Whoa is this what public school is like in America?

Whoa is this what public school is like in America?

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Whoa is this what public school is Iike in America?

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Probably though Jow Forums was irl, and said the you know what word.

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>get used as a ghetto punching bag
>cry after

hes actually crying in great disappoint of his darker child. such is not the way to properly behave

>he just sits there

wtf is wrong with wh*tes

hes praying to God.

They grew up on anime and only know how to talk shit and circlejerk. They constantly threaten and then play the victim when people retaliate

It's racist to defend yourself against nig- uh i mean african americans


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im an 18 year old white man in america i can tell you why you see these videos all the time, its because white men are told to never act masculine and never be proud of their race, this makes them not confident at all and very wimpy.

Yes. And if you punch back, your principal will tackle you to the ground. True story.

>all those punches
>no knockout
I hate limp wrist city faggots. I want to see some real fights, I want to see some people get permanently injured. Show some webms anons

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*kicks you*
*yells some racist things (muh country)*
*kicks you again*
*salutes Hitler and walks away*

100% chance that guy grows up to be a republican

You can hear it?
Please tell me your secret. I've tried for years now to try to get sound on webms. I've tried everything you could imagine, even buying a new computer and ISP but still no sound

no its soundless for me too.

Republicans love immigrants more than immigrants.
If it's legal after all...

Guess I'm doomed to no sound till they terminate the site

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this board doesnt have sound enabled. check webms on /gif/ or /wsg/ they both allow sound

We takin over white boy

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obv bait, hoes mad

Weak ass white boy doesn't know how to fucking fight.

depends on where you go. in my mexican school district, we used to beat up blacks like that.

White kids are notorious assholes and most of them truly deserve to get knocked down a peg or 3.

that's for slavery you dumb Wh*te bitch

Journalists will dox white kids if they are actually able to win, so it's a lose-lose situation.

you said you were white in another post lmao

You need to check your gigabyte

Whether the white kid wins or not the normies will side with the nigger. The normies will just say "well the white kid must've provoked him with his white privilege or he called him a nigger or something". You literally have nothing to lose by fighting back. You fucking pussy cuck.

imagine being such a piece of shit to hit a person just for existing.
I wonder what happened to both of the people.

niggers only know how to solve problems with hands

Good on that kid for showing restraint.

Why don't white people fight back?

I was beaten up by a black kid when I was in middle school, was a sucker a punch then he followed up with 4-5 kicks when I was down. Black people are violence prone, don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Kid getting bullied
fat kid standing up to a bully.

The fat kid in this webm isn't black, he's Polynesian.

I'm black and never got into a fight in my life though. Even when I was approached by aggressive dunkards I managed to make it out without a fight. How about just judging people as individuals?