I will never experience this

>I will never experience this

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give up already, its easier

you could with a 4, but you care more about what people think of you than you care about your own happiness

just get a gf you moron

I unironically would if I couId

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what's holding you back? stop being an uninteresting jerk

Why would anyone want to experience this cheesy shit

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>stop being an uninteresting jerk
What must I do to become an interesting jerk?

get actually fun, social hobbies instead of jerking of to underage anime women and playing fortnite all day

But I already don't do that and never have.

What are some interesting hobbies?
>inb4 work out xD

work out
do a sport
read books
play an instrument

Please kill yourself promptly amigo

>What must I do to become an interesting jerk?
Just be yourself

You missed the part where she screamed at you to take a cute pic of her so she could show off on facebook just how interesting her life is. And the part where you meet her parents. and have to buy her gifts. And take her out to dinner.

>extremely based and viperpilled
My hops gives me more feels than that faggotry OP posted

those things are fine if youre a normie with a decent income and not a robot

If you were a normie with a decent income you should leave immediately and go chase after that girl who you will rely on for your happiness. I'll be here in the meanwhile, not dependent on others and accepting the reality of life on my own. Have fun.

who's up for a comfy ywn thread?

What's comfy about suicide fuel?

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i find comfort in the fact that some things are impossible to achieve.

>I will never be dragged places I would prefer not to go to


Imagine being this boring. This is why you're virgins.

How many hours a day do you spend working for that? Probably zero lol

>This is why you're virgins
Yes you are correct

>Imagine being this boring. This is why you're virgins.
I wish girls who just wanted to stay home existed

how does reading books get me a gf

makes you less boring and more compassionate

Not the same user, but
What if my true self is boring.
>engage is said activities or anything similar
>still a boring asshole
Now what.

This is too pathetic, even for me. Fuck this shit, I'm out.

I have a lovely, loving and gorgeous petite Greek gf who always want to stay in, make tea, watch television or a movie and have great sex
They exist. She's an oddball though, was a virgin when we met. Never drinks or does drugs, no tattoos, dresses well but conservatively. Courted her for six weeks before sex. Definitely marriage material.

what a bunch of frothing at the mouth monsters. i bet you sick fucks want to hold a girls hand and take a walk with her too.

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Cheesy shit is so cute

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Can confirm. In my case she's German, but girls like this definitely exist. You just won't meet them when you sit inside your room all day.

And how did you manage to meet these shut-in never-go-anywhere trad cuties then?

she's not even cute op

This may surprise you, but: not in my room.
Being a homely shut-in does not mean they *literally* never leave the house - it just means they prefer to spend their spare time at home.
I met her in a language course at my university.

To each their own. I find her both pretty and cute.

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polite and respectful response and also that's a cuter photo
who is she and why can you not have her?

Just a a girl I found on OkCupid.

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oh yeah i found her @k_zsofa

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Isn't she perfect?

she's pretty cute user, did you message her?

She didn't like me back and I suspect she never will. I guess I could send her a creepy message on Instagram.

Do you think if you tried to become more attractive that you could be at a level where she would be into you?

I don't think so. Plus she's slightly taller than me (if her OkC profile is accurate).

feels bad man, well good luck with finding a grill anyhow

I'm And is correct.
Responses to that like are certifiably retarded and reject any and all advice because they prefer the comforting familiarity of failure and never trying or exerting any effort.
Personally, I am a singer and songwriter and performed at a cafe. Played a great show, met my gf there. She doesn't like going out. Thwt doesn't mean she never leaves the house. Also before she met me she was hoping to meet a good man. She liked my music, was looking at me so I approached her. Asked for a date and got turned down but persisted. She told me I could find her in the same cafe Thursday night so I showed up. Since I read books, cook etc I had things to talk about. I asked her questions about herself.
If you only shut yourself in and shitpost and play video games you won't have anything worth talking about.
She's a good person, we hit it off. Neither of us likes to go out though so we stay in. It's simple, really.
Some of you guys, like I said, will make any excuse for why the world isn't fair because it doesn't directly cater to you. It's sad. If you don't try any suggestions and reject any advice before even considering that it might be correct, enjoy being alone i guess.

I'm literally hyperventilating right now because of this post

So you have to live an out-going lifestyle to meet someone who's also pretending to be out-going only so that you can both live a stay-in life?

