You're offered $1 billion US dollars to eat one pound from this corpse. Do you take the deal and, if so...

You're offered $1 billion US dollars to eat one pound from this corpse. Do you take the deal and, if so, what do you eat?

You can't eat what someone above you has already eaten.

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Thighs... both of them

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.... Can I cook and season it? if so in a heartbeat and if no then probably still yes. and I'll take some nice stomach fat, maybe a little love handle.

Is it cooked?

A billion? I'd fucking tear into that corpse like I was a starved werewolf.

eyeballs, both

let's just get dick and balls out of the way shall we

thats not a pound user

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The heart would probably be pretty good.

I'll take inner bicep, left side of the body. Oh and the hands. Fry that shit up like chicken wings.

The buttocks. A billion dollars is a LOT of money

I'd eat the shoulders. Right shoulder specifically.

Gimme some ribs please.

Who says i'm going for that billion $ tho

Would it count if I made soup using the bones of his leg?

One pound of bone is a lot of soup

One billion per pound, or one pound or more for a fixed price? I'm willing to eat the whole thing sans brain if you got the money.

calves or some shit its just muscle after all.if i can cook it id do it in a heartbeat

I'll eat his penis and balls. They look decent. What would that even taste like?!

A shank that would least look like human and have a priest sama bless with holy butter so I get after life gbp

Looks like the quads are still remaining. I'll grab one of them.
Stirfried on high heat with garlic, chillis and plenty of holy basil. Served with a fresh, cleansing sake on the side. Don't want to overpower the flavour of the meat but at the same time you know it won't compare to a fine steak. Oh and I'll be erring on the side of overcooked to make sure I've killed any potential parhogens.

Nothing better than pickled pigs feet.
I'll take them both.
Slow cooked with white beans.
Side of cornbread and syrup.

I'll take a length of his forearm muscle. He's dead, so it's not like he'll complain about it. I'll use some of the money to help us guys not have to suffer his fate of living life without a foreskin.

I'll make some nice homemade chilli

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$1 bil

Fuck it, for that much money I'll eat whatever you offer from that.

Since no one's claimed it I'll grab both the hands, wrists included, and strip that shit clean. You can even toss in the fingernails and I'll grind them into fucking seasoning.

We talking about a bil.

Damn. Should we all collectivize? There's gonna be 200 billionaires from this thread. We could accomplish something huge together. Like end world hunger or build a pool or something.

im gonna buy more bodies to eat and share with my new friends

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Fuck you I already claimed the hands and a cut from the inner left bicep!

I feel wrong looking at that corpse as just meat but that's a lot of money.

Only if the person making the offer can guarantee I won't get some kind of disease.

I'll take his butt cheeks or his love handles.

already chosen

Don't give a fuck, the idea of frying up some butt fat is making me hungry.

I'm gonna build the worlds largest model railway.

you can eat his shit and die or eat ass and get jack shit

>I'll eat his penis and balls.
Oh, user. Out of all the cannibals in this thread, you are the most concerning.

>$1 billion
Way too high of a reward. I would eat literally any 1 pound part of that corpse raw for a billion. That's more than the annual GDP of 9 nations

Meat is meat

I hate that picture so much. He looks just like me, I know it's only a matter of time before I'm the same.

is the shoulder still available? cut that up, marinate it in something acidic and that could make some good kebabs

I'd like the skin, all of it.

What about that corpse looks like you, user?

Fat, hairy, white, same haircut. Probably similar height as well.

Oh and I also small dick.

Then that's what you'll look like dead. What shocks you most about seeing it?

It's a sudden reminder that I'll die when I'm just trying to shitpost on Jow Forums on a Saturday night.

Did that body have a soul? Are we eating "him" if we eat the meat? Once I have this answer I'll make my decision.

Do you know much about Souls? Even I'm not certain, but... I'm told that the soul is the essence of life itself. Anything living, sentient or no, supposedly has one. What we call the curse is traceable to the soul... do you see what that means? To be alive... to walk this earth... that's the real curse, right there. We Undead, will never die... and that's quite a predicament, really...

Has anyone claimed his feet yet? I could eat those.

The bowel content

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I'll eat the meat between his shoulder blades. Pay up.

If I'm gonna have a story to tell I'm gonna make it a good one. Eat his heart, brain, or cock. The rest is for fags.

the penis, the anus, the prostate and the toes

back ribs. not as much meat but still weighs 1 pound so I wouldn't die from eating decomposing flesh.

Ive always actually really wanted to try human meat, same goes with cat and dog meat, so id be willing to pay if thats what you mean?

I'd slow cook the meat from his lower back with some onions and gravy. I probably would also keep some steak sauce nearby in case it tastes bad. I'd take the ribs but someone already called them.

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Fuck I'll eat his meat and veg raw for a billion dollars. That's not fucking around money. That's rape-and-kill-and-eat-my-older-sister money. You would be hard pressed to find something I wouldn't do for a fucking billion dollars.