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How is it hanging Chris?

It's good. Nothing much has been going on. Been taking care of her since she has a sore throat and some bad sinus congestion. The heat is also been brutal lately so we've been inside mostly.

My family fucked me up emotionally and im wondering is there any way for me to recover from it?

How fucked up are we talking about?

My 12 & 10yo nieces have been staying with me for the last few days and I let them sunbathe topless/nude

General emotional abuse. Being told from a young age to constantly lie to others and not tell people things about myself or my family. Being told to keep my mouth shut even in the house. Sprinkle in my family's alcoholism and emotional manipulation and you end up with someone who cant make friends, cant really talk to people, has terrible self worth problems, and a VERY deep seated need for a "mommy GF" in an attempt to have a net of love and affection.

And throw in developing a strong morality because of this and wanting friends/GF who dosent drink or do drugs. While in college and you end up with a feeling of isolation

Not wanting to go home because it will be 12 and they will already start drinking or youll be forced to do stupid shit.

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How to kill a thread 101

Confront your parents and stop leaning on your boo hoo bullshit. You'll figure it out once you cut the chord.

At least he's consistent with his LARP.
Scars don't heal user, we just learn to work around them. Sad truth but there you have it. Once you learn to work around it the rest of you becomes stronger and the relevance of the scar diminishes

>Seek external validation from the ones who never validated you to begin with
Terrible advice.
You have to learn to internally validate yourself. Going back to the source of abuse is just more validation seeking from them.

Who are you and how do you know everything about me?

Confrontation is not seeking validation.

Read a dictionary.

Fireworks were nice, nothing happened.

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Thread theme:

Dedicated to the fat mexican Anonette and the master liar Couch, current holders of the "Todd Howard" award for biggest liar.

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Something definitely happened. Don't hold out on us Couch

I have confronted them about their alcholism and about the stuff from childhood and they think that they do drink alot but to bad. The rest was more or less feel better soon. I cant cut the cord because of my grandma being the only one who i genuinley care about and who is nice.

How do i work around not being able to communicate that well. People are uncomfortable around me. I dont like social media so i cant really talk about it which is what the majority of people talk about. Or they talk about drinking which i dont do. I'm in a summer program for my college and i have virtually no friends since i can't bond with anyone over anything. I have tried putting myself out there and anytime i think its going well i start thinking that there only letting me hang with them because there being nice.
I'm a different reality you.

When i got to college the one thing i promised myself is that I'm not going to keep wearing and switching between mask but that may be my only option

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>When i got to college the one thing i promised myself is that I'm not going to keep wearing and switching between mask but that may be my only option

How you know all this about me reeeeeeeeeeee

Well I planned on dropping the mask soon

What state user?

We should all get GFD GF's. Is the robot orig now

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"Hurururur the safe day method is best for couples who are trying to delay conception but don't have a problem with conceiving eventually"
Fucking end my life.

Fireworks are fun. Brother's coworkers had a post-4th pool party. Realized people other than my brother looking at me in a swimsuit makes me mad.
No what happened tell us. Chris what did you do for fireworks day.

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Regardless of things being true or not Anonette's definitely fat as fuck. Those hands were gross.


>go to fireworks show in big city
>really cool
>cuddle on his shoulder while we watch in the back of his truck
>share a few kisses
>end up grabbing a bite to eat on the way home
>nothing fancy just some Taco Bell
>get home
>get in bed and cuddle up on him with one of his shirts
>give him a kiss
>kisses feel really good and I end up under him
>some clothes get taken off and maybe feel something touching
>maybe that something does something that hurts
>maybe feel some stuff happening and maybe feel something warm in somewhere
>maybe get apology after for thing that maybe happened
>maybe say it's fine
>maybe try it again the next day

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This roleplay is fucking horrible. Just speak you fucking retard.

I'm not good at putting that stuff into words, sorry.

You went overkill on the cute aspect. It went from corny to disgusting.

What hands?
Comment orig

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If I'm remembering correctly Anonette posted a picture of her hand and it was a grotesquely chunky paw, the type that fat girls always have.

