Robot jobs

I need to get a job guys and i was wondering if you had any suggestions for jobs where i would do more physical work and not have to talk to too many people?

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Landscaping, it was the only job i did that i liked and i had no one on my back all the time and could work alone.

night in a 24 hr store

You should be like me and work in a customer service call center.

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delivery driver. never know if you get the occasional freak that tries making conversation with the mail man, though

That must sucks, but is it really suicide fuel working there?

Military. Do it, user. You will forge brotherhood. Another robot job is ranch hand. I've worked days on end with minimal social contact and I became physically fit through it.

Just not a gas station/convenient store. The weirdos you get at those hours either sketch me the fuck out or they think since you're alone their obligated to converse with you the whole time they're there. Fuck no, done it before not going back

I work data entry. Comfy, listen to podcasts all day. Most days I don't say a word to anyone

Military is my first choice tight now my whole family will be PISSED though

Tbqh its not that bad, because i just mechanically say the shit i was trained to say, over and over and over again. Its really only hard when i cant understand their accent or when they are mad at the company overall and expect me do something about muh evil corporation. The hardest part is that i hate talking to people and im secretly dying inside each time the phone rings, even though I know its probably not gonna be a big deal.

Hopefully you can land a job user. I've applied to 20 jobs, wasted precious seconds of my to be a slave to another person just to be rejected.

Actually pisses me off. God please let a miracle happen and let the Yang regime happen

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I'm a femanon and I'd like to work night shift in an isolated gas station. What are the chances of getting killed?

dubs suggests you will die if you want to

tits or gtfo

Why did you chose it then? and why are you still there? can't quit?

like 100% a creep will get obsessed with you and kidnap you and keep you in the basement for years.

patrol security guard nightshift

Transport/Logistics (for example package handler at UPS/Fedex/whatever)

depends where you work desu. Id say the one I worked at was somewhere right smack dab in the middle between ghetto nigger/spicfest and rich white suburbs. Not extremely dangerous area, but just enough weirdos to keep your head on a swivel. My manager worked all over and has been robbed and even shot at. He's retired from the military so he doesn't even really need the job, he just doesn't give a fuck. Liked working for that guy.

I don't wanna. I just like the aesthetic.
In the current year? It's not the 80s, surveillance cameras are everywhere, smartphones are helpful too.

>Robot jobs
professional neet bux reviewver
really if you have autism don't even try to work you'll want to die the entire time

>dude just be a bootlicker and be chads bitc i mean brother

if you want to be around normalfags and do the same thing repetitively all day

everything is pointing that you will get raped and then killed, just look at the dubs and trips.

>Not just living on Neetbux

What are you gay or something?

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Fuck off namefag nornie