Why don't incels just turn on easy mode by getting a mail order wife?

Why don't incels just turn on easy mode by getting a mail order wife?

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this isnt real. b t w

holy shit I just realized my filipino mom is a mail-order bridge

I doubt they're successful.
What's to stop her from marrying me for citizenship, then dropping me for Chad or another beta provider later?

this actually sounds like a great deal wtf

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you socially isolate them and make them financial dependent on you. They are completely obvious to western culture and are often very religious. My dad did that to my mom and it worked

wow that sounds like a lot of work. wouldnt you much rather play video games instead?

Yes, Joe Rogan, everybody knows about the simulation hypothesis. Nobody cares because it doesn't change the way the average person chooses to live their life.

If probably do the opposite and introduce her to western society, encourage her to go out alone and make friends, set up a bank account for her, help her get employed, and let her do what she wants, try to help her visit her home/family. My thought process is if I give her a ton of freedom she'll view me as a cool guy and the one who took her out of whatever 3rd world she came from.

I want a relationship not a sextoy or sextoy like human gimmie a mail order starving artist gimmie a writer or animator or clarinet player some creative field with a lot of emotional depth to feel something when you see her man i get so tired of all these boring girls with no SOUL and high FINANCIAL EXPECTATIONS
>teehee im an design girl cause i make pinterest pins of clothes i want to buy with my credit card
>teehee im a photographer cause i put butt photos on zuckergram
>teehee i dont ever make art i am a work of art

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>order gf
>estimated shipping time 3 weeks
>wait 3 weeks
>package delayed
>wait 3 more weeks
>package held by customs
>wait 3 more weeks
>package arrives
>open box
>inside is ten empty water jugs, 10 empty potato chips bags and a dead girl

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and that's why you're gonna get cucked

Where do I get em

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I wouldn't mind but I'd always get the nagging feeling that she doesn't really love me and just wanted to escape her country. I couldn't handle having that feeling my entire life.

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>80% of marriages are successful
How do they define successful, though?

I know, I had that feeling with a girl who actually chose to be my girlfriend and it was awful, I can't imagine myself in this situation.

i draw obsessively but have no means of monetizing it and am borderline schizo communicating with some synthesia like internal landscape of colored animals that move like sprites to convey my emotions. i like just laying still in places and living in the internal world. i draw them so obsessively and manicly it looks like i am eternally on acid when you review the sketchbooks.

watch the show 90 day fiance

almost all girls leave the men

>I want a relationship based on ephemeral, unidentifiable feelings rather than a clear set of expectations and interdependencies with defined, intelligible roles for both partners.
This is why your divorce rate is double, you want a marriage to be about unicorn farts instead of what it's actually about.

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Honestly I'd be scared to even sleep around someone like that. She might murder me in my sleep one day

wait why would a japanese want to be a mail order bride?

can i get one to do everything i do and live off neetbux?

To get away from herbivore men.

I'd bet they're christmas cakes, though.

Look up Briffault's Law. Women don't associate with people who can no longer promise them any future benefits.

Maybe so she doesn't have to work 80 hour weeks while doing porn on the side to be able to afford an apartment the size of a closet.

I get that you want that but theres nothing a ESL bimbo can give me that I want. In a defined intelligible role you can ask housewife to shave her body often and have sex daily and dont eat too much calories and walk around the gallery with you for money and citizenship. But actually making or creating something new or staying up late struggling for the joy of achieving a craft or growing together through shared frustrations will never happen in those housewife situations.

This. Getting married because you're "in love" is a modern phenomenon and the cause of much unnecessary grief and suffering.
>But actually making or creating something new or staying up late struggling for the joy of achieving a craft
Sounds like you want a friend not a wife. Stop trying to get things out of women that they can't give you.

Can you get white ones?

then how do weaboos that teach english afford to rive there?

can i get a russian one?
i live off neetbux btw

Foreigners that live in Japan are not part of Japanese society, so they are always kept kind of outside everything, which includes being exempt from some of the more nightmarish work expectations.

>tfw unironically plan to live in japan for a year after i graduate and bang as many gaijin hunters as possible

will be amazing

Do you yourself make art that people actually like? To the point where you can live off of it?
Don't even need you to respond, every time.

Because I'm significantly more attracted to caucasian women than asian ones.

I will get a qt Ukrainian wife when I find a good job. Ukrainian women cherish their men, they cook and clean and they will never divorce or cheat on you like Western hags do

Some countries don't give citizenship to spouses and if she divorces you she'll get kicked out of the country