Couch I've come to expect you are autistic in certain aspects but you could have just said you did the deed.

You're right. It's just embarassing to try to say it.

Reminder that you shouldn't try to manage more than one roleplay if you aren't a literal sperg with nothing to do but masturbate and cut themselves.

Since it's my dad's bday on Monday, my parents took days off from work b/c they were planning a camping trip for us 3. I never said I wanted to go, but my dad told me I had to pack up yesterday.
After basically verbally abusing him for trying to make me feel guilty, I made him realize he can't force me to do anything anymore, and so he called off the entire trip. This morning, I asked my mom something and she just said "don't talk to me."
Truth be told tho, idc about any of this and she'll probably get over it by tomorrow. I'm moving out this year anyways

Did this happen last thread?

>nothing happened
Don't speak too soo, maybe you'll managed to get banned again.

Do you leak on the spot if you type the actual words?

Good job Couch. Did you let him pump his baby batter into you? Did he last long?

Is today fucking Bully Couch and Anonette day, fuck outta here.

Couch I'm happy for you. did you try again the next day. Also wait were you on birth control

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Anonette, I love you (anonymously platonic ally of course), but that hand pic was rather unflattering maybe post another one, maybe a nude, idk. Also couched indirectly said she got creampies.
Pills are for pussies wait, they actually technically are. Erm, they're for, ah, umm, anyway don't use them and get preggers with your nephiew-son

My hands are always fucking swollen it's not gonna help. My right hand's like %2000 percent worse too. And yeah I know she got creampied, that makes three of us.

>My hands are fucking swollen
That's a weird way to say that you're fat as fuck.

When did she post the pic?

Whatever here's the fucking thing you fuckers. I'm going back to bed. Stay safe Couch.

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Here, also a long long while ago in a thread lost in the pastebin. She said she's a waitress of sorts, so her legs and hands are used often by her bro as well
Also>three of us
'nette, you wanna explain this? When was your bro's bday?

The only time I met my nephew was the day after he was born, that was 18 years ago...

Errrrrrrr I didn't really wanna say the exact date for privacy reasons but yeah. His birthday happened. Been in a mushy-happy-worried daze since. He seems to trust the safe day more than I do but he also said we're never doing that again. So yeah. it was really good.

looks like a kids hand

I'm glad, you should do that again though. Incest-creampie is the singular patrician combo. Was he the only one that came?

>post hands
>not feet
bish plz

You're fuckin obese

Damn them chubs

post your taint

How to triple post 101

ur stoopid

sorry that fat girl is fat

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No, eh, and no.

Really leaving this time you fuckasses.

Mate, issa joke. I just pointed out that the posts were extremely close time-wise. I myself agreed that the pic is unflattering, possibly showing her fat hands.
The only fuckass should be your bro anal when?

I took a pill the next day made me feel a little wierd but not sick or anything. It wasn't long but it was the first time we did that. Did it again the next day and it felt a lot better but it wasn't long either.

Love you neechan, please don't go.

>it wasn't long either
That's why I said you need to shape him up last thread with other stuff before ethe deed. Well, now you can get him to creampie you till he lasts an hour, that's your only option. Also, how long is he? Did he fit fine? Seeing as you're a loli and all

I don't know. He tried a butt thing on his birthday and I still didn't like it.
Okay well you're more responsible than me again lol.
Blahhhh my heart. I'll still kinda lurk but I really need to catch a nap or something. Went to bed at 7AM don't ask why. Also don't have too much sex you're not ready yet.

He's into it then,you just have to indulge him. Maybe take it slowly, buy a short butt plug od sth for practice. Supposedly orgasm are better when supported by anal stimulation

>Couch attacking Anonette's desire to be a big sis

You are already being manipulated like a big sister lol

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Is that anonette's hand?

>Scars don't heal user, we just learn to work around them. Sad truth but there you have it.

