NEETs, what do you do for fun?

NEETs, what do you do for fun?

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go to the store for food and alcohol
get drunk and go on random chat sites

Fun? I don't know what that is. I kill time by playing vidya I've played a bunch of time but still not any good at, I watch people play vidya on jewtube and I watch the occasional movie or television show.

Im starting to do ss+gomad as a hobby cause video ganes are becoming saturated with homosexuals,demales,and minorites who think they are morally superior to me and should have a say in what should be made and what shouldnt be. What a shit time to be alive and enjoy video games. I know i need to move on but damn video games are an artform and should be treated as such.

I fucking wallow in my own misery, I get no enjoyment out of practically anything anymore. I watched Eva with my sister and that was kinda fun, but she's my only friend where I live, and outside of that I just kill time browsing social media, youtube, and Jow Forums. Jow Forums is sometimes fun, but youtube has become very boring, the algorithm is sending me in circles and it is getting very dull. I used to enjoy listening to music a lot, but now it's just background noise for me, any thrill I used to get from discovering new albums and artists is completely gone. I used to smoke weed erryday, and life was much better back then.

I work out a lot I work out to be the best I work out EVERY FUCKING DAY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Being a neet is so damn boring. I think im a robot in most ways but idk what to do with my self if i'm not working. I mostly just fuck around on my computer when im not but theres no way i could do that 24/7 without becoming insane.

us gamers need a revolution against filthy minorities

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I am being serious here. Im not memeing about this it really is some kind of new age puritanical crusade against art.

Anime and videogames mostly. I've been trying to learn japanese and catch up on some books too but anime and vidya make up the bulk of my day. Sometimes I talk to people online but it's been getting harder to find people to talk to who aren't raging homos or depressed all the time. I'm pretty happy but I do want a job at some point because I don't plan on ever killing myself.

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Gru (gaymers rise up)

Paint and draw, then I cry because I can't do both in a competent way. That said is the only silver lining in my utter miserable life

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Day trade stocks and crypto when I need monies
Smoke weed and watch anime all day long afterwards.

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watch youtube for 12 hours straight

Not a neet any more but when I was I did archery, hiking, generally learning shit about how to survive when shit hits the fan, leatherwork, crochet, and of course the usual anime and vidya

basically what this user said
I'm trying out new games and it's fun.

Why are you proud of smoking weed. Winners dont do drugs you know.

describe your best night of drinking this summer so far

make things but on computer

I make shitty edits of images I find online

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Straightedge retards going at it again. Its like theyre living in lala land 24.7. To cope with reality

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I cant imagine how immature you have to be to want to escape reality like you do. Smoking weed wont make your life less shitty. It makes you more pathetic.

Used to play vidyas and watch movies but I don't even fucking do that anymore. Recently I've just tried to channel all my energy and free time into learning new skills like video editing and going to the gym, because if I'm going to be a NEET with a bunch of pent-up rage I might as well channel it into shit that's actually constructive.

I agree with the straight edge retard about not understanding doing drugs. I tried it and didn't like it, but that's just me. However...

You're a pretentious, more than likely underage, dipshit. Why does it make a difference if others do drugs? You came to a NEET thread. They could do every drug imaginable and it would make no difference. It's not like they ever leave their houses!

Because drugs dont only hurt you,they hurt the people around you. You are part of the problem.

draw, learn languages (trying to study russian), programming, guitar, animation, watch videos, chat with my friend, play vidya, get drunk, sleep

Lego, vidya, music, the usual autist NEET stuff.

really starts to take its toll not gonna lie

I donate to my goddess Belle

are you just copypasting comments from some yahoo answers type shit?

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Play keyboard, make techno, dance, draw (Even though im bad at that and put no effort into improving, its just an easy creative outlet) I want to get into fitness but im too lazy and frugal to invest into materials and food

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drugs and your mom

Masturbation and cocaine