Why do ethnics love our women so much?

Why do ethnics love our women so much?


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the same reason you do. people love what they can't have.
>inb4 some kike posts his cuckporn collection
keep dreaming jewboi.

>OUR women
Don't make me laugh, you fucking virgin.

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i browse r9k a lot less these days but when did it become like this? what did these posters mean by this
you two are weirdly and unjustifiably abrasive

A better question is, why do white supremacists always say "our women" or "our people"?

I hear this more often from niggers and kikes but ok, its because they are our people. they are kin race lies deep and is something mutts and jews can never feel as mutts have no race and no kin and jews went trough a bottleneck so extreme that they are forced to sometimes racemix as to not grow infertile, wich causes in part their bitter hatred towards other races.

unironically ever since donald trump became president - it validated a lot of alt right incels

Is this porn, is there a full video?

White woman are universally the most attractive type. Ethnics are just more autistic about it.

I'm a blonde and blue-eyed Norwegian, I'm supposed to be the "purest white" and yet I'm a failure as a human being. I don't give a shit about "my" people. I want them all to die. I'm glad women are getting killed by niggers. They deserve a painful and slow death.

Din bitre, patetiske jomfru. Damer ruler.

>I want them all to die
start with yourself you bitter flaming fucking drongo and don't blame the rest of the white race for your failure at life.

Drep deg selv.
Ah yes, we need to preserve white women so chad and niggers can fuck them while they deny us sex

white guys in east asia get mobbed like that too

because white women are perfect and really cute

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>I'm glad women are getting killed by niggers. They deserve a painful and slow death.
You're way too detached and angry norgebro. Not all white women are bad.

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give me one good reason not to become a chad
not even niggers like having sex with niggers, the only reason nig populations are on the rise in the west is them getting dumped here by the buttload. nig populations would fall by tomorrow if they didnt get brought to the west en masse.
>while they deny us sex
not everyone coming here is such a fucking loser as you are Norgebro.

ethnic detected

She wants black penis. Badly.

What is going on here? Is she just a random white tourist?

no, that's just you lmao

Ew. Stop being gross.

>our women

fuck white people

She's a blonde girl. In India.

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dubs of truth

haha you wish you bitchtitted brown faggot

you're on Jow Forums you are a fucking loser

she's rather t h i c c I must say

this is every white womans experience on social media

>le superduper secret club named 4chins that nobody exept depraved losers visit.
fuck off. Jow Forums has been a mainstream website since atleast 2008.

white fag detected

mainstream to losers, loser. think of what the kind of people this board in particular attracts. losers.

>waaahh no gf
>waaahh mild autism
>waaahh wanna die

submit loser.

A beautiful blonde white girl is every guy's weakness.

not mine. i am only weak to one woman

That's because no beautiful blonde girl is hitting on you right now. If there is one, would you be able to resist?

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so what you're saying is is that its mainstream to be a loser? and that you have no gf, mild autism and want to die?

To add to
You must be really popular here.

ya. i did the other week when i was shopping for my friend. im only weak to her

Is there any more privileged on this earth than attractive white women?

well I have gf but im saying its mainstream to be a loser on r9k, I dont want to be a loser but I may well be one


ur smart :3

It's Asians. White girls go to African countries and no one gives a shit besides young kids and thieves

Latina woman are my weakness.

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based, but she's too pudgy for me despite the nice tits

stinky n*gger

They want but CAN'T HAVE our pretty white girls.

Kys ubercuck

based. many are delusional into thinking they owe society something and will get rewarded for it like some dogs
us outcasts don't owe society shit, hopefully it all burns

Because white women are really easy sluts. I have only ever slept with white women. All you have to do is walk up to them and talk to them in a bar or club and they will fuck you.

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Why are Indians are so fucking ugly?

Because where they live the women look like animals.

As an Asian-American, I want this to happen to me so badly but I know it won't. That's why I stick to math.

Leave us alone. We know we are ugly. No need to repeat it

Clearly they don't when they still think they actually have a chance with white women.

It is true, in fact I think white women are becoming less lusted after than mixed or exotic looking girls, and it is because they are so damn slutty and easy. They are disloyal too and do not look good when they age.

These blonde women are too generic and plain for me to feel any attraction towards them.

She is cute but girls like her are one in a million.

Just be confident and work out. White women are easy.