Unacceptable, they have to actually be fixed. Of course here we're talking about emotional scars which are invisible so who cares.

bump for the family fuckups

original allegations

My twin's been letting me sleep in his bed. It's nice for me but I feel like I'm annoying him. Dad knows and keeps sighing and giving us funny looks so I know I'm bothering him too. I might stop.

Mom hasn't tried to talk to any of us anymore.

Hey halftwin user! I see you took our advice from last thread and tried sleeping together with your twin. How many nights has it been? Has it helped you? Do you enjoy it? Do you think it helped your bro? Why do you think it annoys him/your dad?

I asked him on thursday, so three nights. I like it. Having someone there distracts me from my intrusive thoughts. I guess it's helping him since he's actually sleeping, but he seemed annoyed last night, in a "You're doing this again?" way. Like I said, our dad keeps looking at us funny and sighing. I'm scared he thinks we're being inappropriate or something.

no way to feel better than to let your brother peel your swimsuit off with his teeth.

That is a sensible thought for anyone to have. He's only just concerned, since your family situation is as it is, he probably would like to not have to deal with something like that happening. As is natural, the phrase "the difficulties will bring us closer as a family" may go a bit too far, and he can't help but feel suspicious. You can either stop by yourself or ask your brother if you are annoying him (any way you ask this is going to make him feel bad so try to explain to him that he shouldn't feel bad if he wants some space). If your dad confronts you in the meantime, just say that your bro has been helping you to calm down and go to sleep.

Little sister was recently banned from instagram and almost expelled from school for telling a classmate to kill herself

Based little sister. Tell her you are proud of her.

She seemed confused but accepted the praise. Mother is angry I am encouraging such behavior.

Berating her won't do much good anyways, so you did good user. She needs someone in her corner, especially when the whole world seemed to turn against her.

fucked it up lads. well, i didn't by any stretch of the means.

>sitting around watching tv
>user is my favorite cousin teehee
>awww thanks... you're not MY favorite cousin though lmao
>wtf whos your favorite cousin
>uhhh idk probably brian (our cousin who ran away from home to do oil rigging in texas but who's also kind of retarded)
>she seemed genuinely hurt and our relationship seemed to suffer a blow
>i thought it would have been funny but nobody really seemed to laugh

she left today but i feel bad. shoulda just been like, "awww, you're my favorite cousin too." could've been the start of something nice.

anyway don't worry about me. just passing through and getting that off my chest

So are you going to take action? How do you plan to make things right between you two?

No idea. We've never really been in contact before, I've never sent her text messages, DMs, etc. As a matter of fact, it's only in the past year that I've come out of my shell at all re: my cousins, normally they would come and I would lock myself up in my room all the time. Just got tired of being an antisocial faggot, I guess.

I mean, our relationship is fine, but that felt like it could have been the start of something sweeter.

I'll see her again at Christmastime probably, so I'll keep an eye open for nice things to do for her.

If you weren't ever in contact before, how did you become her favorite cousin?

Just reach out to her and explain your thought process to her

I guess dad already confronted my twin to make sure nothing funny was happening, and that's why my twin was irritated last night. This is kinda my fault again. Doesn't feel great.

probably the last two times they visited, idk what exactly happened, i just started hanging out and saying hi and asking how the cousins were and cracking jokes

her and i have always been a little less connected ot the other cousins, maybe

nah. i appreciate you guys giving me advice, though, thank you.

it was just a nice moment that i was mad about ruining, but it wasn't worth mentioning irl to anybody.

Can you talk to your dad about this?

If I go out of my way to tell my dad we're not doing anything inappropriate, doesn't that make it sound like we're doing something inappropriate? I'm explain what's happening if he asks me though. I don't really want to think about this anymore.

Yeah, being misunderstood sucks, especially when you have good intentions. How are you holding up emotionally?
Also, from whom did you hear about the confrontation? And when you slept beside your twin, how did he react? Do you think he was able to take comfort by you being there?

Feeling bad about the sleeping thing but better in general. My brother told me, I asked him if he was ok with the sleeping and mentioned he seemed annoyed last night. He doesn't really react to it apart from saying I could do it the first night, but he's sleeping well instead of pacing all night so I think I'm helping a little.