I do cook for myself and read a book occasionally but probably not the kind of books the average girl knows they exist.

>tfw you repeatedly experience this but manage to destroy it every fucking time
i really don't deserve this

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You have to leave the house and talk to women. If you didn't think that was a requirement I don't know what to tell you. Being a homebody doesn't mean being a depressed neet shut-in who never leaves their room. That doesn't mean you're an outgoing popular normie.

>So you have to live an out-going lifestyle to meet someone who's also pretending to be out-going only so that you can both live a stay-in life?
I barely leave the house, but when I do, I'll sometimes go grab a drink and some food at the bar by myself. I'd say 9/10 times people will randomly talk to me if my body language doesn't scream autism. The majority of random people that will talk to me are women and I'm objectively a little under average aesthetically. You literally just have to sit there and not be weird (fidgety, sweaty, issues with staring, etc). The bar is so low nowadays, especially when talking to people in person (most people assume everyone else is an asshole). You'd be surprised how friendly most people are. I'm the antithesis of a person that lives an outgoing lifestyle; I never do anything in groups. Always alone. It's never stopped me from interacting with strangers though.

>... and read a book occasionally but probably not the kind of books the average girl knows they exist.
You should have quite a bit to talk about then if a person you're into likes reading. Just read their face and make sure you're not droning on.

They don't want advice they want further excuses as to why the world has wronged them and they don't get a govt issued gf who does nothing with them all day every day

>you have to go out and live an active lifestyle so you can find someone to live a passive stay-at-home lifestyle with
This is why people opt out of society

>not dependent on others and accepting the reality of life on my own.
This is the patrician way to live.

Stay at home lifestyle doesn't mean never leave the house. There are plenty of low-key establishments where you can meet like-minded people. If you don't like that try online dating but I would opt for real life interaction, it's good for you. You mistake isolation for some sort of lifestyle. You don't even have a lifestyle.
If you have a better idea I'm all ears but like I said maybe rejecting every bit of advice just might be a poor choice.
By the way youre not hurting anyone but yourself by opting out of society as you put it. We don't give a fuck.

Get a hobby, read philosophy and history, maybe about people your admire, who's success you'd want to emulate. Discipline yourself, pursue your hobby or interest to a fuller extent, make money, exercise, don't sweat rejection, don't make the mistake of putting a girl/girls on pedestals. They are fun but can also meddle with other aspects of your life.

The goal isn't really to get you a gf. It's to turn you into a man that doesn't need one, doesn't obsess over them as a symbol of status, a man that's ok if the girl from work isnt into him.

if that worked for you, you wouldnt be here.

You really wouldn't come back if you managed to leave?

Meme answer
Never worked for me

It works though, ask the next question if you aren't learning what you're doing wrong after having life on easy mode already.

Do you honestly believe people that ask how to get a gf never tried that bullshit meme advice you shit out

>It works though
No it doesn't

this doesn't mean anything. if you aren't interacting with many women for the majority of your free time, you are admitting that relationships are a low priority for you. if you have to "try" just to be a functioning adult, then clearly you prefer being alone.

It works, yes. Girls are interested in those things. If you are physically in shape you are already 96% of the way to the finish line.

>this doesn't mean anything
Yeah if you are a retard
Meme answer


>failed normie who refuses to work for what he wants calling people normie

Well I know a guy who is a legit dwarf who got a qt wife.

>refuses to work
I've fucking grinded it why the fuck should I slave my life away for some crumbs fuck you

id ditch you all faster than i can jerk off

Yes I do believe that. People come here, whine, and dismiss any morsel of advice as "meme", doesn't work, tried that, wouldn't work if I did try it, "hurrr just b urself right" and refuse help. They'd rather their defeatist attitude be validated than challenge themselves. You know deep down this is the truth. I used to be this way until I got tired of being lonely. So I found a scene where I'd fit in, cafes and open mics, put myself out there, and planted a lot of seeds. I got rejected a lot. Then I found my soulmate. This refuting all advice shit is a sad cope

>I've done nothing because I'm lazy

i almost made it i was so fucking close it was ldr but we were going to meet in April she was perfect and i let my insecurities and overthinking ruin everything its over now i miss her everyday and can't stop thinking about her i almost escaped this loneliness i fucked up everything

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