What is the difference between a 90 IQ person and a 110 IQ person?

What is the difference between a 90 IQ person and a 110 IQ person?

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IQ doesn't mean that much so literally nothing. One is slightly better at solving abstract puzzles. You compare a crow to a raven.

One watches anime, the other one reads manga.
Pretty much that.

The difference is the color of their skin.

a 20 iq difference

A total of 20 IQ points

Strongly disagree. Somebody with an IQ of 110 is a great deal more likely to be able to get into a white collar career and graduate from college. Somebody with an IQ of 90 is a great deal more likely to be driving a forklift or working in a grocery store.
There are other factors involved (people skills, etc.) but the person with an IQ of 110 is going to have many more options in life if they apply themselves and work toward a goal.

>IQ doesn't mean that much so literally nothing.
That's pretty low IQ of you.

>One is slightly better at solving abstract puzzles.
Which is literally how human civilisation began, without it we'd be smashing rocks to make spears still.

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90 IQ is a poor wageslave.
110 IQ is a wealthy wageslave.

Barring random chance, this is the course of human lives.

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>that diction
>>pretty low IQ of you

IQ being slightly over average gives children statistically about the same success as average children. Not until you hit 130+ do you actually benefit financially.

Incredibly misguided and outright incorrect. See: pumpkinperson.com/2016/02/11/the-incredible-correlation-between-iq-income/
Homeless people have an average IQ of 83.
People on welfare have an average IQ of 92.
Americans who are at the income mean have an average IQ of 100.
Self-made millionnaires have an average IQ of 118.
Self-made BILLIONNAIRES have an average IQ of 133.
Unless you want to argue there's "no difference" between welfare and average income, of course.

Their magnitude is the same so their difference is polarity or sign.

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you're stupid so your opinion doesn't matter.

Excellent counterpoint, dipshit. Kill yourself or never post again, please.

>130 plus
>genius level IQ

That's not slightly over average faggot. Are you implying most people slightly over average become self-made millionaires?
>118 being 110

Fuck off idiot. You're goal post moving.


Fucking idiots man. Post an edu next time or a gov.

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That's nip art newfaggot. They're big on cherry blossoms floating around, of which are pink, that is a variant of such a thing. They even have blue petals near by and she is dressed in blue. Often in anime a girl will be seen dressed in pink with cherry blossoms falling. It's art.

I'm not goalpost moving, you fucking retard.
NINETY is the average IQ of somebody on welfare.
ONE-HUNDRED is the IQ of somebody who brings in an average earning.
ONE-HUNDRED-TEN once again improves that standing in a direct correlation with increased earnings, you fucking simpleton. How about admitting that you're a fucking moron who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground and stated a strong opinion on something that you misunderstood? I know that it's embarrassing because you're a tripfag, but grow the fuck up and eat some humble pie.
How about clicking the fucking link and taking note of his sources and methods, genius?

What's the average IQ of people who watch anime and the ones who read manga?

>of which are pink

87.3 IQ comment

don't know, both are dumb. you know the saying, monkeys and typewriters.

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Subbed or dubbed anime?

Hmm, good question.
If you can tell me for both, or even for the ones who don't even need the sub/dub i'll take it.

I'm a manga reader so i know my IQ is better than those filthy people who watch anime.

People with 90 IQ or lower are normies.
Individual with 110 IQ are those who are likely to contribute to /s4s/ or Jow Forums

MANGA: 110

>I'm from Jow Forumsincels

Good for you idiot.

Yes you are.


HENTAI: 195+

Visual novel: 125
Light novel: 150

Give me a source, I can't be 110, i do not accept that, i'm a superior being.

Anime is about 80, the bonobo average
Manga is about 125

Did you even read or understand your own fucking link, you little bitch?
>"The results demonstrate that intelligence is a powerful predictor of success but, on the whole, not an overwhelmingly better predictor than parental SES or grades."
"Not an overwhelmingly better predictor" is your counterargument? So it's a better predictor, but not an "overwhelmingly better" one? Aside from that, see:
If you're arguing against a correlation between IQ and earnings, you're a fucking retard, which has already been well established.

