Trying to teach myself programming

>trying to teach myself programming
>watching a tutorial video on Logical Operators on youtube
>mind immediately starts to wander 30 seconds into lesson
>start daydreaming and thinking about wooden furniture for some fucking odd reason
>snap out of it and realize the lesson is almost over
>instructor in the video asks for a solution to a problem
>can't answer it because wasn't paying attention at all

What the FUCK is wrong with me????
This is exactly why I got kicked of of college, holy fucking shit. I can't focus on anything important or learn anything.
I want to unironically kill myself for being born with such a shit brain.

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Tell me more about the wooden furniture that you were thinking about, user. I've recently started tossing out all of my shitty cheap modern Chinese-made particle board furniture and replacing it with antique furniture. The quality difference is absolutely incredible. It's so much more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. I recommend that everybody else do the same.

ARe you some kind of furniture autist?
Hell, I may be one too.

Do I like nice furniture? Definitely.
Am I autistic? Probably.
Does that make me a furniture autist? Who's to say, really? That's a philosophical question that's above my paygrade.

become a carpenter.

Unironically this, move to some flyover state, make nice furniture, get a good home, live a fulfilling life. I'm in Cali working in Tech and it fucking sucks.

You need to be taking notes and actively learning user.

Yes, I would read that comic. Love it. What color would the couch be? What kind of wood would he be made of?
Fuck whatever it is that you're doing with your life, that's what you need to be doing.

That sounds pretty autistic, but you should do it anyway.

ugh a POG.
Don't you have PT to do in an hr.
Taking notes never worked for me.

Maybe you should try a different way of learning?
You could try watching videos of people explaining how to program using examples, reading how to program in text form, just go out and try programming entirely on your own and check back when you have more of a feeling for it.
It's very likely that you can learn more efficiently if you try it in a different way or context.

>implying that any branch of the military would accept me
Hah, joke's on you! No, I have nothing to be doing in an hour.

Wooden furniture, you say?

I have your problem and this
>trying to learn coding
>watching video
>start daydreaming
>realize video is over and I remember nothing
>attempt to code
>brain thinks 2+2=potato
>cant code no matter how much I practice

oh trust me I can relate. I cant even handle trs-80 basic past a certain post or assembly. I've checked as far back into coding as the late 70s early 80s and none of it absolutely clicks or works past the very surface. pity I would love coding on old dead systems for fun in my spare time making shitty games

>take carpentry lessons
>mind starts wandering about random lines of code

it's add go get a official diagnosis and get some meds

Sounds like ADHD. Go talk to a doctor about it. Source: I have ADHD.

>implying that a common human trait is a diagnosable disorder based on a barebones forum post
How long have you had your MD, user? To be fair, they'll absolutely throw this pill or that at him after slapping a label on him, though.

>Be in a job where I will likely die from handling toxic materials.
>Bosses don't care about safety and shut down any attempts of talking about them.
>Literally send into a burned out, crumbling structure to do readings of carcogenic substances. While not being trained to do this.
>Had to ask myself for a special suit and dust mask. They would have send me in naked if they could have gotten away with it.
>See people wade through poisoned water wearing sneakers and shorts.
>Have to suggest that maybe we shouldn't be working with substances that can unironically eat away your bones while not wearing any protection. Work mates look at me weird until they realize our bosses never informed them how awful the stuff we work with is.
>Person next to me gets arm crushed under an unstable container.

I might be a POG, but god damn, does it feel like I'm in the army sometimes.

Maybe we have ADD, user.
Who knows.

I've been like this my entire life, actually.
I vividly remember one instance where I was sitting in class at school (i think when i was 2nd grade)when my teacher was going over the multiplication table.

Instead of paying attention, I sat in the back of the class, thinking about popeye and humming his theme song while drawing islands on my desk. I didn't fully learn all of my multiplication tables until I got in the 6th grade.

But now that im an adult and actually want to accomplish things and its starting to seriously interfere with my goals.

It's a fucking curse and I don't want to keep living like this.

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Even if I do have ADHD, it's fucking impossible getting a prescription and a diagnosis as an adult.

You can actually fix this by doing meditation.

I was in the same boat as yours.

dude i was the same not many people understand the frustration of wanting to do something but not being able to because of your own brain please go get yourself diagnosed so you can lead a normal life

I don't believe in any of that religious/spiritual nonsense.

It's not religious or spiritual to meditate, you brainlet.

Thanks to internet and phones and due to inevitable multitasking our concentration levels are fucked.

Yes, it is.
Meditation is about aligning your "chakras" or whatever and features all kinds of new age mysticism that doesn't actually do anything.

i am 24 and i was diagnosed but yea its kinda hard to diagnose the problem is the longer you live with it the more you learn to compensate and then you just kinda accept it but you will always live you life at 50% of you ability

meditation was quite literally invented by religions as a spiritual practice.

Just because a bunch of rich white kids adopted it and tried to make into something trendy doesn't change that.

What do I even tell the doctor?
"I think I have ADHD haha"
They will think im just a druggie trying to get pills and tell me there's nothing wrong me and tell me to get out.

No, it's not.

You're fucking underage and should leave Jow Forums now.

hello mr doctor i have concentration issues i had then since i was a kid these include bla bla i only come to the doctor now because i'm no longer a child that can coast on life i'm an adult and my concentration issues are ruining my life i cant do thing i want or thing i like i cant learn stuff i want i'm basicallya daydreaming zombie and my life is living hell pls help

something like that i don't know dude describe him your fucking problems

test yourself for adhd maybe

Any ideas how to make money with programming? I'm not motivated to learn programming because I don't think you can make money with it without certificates.

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Same thing happened to me over the years.
You need to cut out the internet from your life for a while and restart your dopaminergic system(+ a lot of other things). Stay away from porn. Jerk off as much as you want but no porn. Also, try Methylphenidate, Modafinil, Noopept. Not in combination though. Life in 2000+ fried our brain. This is not a normal environment for a human. Uridine might also help with that dopamin. Meditation is also helpful but at least 30min a day is required for pronounced effects.

It's called being add. They give you mild meth for it but you have to beg because normal people use in it college now days so they can essentially cheat in this over competitive world. It's a very sought after drug, adderall.

Of course, meth is bad for you so.

>literally has undiagnosed ADHD/ADD
>guhhh why is focusing hard what do I do lads
go see a psychiatrist and tell them about this and all the other times you failed to be able to focus longer than 30 seconds and how this occurs so frequently that you got kicked out of college for it

>Maybe we have ADD, user.
>inability to focus on everyday tasks
>brain instead hyperfocuses on repetitive menial tasks like theme songs and wooden furniture
you likely do, get it checked out