Only /belle bros/ allowed in here

Only /belle bros/ allowed in here.

How much have you pledged to the Goddess?

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if I had the means I would assassinate her and with a 360 quick scope ofc

get bellepilled bro

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more like get womenpilled
most modern women look like this under their cake of makeup

I donated approx 32k over the months, trying to get a higher paying wagejob to be able to donate more

i don't understand why she doesn't do naked stuff it's not like you can show this to your parents anyway

I want to buy some of her gamer girl bath water. I would never open it. I'd keep it safe and treasured for 60 years of my life. Then, when I'm older and lived a full life, I'll find the retirement home that Belle lives in. I'll visit her with the water, show her the memorable product of her bygone fame.

Then say "This is from when people actually gave a fuck about your slutty ass you senile bitch" And pour the water out onto the floor.

she would lose her entire fanbase. You have to realize how pathetic her orbiters really are.

What? I'm not up to date with e-whore stuff but isn't the whole appeal that they're basically doing custom porn if you pay enough?

She's gonna live her life as a millionaire, the way she deserves. You will slave away at some meager job, living month for month. Her life will be endless luxury, vacations, good sex with studs, happy carefree life.
Your life will be stress, pain, suffering.
Women are god. She deserves to rule over you.

To her fanbase she's basically a goddess (puke). So doing porn and exposing her in such a vulnerable position would really lower her in the eyes of many.

What is a god to a nonbeliever?

As opposed to the chaste act of shlicking with tape on your nipples?

agreed on all points bro

Imagine being an orbiter watching "your" woman who you've spent thousands of dollars on trying to win her affection just to see her getting rammed by another guy.

I'm sorry I don't understand niceguyspeak.

I don't think I can imagine that. The whole thing goes over my head.

>have already spent thousands of dollars on cam girls over the years
>have confirmed that I literally turned some amateur ones into millionaires by sending them Bitcoin before it mooned in 2017 while i'm still a wagecuck
>told myself i wouldn't stoop to the level of buying a girl's dirty bathwater
>but the thoughts of drinking it and smelling the aroma was stuck in my head
>went ahead and ordered a bottle
>can't stop feeling disgusted with myself

What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No recall or intervention can work in this place. Come, lay down your weapons, it is not too late for my mercy.

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she looks like a rat even with makeup :/

you bought water, why do you feel disgusted

that bitcoin one must sting. how many did you send?

men are meant to be slave to goddessess

i wish i could match your offerings

what are Loser

>t. sad beta loser


Anyone have nudes? Do they exist? Surely they must

I fuck plenty of women without throwing away my entire bank account on them like you do. Enjoy being a sad virgin loser who empties his bank account on e-whores who do not care about him and will never get pussy.


You're misusing that term retard. If I was MGTOW, I wouldn't bother having sex with women as much as I do. I guess to you not throwing thousands away and not getting laid means I am MGTOW.


Misusing that term as well. Now I know I am talking to an user who is brain-dead.

Because according to her she is not a sex worker, just an innocent kawaii loli uwu.


>Autism in action.

If you read this you're a faggot. LOL

Ewww. I was never a big fan of her, but I didn't think she was this fugly


Here's to hoping that her boyfriend/photographer leaks her nudes

Owned you so easy dawg stay mad. Better luck next time.

that's both very condescending and very dumb

She's not stupid user, she's innocent and naive like a good loli should be.

I've never really paid any attention to her until this marketing campaign surrounding her bathwater, and someone posted the vid on her insta, it's quite funny and cute, not hard to see the appeal. But I can't imagine spending money on her though, since I'm not a thirsty ass wh*tecuck.

imagine wasting your hard earned neetbux on some random thot
she is based for taking advantage of these sad fucks tho


She really managed to capture her market and use them to her advantage. Top kek when her beta orbiters think that she's not just playing them for money.

Is there any proof that this is her?

Bro, you know that she's just filling the bottles with sink water, right?

Use your fucking eyes m8
you might have face blindness or some type of autism if you can't tell

Based originaliloli

This whore is hilarious. I think it is funny as hell how she manipulates these sad fucks into giving all of their money to her. She plays her entire fan base well and they think she actually cares about them.

She is not attractive.

> Tacky pink hair, often wears wigs
> No ass
> Terrible makeup
> Refuses to show her genitals openly

The camwhore "missalice18" is far prettier.

That's quite hot ffs.

go away belle

buy my bath water you cunt

Look at her dead, soulless eyes, every form of joy sucked out of her.
Questioning herself, thinking about what her life has become.
Questioning if she will ever find happyness, if the money was worth it.

Missalice doesn't look like a 14 yr old anime girl though. I bet belle told her orthodontist to keep her braces on for another couple of years so she could pursue her career

nice analysis incel she makes more money in a month than you will in your entire life she's living it up.

If money doesnt buy happiness, it at least allows you to be comfortably miserable

She really is a princess and I think we can all agree that she is one of the best businesswomen


If she's gonna whore out she might as well grow the tools of the trade on her fucking chest before I even look in her direction

Other than that just move along boyos just another thirsty attention e-thot. Nothing new her kind can already provide now other than pushing how far of a cunt they can be about it.

>Keep seeing this thot in media and Jow Forums
>she appeared out of nowhere
>check her patreon page and see she's getting crazy money

I don't want to live on this planet any more. Human society is festering into this sick hyperdegenerate tumour and I unironically hope a massive space rock smashes us into extinction any day now.

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And i don't care if she makes more, she is or at least will be fucking miserable with it.
Nice projection faggot ;)

Nothing. And I wish everyone who shills this annoying bitch would get cancer.

I'd pledge $20 to someone to dump acid on her face and ass fuck her dry. She can afford the reconstructive surgery and still be wealthy. Fucking beta niggers.

Better than the real thing. Traps are now the hottest shit.

imagine if she was in a fire or someone threw acid and disfigured her permanently. her fame would evaporate in an instant.

I mean, shes still cute.

imagine being this much of a retarded incel lol.

honestly cuter w/o makeup

Why is she so perfect /belle bros/?

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Easy to fake. Just use one of those make up removal apps once if twice

Use it to drown her