It also says it's difficult to predict.

Once again, you're obfuscating and weaseling to try and save face. You're a fucking embarrassment, and should go start a new trip to save yourself from being recognized as a little weaselly faggot dipshit in the future. Further, beyond the numerous studies confirming the direct correlation between IQ and lifetime income, there's also a direct correlation between IQ and college major, and a direct correlation between college major and lifetime earnings.
I'm going to give you a hint on all of this, by the way: there's not that much variation in IQ that 20 points is insignificant. 20 points is absolutely enormous. That 90-110 span covers ~50% of the population. Trying to minimize the difference given the previously established correlations is downright retarded.

Everyone knows it's not what you know and I probably linked the wrong thing. I was trying to link something from the wikipedia page on IQ but now days everything is so disingenuous there's a shit ton to read through on socioeconomic success on that wikipedia page alone.

Back when I was in college in psych 101 I learned about how it didn't correlate when only slightly above average but I threw away that book a long time ago and it's not the early 2000s anymore so what to read changes.

You can take that source however you want though. I don't care if you're naive. Dream on.

If it's difficult to predict the success rate then you have to ask does correlation equal causation. If that link even said that.

I'm not going to go read 500 pages just to prove some naive zoomer wrong. Double nigger, if your really take being slightly above average in IQ that seriously then that's your problem.

No objective difference since IQ tests are incomplete measurements of specific types of intelligence

My fucking sides. You can't even paste a link properly and are trying to weigh in on IQ.
It's not my fault that you refuse to acknowledge what's plainly been laid out in front of you. You can keep clinging to the lesson that you misunderstood at your first semester of community college, or you can grow the fuck up and admit that you were misinformed weighed in on something that you had no business doing so on.
Correlation is not causation; HOWEVER, when you have many decades of studies and the correlation appearing to apply to the entire human gene pool when accounting for various variables, you should probably accept that there's quite a large difference between the odds of success for somebody with an IQ of 90 and an IQ of 110. College attendance rates alone for people in those two IQ groups is enormous, let alone graduation. Lifetime earnings go up immensely with college graduation. You continue to talk out of your ass.

Here, have this sum the study up for you, you fucking brainlet. I don't expect you to read 500 pages, but then again, based on your popping off in this thread, I'm not sure if you've ever even managed to read one fucking page:

Also, are they smart because they're rich: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4641149/

Hence, does correlation equal causation, my jab I typed in another comment. You can't just take things at face value.

Jews are intelligent due to passing down money only to Jews. Nepotism might be what plagues you.

Also, I don't feel shame for being a loser in a dystopian era. I shant change the trip dolt. Don't project as you would be out being not a loser if you were of higher than average IQ, or else you're wrong either way. Why would you be here?

>dot com

No thanks. Read my ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4641149/

It's gov. The question is nepotism vs eugenics.

Also, of course I won't read a page you link. I don't even read mine as I'm too poor to pay attention.

Naive fag.

My fucking sides! More obfuscation and trying to save face.
You're a fucking embarrassment. I'm glad that somebody as insecure and pathetic as you is going to cling to his faggy little tripcode so that everybody will be able to recognize you in the future for what a sniveling little bitch that you are. Have fun in your fantasy land where you continue to pretend that you're right in the face of all contary evidence, dipshit.

>nepotism vs eugenics
>vs eugenics

>trying to save face
Dude... I don't even care what you think you know.

Grow up. Everyone knows knowledge is for shit unless you are literally a genius. I'm not in college anymore so I'm not about to go do research for three hours so the thread can be archived by the time I write an essay to prove you wrong just so you can shitfling a bunch of articles in my face you didn't write after doing real research.

All that shit is vague. How high? It skims over that. Like posts self made billion by 133, that is not 110. 110 may as well be below average. The thread was about 110.

Goal post moving then trying to think you embarrassed me.
>laughing at you XD sides

Grow the fuck up.


Your economic status being higher correlates with having a higher IQ. But which causes which, genes making the money or the money making the higher IQ?

