBP, Fred is known for traps in the more recent shows but Kevin is the go to for these fights.
Heisenberg's done some impressive assassinations, I think he'd come close to beating Spike Spiegel with the week of prep time. But if you gave the four of them like an hour before the match he's as dead as Freddy.
Jack's will win in the end, however.
Half of Fred's traps are just heavy nets thrown from the ceiling, user.

>Half of Fred's traps are just heavy nets thrown from the ceiling
Ever had a heavy net thrown at you?

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those other guys can't compete

If Fred when lethal he could take out everyone but Jack. Jack could probably wizz by all his traps and decapitate him, Problem is would they all have access to the location they'll be fighting in.

Jack>>Heisenberg>Fred>Spike kikle

Get hit by a train meme faggot

fuck you the shaggy meme was gold back on /a/ when it first started

Fred would split up with Daphne and "Look for clues" with elaborate traps set up for the rest of the retards to die in. Fred would come back and dip his ascot in the blood of the captured and suck that shit dry on his way back to the mystery machine while Daphne gives him a blowjob on a skateboard. It's that simple.

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Fred, because I want him to win

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Spike is only 6'1 and like 120 lbs soaking wet, though.

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