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>That's why I stick to math
>tfw asian-american (south asian so dunno if you're inclusive towards that), math grad, and have a beautiful east asian engineering girlfriend
anything's possible friendo
keep trucking

Well, literally village tier people will look ugly because they're poor, work themselves to physical exhaustion despite little nutrition (which is the key difference between somebody working out with a diet / sustenance), and they generally do not cut down on the food. Literally look at old pictures of South Korea from the 1960s when they were still expanding economically; you'll see people who look nothing like even pre-plastic surgery women today. That isn't even to say that plastic surgery is what makes them look good.
Look at the difference when you look at indian american frat bros, who are usually a mix of business and engineering party dudes. They're usually pretty tall, a mix between lanky and built guys, and have good facial structure.

What do white women want? And why the FUCK is it so hard to obtain them?

>What do white women want?
they're literally just girls
>And why the FUCK is it so hard to obtain them?
Probably because you view it like
it shows when you care chiefly for a person only because you want to obtain them for social merit, for self esteem, etc. As in, i'm sure there are feelings of attraction there, but this attitude screams "validate me!" in the same way tumblr snowflakes do. You guys are both incredibly unpleasant to be around.
Why does it have to be white women specifically? What happens if you're attracted to a nonwhite girl by some happenstance? Have you considered that being attracted to white girls is probably some random hang up you have against being attracted to women in general?

Non white women are easier to get being a white guy

completely normal in india
indians on average are basically australoids(yes most indians are literally more australoid than anything else)
wouldn't you want to diluite your ABBO genes if you were like them?

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white girls got bored of big black cocks, now they want big black cocks with SHIT
literally the lowest of the low fetish for women these days

its like a normal hot dog isnt enough, you gotta spray it with tons of wasabi

indians love to delude themselves and call themselves "dark skinned caucasoid", but this couldn't be further from the truth

indians are ABO

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smells like cope in here

I don't get how white supremacists cab stand women. For all the bitching they do about non-whites being lazy or contributing nothing at least one thing is true amongst all races and countries, no matter how shitty a certain civilization might be, a woman could never hope to build something like that by themselves and they have no achievements to speak of. At least men everywhere has similar physical strength that puts them above women. It's funny how the same people who call for an ethnostate or a genocide are the kind of cucks who put pussy on a pedestal because "muh aryan wimminz". If you really want to preserve the white race or whatever just pump and dump white whores or wait until artificial wombs become available, don't let women get away with things you'd shit on non-whites for just because you want to get your dick wet.

>don't let women get away with things you'd shit on non-whites for just because you want to get your dick wet.
you really think they're going to listen to you? these niggers are buying up an infant's bathwater and shilling blacked threads. they're beyond hope.

Most non whites put value in light skin

i consider you azn, my brother

nah, i like pale girls with dark hair or brown hair and brown eyes

Is she freely walking around in India?

>our women
how many white countries are there? There's a lot more variation between whites, so it sounds a bit more ridiculous compared to any other race when whites put a blanket statement over skin colour

thanks fren
you're gonna make it :)

She is a hot as fuck blonde, white girl in fucking India, full of guys who are known for their everlasting thirst. This doesn't surprise me at all.

You naive fool, we don't care for your women, their minds are so god damn warped from this sick society you're raising them in they'll fuck any slime with the air of poverty around them for humanitarian points.

Haha I'm well off, it's just too easy to fuck white women purely by being me. Consequently, I've grown disillusioned with white women and they truly disgust me, there is nothing they won't have done to them and nothing they won't do.

>the one guy adjusting his hair

Lmao Indians think they are the dark tall handsome white women want like they are southern euros

Based, fuck wh*toids.

>us outcasts
yup. thats me. fuck everything desu senpai.

Kill yourself incel, neither me my sister nor my mother is one of "your people". Don't associate me with autists like you.

Cause they are perfect. I don't know why you white autists like flat faced insectoids. They are really ugly whereas white womenz are angelic beauties.

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nice mustache babe

The peach fuzz you mean. It accentuates their goddess tier beauty user.

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white nationalists are typically amerimutts with no concept of ethnicity and therefore fall back on race, and therefore assume europe = one people with commonality when in reality several ethnic groups in europe are distrusting of one another. Just look at anglos and rest of europe, greeks and albanians, greeks and macedonians, serbs and croats, castillians and portugese, etc.

Also in regards to OP's pic is that pajeets don't really meet any non pajeets so typically when they see blonde lady first thing they think is porn, and assume blonde women are all whores.

she looks so happy here, how can white men compete

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