That's the real question when people bitch about if IQ matters, but correlation might not equal causation as they say so it's a giant waste of time linking studies and taking them at face value.

The difference is the way they go about doing things. A 110 IQ person will see the bigger picture and be more efficient. Take self-improvement for example, a smart person will change their habits gradually because they understand how they work, a stupid oblivious idiot will try to change their whole life in a single day.

You tards don't know the least bit about cognitive psychology and i literally hate all of you who make IQ threads.

I'm actually probably the only one that does. In a stable environment of higher socioeconomic status the child will automatically have a better chance at learning. The child will have a higher IQ, better success, due to who they know. Your first job you will use your parents to get it as your references. Some nigger with no father in comparison has a lower IQ. People don't understand the first thing about human behaviors.

'Cept me of course. IQ is literally irrelevant. Especially when talking about slightly over average. If it meant that much rather than ask for the reference they'd give people IQ tests when entering a job.

tripfags are such an embarrassment holy shit

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>missing full stop

Type better. You are lowering board quality.

>calling someone an embarrassment will automatically embarrass them

Ha. How about you realize not everyone has that delicate of an ego faggot.

>Ha. How about you realize not everyone has that delicate of an ego faggot.
I can tell how delicate your ego is by how many times you've been replying to people telling you that you're wrong, as well as tripfagging.
So i'll tell you again: you're an embarrassment. pathetic cuck.

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IQ of 130 here. I was drop out of the uni twice.

If income has such a strong relationship with IQ then by deduction my IQ is most likely below average. The good thing though is that I'm so dumb that I barely spend my money anyway even if it's not much to begin with.

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>Higher IQ=>higher success in life
Lets say that with each IQ point your potential for financial success grows exponentially(as that will make both of your arguments valid and I do agree with both of you).
Even so, what difference does it make in terms of ones value as a human. Your potential for monetary gains or likeliness to get a college degree mean jack shit when giving value to a humans life. A retard could be worth more in the lives of more people than any of the high iq nihilistic incels on this site so uhhh...
To answer OP's question: The 110 iq guy has a higher potential for success in life, but not by a lot and not one of those peoples value can be determined by iq alone.
Im high as fuck. Cheers!

For one, type better, for another, I tell it like it is.

Naive double nigger.

>eye zooms in on incel

I think IQ has very little to do with how much money you make. There are some brilliant people who are poor because they are an artist, musician or an actor. There are some idiots with great jobs, thanks to nepotism.

It's overly simplistic to just say poor dumb, rich smart.

>obsession with reddique- I mean grammar
Redditor. You HAVE to go back. your a gay fag lole Jow Forums has never been about perfect grammar and being a redditor like u

Skin color you fucking nigger

>IQlets actually believe this

One is stupid and happy, the other is smart enough to know they aren't really smart

What level of difficulty was the subject?

Redditors use the word cope too often.

I've been here longer than you.

Cope moar.

One can solve problems easier than the other. The 90 IQ people can solve a problem, but it requires them copying what someone else is already doing.

The average person with a 110 iq makes about $30k a year while the average person with a 90 iq makes less than $20k.

The biggest factor in income is your attitude, my dude.

The gap is actually not *that* significant for any major differences. There would be more of a difference between a person with a 110 IQ and a person with a 125 IQ than that.

Their IQ.

Skin color of course

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High iq makes you more likely to be prosecuted?

My IQ is like 100 and i make almost 100k a year
Wagies dabbed on
IQlets and IQchads dabbed on

Both are low af, I'm on 123 and that's low among my uni mates.

Generally irrelevant as IQ only tells you about ability to memorise and recognise geometrical patterns. Useful in a few professions such as solid state physicist, data analyst etc.

110 iq has delusions of being smart

>doesn't mean much
>therefore it means nothing
this, OP, is what iq 90 looks like.

As a psychology student you learn there are other contributing factors.

Don't make me turn my trip back on. I took a pol and it said to keep it on so naturally I turned it off again. strawpoll.me/18284502/r

The difference is negligible until it is far below or far above average.