autumn is only 77 days away edition

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please stop i wanted to enjoy summer just a little bit longer, remarks like that just make me a tad bit sad.

This countdown lands bang on my birthday

Looking for my scottish friend. have you seen?

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how do you guys excercise your imaginations nowadays? probably too old for playing with figures but thats what i did for most of my childhoof, + video games although games are a lot less imaginative

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*enters thread with a handsome Scottish man and proceeds to roger him senseless*

not everyone likes being hot and sweaty and catching skin cancer

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That's a great physique mirin'.
>tfw you have no chest

Seen so many cute asian girls with average looking guys.
It's not fair lads.

it's better than winter, though spring is probably my favourite season

doing a quick survey
what proportion of britfeel are racist incels?

>tfw emotional mommy complex that can never be fulfilled

i want my mommy anons

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*starts to raise arm, but looks around to see that nobody else is so puts it down again*

Probably best to do a poll lad. For me it's:

This. How the fuck do I get a cute asian gf?

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Define racist. Define incel.

Have you tried hitting on them, tantan etc? Shouldn't complain about it not being fair when you've most likely made no effort

>>Probably best to do a poll lad
good idea

do you feel racist? would you like sex but can't get any?


incel yes
racist nah

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i should have specified it's a question for the blokes really
looks nice
been on holiday?

Who here went to specsavers?

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Im not looking for sex so i wouldnt call myself an incel but at the sametime if i was im not really in the position to get it atm. I dont think Im racist. But I think racism is funny.

SP have some self respect lad.

lusty bennis!
20 inches
breaks yer
fowl colon

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Fucking hell it seems like they need to go to Specsavers with the state/placement of that tick

I'm going to introduce myself as a racist shagger from now on, thanks lad

It was the printer lad it's a bit shit, all the other fields were a line down - almost unreadable

>For me? It's Vision Express

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t. fellow egg eye
no :(

Rundown on tantan?

it's not sp, its one of those discord radio mongs who hate trannies but is obsessed over them so much he orbits them on /lgbt?

asian tinder

Host and Zeus?
Last radio they did they were seething at trannies, but host wanks him s-self silly over them.

It is SP, I can spot the lad's posts a mile away and he confirmed here But yes, there are a lot of people who talk about how much they hate trannies and then orbit them

does seem hard to place you desu
you're like schrodingers incel
untill we get you out of the box it's hard to know

you're welcome
good to have a firm sense of self

So u only get matched with people halfway across the globe?

Redpill me on SP lad

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I think its the Host, Zeus is too dumb to be such a forum jew and he did orbit Cola.
He has a hate boner for Shippy and Moni too whoever it is.

bennis is lusty
bennis is fusty
20 inches
spic love trucnchoun

Hot cola doesn't even know who he is, poor lad.
He's the sad fucker that is wildly in love with you and is your number 1 fan and orbiter.

am buying a new phone tomorrow

/britfeel/ with sport minus trannies

Wait both Zeus and host orbit cola?
Someone post the c-chat logs

No you numpty, it's based on location. You get matched with asians around you. But sometimes you do get some random matches from girls in China

He's a good, lonely lad who will love you unconditionally. Also allegedly got a massive cock


Still haven't seen a pic of colas bf.
Despite all the LGBT lot hating him and a fair few here despising him.
I don't think he's ever posted in either

any idea what he sounds like?
had a strange character chat with me on discord i've always wondered about

It's easy to larp as sp and they have done that before also didnt they larp as that tranny a while back?

Has he been to a meet?
He has posted here before, he talked about going to HMS Belfast.
There was a selfie posted a while ago but I don't think that was him since it got no (you)s

ive been to tewkesbury few summers ago it was nice, white and families everywhere. pic related

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I'm a 22 yo NEET
pls love me or I'll cry
also I havea heart as big as my willy
I made a vocaroo for user once and another for cola, idk if an user has them saved
I don't have discord. people are scari

your paranoia is kicking in again tv fren

"its like tinder"
"so it works totally different to tinder?"

get it together lad

everyone wud luv tee meet the bennis

I saved one of your vocaroos, your voice was pretty smexy ngl

Anyone else here use Interpals?
My plan is to get friendly with a Japanese girl so I can use her place for free accommodation when I travel there + to get laid.

i think i might know where he posts but i'm not saying

probably not you anyway
i suspect it might have been britfeel radio
the whole encounter felt a bit like one of the radio show prank calls

I know lad. How do they do it?Yeah I actually recently uninstalled tan tan. I only ever met 2 people from there anyway. Neither were really cute beautiful asians.

no but this is a very large brain plan, user
good luck, do give us updates too. I bet the kind of girl you would find on there would be wife material.

>tfw pie takes 40 minutes to cook

mum cooked me pie and chips and now I'm drunk. it's been a VERY good day

I've never knowingly talked to him.
I have discord but I'm not in any servers and I don't know how to join them.

whaaaheeyyy pie lads

>been a good day
>still lunch time
you must have a crazy life user

swear on me mum they did, remember laughing over how pathetic it was to larp then catfishing lonely sad lads online, cola was the one who spotted it iirc

love a bit of henti not gona lie lads

conversation with only friend has dried up, i dont even care and i doubt he does, we're not compatible we just liked eachother cause we're both losers, now weve found out we're losers in very differing ways

He's got bipolar so thats pretty much autism imo

through paranoid thought cycles

Gonna whip that fucking scea through the streets of Blackpool like the criminal he is. Judgement day is coming you fat shit.

Should i go to durham or warwick?

so drunk I'm about to nodded off so it's basically the end of the day for me

Favourite hitchcock film lads?

At work now, wearing my mom jeans, vans and Hearthstone cupcake t-shirt

Warwick, if you must.

>his le I'm a cute damaged neetfag shtick gets him the attention
I might try it

it's one of those fancy pies from aldi, i think it was 1.69

>Should i go to durham or warwick?

Genuinely not the case

You would get along well with Noddy or nodanon in the /drugfeel/ thread.

> mature students don't exist

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SP, some women brushed up against me on the London underground and I felt a good bit of boob, reminded me of your adventures brushing up with women on public transport

i'm inspired
going to have pie for dinner

i'll probably never find out who it was
they might have been legit and i just scared then off with my paranoia about it being a wind up

Easy: Vertigo. Then maybe north by northwest. Tbh i need to see more of his films. Two films I dont like that much/think have aged badly are the birbs and psycho.

Good afternoon geezas

just woken up feeling gutted that my ex who im doing a fwb is being a slag on her snapchat story at Bristol carnival :'(

Is it too early to end it all?

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Pics if lenlad have been around for ages.

>tfw graduate with a minor in sweeping and mopping

sometimes when I sit on the buss an asian qt sits next to me. When the bus turns a sharp corner she is forced to lean into me, and the warmth of her body makes me want to die. Imagine being able to feel something like that every day. I want to be happy.

Hate when actors use vague abstract language. Makes what they sound pretentious and they arent really saying anything at all. Worse is that they could easily talk like a normal person and choose not to. When I get to hollywood I vow never to be like that.

I like summer because all the pretty girls wear show off their legs and feet

drugs simulate it for me, benzos are a warm hug around my soul

Out of all the anons the only I want to see is SP, cola bf and help helper.

i often imagine myself being some prodigy hollywood director, making amazing movies.

Probably vertigo

Would it be legal to name my son Nigger?

wud likee to meet the bennis

he'd probably be taken into care

yeah that would definitely be my drug of choice. I have too much of an addictive personality to ever try it though.

urgh this was meant for