Being attracted to underage girls is wrong and there's no debating it...

Being attracted to underage girls is wrong and there's no debating it. There is not a single argument you can make that can change that immutable fact. You are a deviant and you need to be fixed or else you need to die. If you worked on your self esteem, then maybe you'd be prepared for a meaningful relationship with a real woman who is your own age.

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older girls on the other hand...

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I need to die but I ain't gonna.

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Is not wrong or degenerate unless it's below 15 years your idiot. The one that need to tell something is you with at least decent arguments.
Good luck with these old and very used women, in other hand in some years I will fuck a lot of teenagers and there is nothing you can do about it, normiescum.

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i want her to smother my face with her sweaty armpits and call me her good little boy hhhnnggggg

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>this whole post
think i just developed a tumour trying to read and make any sense of this shit, what the fuck user?

That's what happens when people are attracted to underage girls. They're always the dumbest of the dumb

girls mature earlier so they can produce more babies

that's how it was when we were prehistoric

How do you explain the fact that the definition of 'underage' changes depending on where you're from? Being attracted to pre or mid pubescent girls (children) is fucked up, but there's no set numerical age when a girl becomes a woman. Women don't suddenly go from disgusting to attractive on their 18th birthday.

Define underage.


god,i love mature women with fat asses

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Yeah it's pretty shit since I typed very quickly.
But now tell me the arguments, if you're not OP don't even bother to reply.

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I can just imagine how you smell. It's so easy to trigger the pedophiles any time their deviancy is called into question. You guys always reveal yourselves to be mentally deficient. No one who is attracted to underage girls has a leg to stand on

Another shit tier post here, what a surprise

Anything above 14 is fine, dumb nigger

>I can just imagine how you smell.

My dick smells like your mum's pussy mate. I find it funny you're fantasizing about me fucking your mother.

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How you feel when in this exactly moment a lot of men is having sex with hot teenagers ?
Kek, OP is just another mad normiefag

even typing quickly i think you must have some kind of learning disability to fuck up THAT bad grammatically and logically
i'm not op, but the main argument that i'd be willing to propose is that anyone under 16 is often at a loss of power (in sense of being able to safely object without fear of harm) and it would be wrong to abuse the power dynamics of said situation to assert unjust power and yield sexual pleasure in the perpetrators favour, not to mention that anyone of that age is woefully unaware of the impact such an act could have upon their future and other areas of life

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Every case is a case, this is the real answer. When i was younger i've met a lot of underage girls in my classroom, one of them was 13, she was literally the most responsible and mature girl i ever met, even more than some of the young adults, till this day i don't exactly know how since a lot of 13 yo girls are almost a child. You can't just say that ANYONE under 16 don't have the maturity and the knowledge to know what they're doing. But i'm saying based on my perspective about teenagers.

a kid can seem and even be incredibly mature and responsible, but the main problem is how they are taught to see adults as figures of authority they can trust and come to with personal issues, and that is completely destroyed in the event of a sexual encounter, regardless of consent; it will tear down their view of adults and sexual relationships as a whole for the rest of their lives in exchange for fleeting, superficial affection

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>asks for argument
>unable to provide counterargument

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I thought it was Maritza Mendez, but I can't find any pics like that

17 year old 1 second away from turning 18 legally
>eeew fuck no
2 second later
>Hot damn look at that pristine tight body

its all so tiresome

Provide source at once

nice bait. people don't choose what they like

He has a point. What is the difference between 24hrs really?

I am prepared for a meaningful relationship with a woman my age. It doesnt matter if I'm prepared for it I'm gonna die alone anyways

>tfw 24yo
>have a 5 years younger sister
>remember how she had some good looking friends
>see them recently
>all have already hit the wall
>at 19yo

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>17 years and 364 days is wrong
>18 years old is perfectly fine
Great argument faggot

his "point" is an extreme exageration of reality
not every girl thinks and looks the same at 17, people dont say what he said, its still illegal yet not immoral in most cases to fuck a 17 yo
the only thing that instantly swaps from a second to the next one is how the law sees the person

How the fuck is that a strawman idiot, it's literally exactly your argument. Do you even know what a strawman is?

Feminism invented that taboo. You cannot refute this.

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