What's important is that your brother is doing better, both physically and mentally, and he has you to thank for that. As long as he has his health, he'll be be able overcome this ordeal. You can explain to your dad that you where worried about his health and tell him how having someone there did actually help him. Also tell then how worried you were when he disappeared before. Let them know you are just concerned about them. You can always stop if you feel like not doing it anymore and leave the option open if your brother has moe trouble falling asleep.

gesundheit is such a chad artist

It's a lot harder to face life without a good night's sleep, so I believe he would appreciate what you did.

The misunderstanding with your dad was unfortunate, but didn't seem to be anything major either. Just make sure to show affection for him as well as your brother, so he'd know that you're trying to draw closer to your family rather than getting overly attached to your brother.

>sitting around watching him play games
>tummy starts hurting
>go to bathroom
>stay there for like 30 min
>end up throwing up
>feel really bad
>he comes to check on me adter he hears me throwing up
>makes me lie down and goes to get me some stomach medicine
>feel really bad so fall asleep
>he wakes me up to take medicine
>take it and lay back down
>he says I feel really warm
>feel nasty and tummy still hurts
>end up turning on my side and hugging a pillow on my tummy
>eventually it calms down and go back to sleep
>wake up like 20 min ago
>feel little better but still a little nauseated
>can't sleep so go to livingroom to see where he is
>he is asleep on the couch
>get some water and get back in bed
>take some more medicine
>waiting for it to kick in and go back to sleep
>cycling between reading manga and watching youtube videos

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>live with my mom and cousin
>picked up my cousin from his moms weekend visit
>hes sad because his mom said he has ring worm
>its not even close to ring worm
>tfw she says stuff like this to him all the time to make him sad and hate himself
i want to beat the shit out of her but i am an adult and would go to prison.

It sounds like you did a good thing, and your brother is probably going to be okay without it now. If you still need it, that is understandable, but now might be a good time to stop if you can go without. Also, as others have said, you should check in on your father and see how he is holding up. Does he have anyone to confide in, or talk to about all this? Maybe his parents, siblings, close friends.

How many days ago did you use the Plan B? Those seem to match the side effects I've heard about.

You alright couch? Ate anything funny recently? Are you having a fever?

Also, where is the pain? Upper, lower, left, right? Just try to make sure it's not an appendicitis - those can be pretty serious if left untreated.

I took it 2 days ago. But I've felt bad since earlier today, it could have been something I ate earlier.

I feel warm. It's in my stomach so I think it might just be food related. Thanks for the concern though. My nausea is a lot more mold than it was sl now its more of like a bleh kinda feeling instead of full blown go to the bathroom kind of feeling.

You sound pretty pissed off at her, what's your situation? How old are you and how old is your cousin? How close are you?

Please do not turn this into morning sickness type of symptoms. It is way too early for someone who is pregnant to be experiencing those symptoms. If you do so you will completely destroy what little level of immersion people have left.

Morning sickness doesn't cause you to have to go to the bathroom a bunch user. It's either a stomach bug or food poisoning if I had to guess.

>sister has decided to plan numerous trips for the two of us
>last one was literally us doing what felt like constant dates
>next one is a cabin in the woods

The greentext has nothing coming from the back door, I was warning them of a potential mistake. You should be grateful.

hes about to be 13
my mom has had him since 6 months while his parents were in prison for a few years. shes mental and i think she hates it that my cousin is more bonded with my mom than her so she does weird psycho shit like this to him to upset him and try and get my mom's goat.
she could have easily gotten custody of him like ten years ago but forgo that to leech of some new guy that didn't want kids round.

Wait I'm confused. What do you mean?

Wow, that sounds a pretty messed up situation especially for a 13 year old to handle. By the sounds of it, you're one of the few people in his life that he can count on; hopefully you can remind him that there's more to life than misery

>hopefully you can remind him that there's more to life than misery
as someone that has been a depressive all my life that doesn't bode well for him.