I want to choke the life out of you, Aqua

I want to choke the life out of you, Aqua.

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when i got here i thought you were just some suicidal guy posting, i never knew you had such a deep lore full of drama, who is aqua poster?

Literally Gunjy. Psychopaths are always after vulnerable people.

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so the aqua poster is just gunjy? well, that's good to know. I thought it was really funny that you got him to make that gay vocaroo, god he sounds like such a bitch LMAO

Would you choke the life out of me and put me out of my misery? It would mean a lot

who? i said i didnt know aiste lore

you're a shill trying to posit yourself as me and I erased you from the afterlife

>gay vocaroo
the lore just gets deeper every second

Confirm it Aiste, did Christ really erased you from the afterlife? This seems to be serious.

Sure, you seem pathetic enough to deserve it.
Some Australian psychopath and Discord manipulator, i.e. just plain trash. I hope he dies soon.
Life is cyclical, you dumb Abrahamist.

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>Sure, you seem pathetic enough to deserve it.
Yeah, I probably am. If we ever meet somehow someday I hope you'll go through with it. Thank you

does anyone have some spreadsheet with details so i can learn everything that has happened?

Please God let someone be autistic enough to have made this

I'm with you on this one, Aiste. I genuinely wish I could hunt down and beat Gunjy to death, as it would make the world a better place.

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Who do you hate the most? Ritalinbot, Gunjy (me), Gunjy (Aqua), Kashii or me (Gunjy)?

lmao keep telling yourself that, I don't mind.

What did I do to you anyway? I'm not over power, can keep calling you Aiste if you want. You posted your own name here retard, blame yourself.

u mirin my voice brah

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Cope. It may actually be the most effeminate and bitchy male voice I've ever heard from this site. You really ought to re-evaluate how confident you should be about yourself.

Just stop mocking me with that smug demeanor. You people are always trying to ruin me.

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>Didn't get to hear the vocaroo
Can somebody repost it? I'm curious

Here you go hahaha


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Genuinely can't bear to listen to it again, what an absolute cuckhold

Yikes I'm not mocking you. I'll go take a nap, just know the other Aquaposter is not gunjy, because gunjy is literally me. Also I hope you were kidding about doxing Kierkegaard again.

The other one courtesy of the man himself.

Hey you're not going to post the rap song I made?

I don't know if this is you or Aqua poster because there's a layer of sarcasm behind it. It sounds like the fag that makes the vocaroo threads, but as a 12-year-old British boy

Gunjy r u ok, everyone is worried about u

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>Gunjy sounds like that
Holy shit what the fuck

>Hey you're not going to post the rap song I made?
No idea what you're on about. Probably super cringe.
He's Australian actually. He has some developmental problems or something.
No, Gunjy, no one cares about you. Just commit suicide already, you worthless predator.

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is he fucking 15 wtf? thats embarrassing

>He has some developmental problems or something.
You should add the abuse of Valium and alcohol. I am still amazed that he did not die after doing that many times.

How are you going to ruin gunjy Aiste? A couple vocaroos won't cut it.

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Gunjy's smug attitude and his little cult always made me assume/imagine he was some kind of neet Chad or something. I always thought he'd have a really deep voice with a heavy accent and constantly pass out bants. I really have a fucking bad inferiority complex apparently because this shit keeps happening and it's always a huge shocker to me

I did that too, I think the danger might be overblown as a preventative measure. I would take up to 100mg valium and then drink (I always get drunk when I drink) and I survived just fine, but all of my friendships have never really been the same due to what I would do and say in that state.