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i had a frenulum surgery and now my dick bleeds everytime i piss or get an erection.

Uh shouldn't you go to the ER or something? Is it permanent?

Everyone I team with is completely retarded.
t. medic main

Already went through a bottle of Jack Daniels this morning.

I would too if i could drink alcohol desu

Nah, they said it would bleed, it's kind of hard to heal something that constantly changes size.

I live in australia so i could legally drink in high school.

Do not take this the wrong way but have you thought about wearing a chastity cage?

It's not a legal problem it's more of a spontaneous vomiting thing

I'm not going to casually wear a chastity belt lmao.

Is the vomiting a allergy thing or a tolerence thing.

Just throwing ideas out there

I don't know. the first time i tried alcohol i downed a small bottle of jack because i wasn't feeling anything and then it suddenly hit me like a truck after an hour and i passed out. since then i can't touch or even smell alcohol

>the first time i tried alcohol i downed a small bottle of jack because i wasn't feeling anything and then it suddenly hit me like a truck after an hour and i passed out. since then i can't touch or even smell alcohol
Of course that would happen, it was your first time.

i was young and innocent my man

im in a cafe where everyone who walks past me comes in with a friend and im sitting here alone bc free internet, and the library is closed today. I told my grandpa I came here bc I had online work to do but I've been browsing r9k for 2 hours now.

As an Australian I am disgusted that you would pussy out of the only good thing in this world because of one bad experience.

i didn't pussy out i tried to drink multiple time since then but i just end up throwing up and ruining my day. still have a quarter of a vodka bottle laying around.

I had this weird, kind of squeamish feeling too when I started with jack, now whisky is my favourite drink (although I'm a moderate drinker). It wasn't that bad with jim beam. If you'll feel like trying it again, you should also pour some water to minimize the strong taste of alcohol and widen the flavour of whisky itself.

Or just drink beer

I'm thinking of upgrading my pc but also maybe buying a laptop so that there's two computers and that my family will stop hounding me for premission to use mine.

Fuck off kid
Learn the rules
18+ nigger

learn 2 read not h8

i have mommy issues and ever since the inheritance this website and talking to npcs in video games is the only social contact i get

ive slowly gone insane over the years from the isolation

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Very depressed as can't find a job and shackled to living with no money to do nice things

I don't play vidya much but I've also been living in quasi-literal total isolation for about 6 or 7 years now

What nice things would you do? I'm a NEET i have like $600 i can use freely per month but nothing makes me happy or positive

Buy some gear I desperately need for my guitar, buy clothes I really need and food above all else. How do you have that much money? I survive on 4 gbp a day and I live alone

French welfare i have 900$ per month because i'm enough of a piece of garbage that's it's considered a handicap. I'd buy gear for my guitar too but i only play fingerstyle on an acoustic so i don't really know what i could even upgrade.

You could buy a martin d28 if you're serious

You seem very privileged to get welfare. I can't get welfare because I'm a student and get barely any help from my family because they're poor too. I'm literally stuck in this situation until some employer will take pity on me and employ me

theres multiple worlds i wish i could kill myself and wake up in

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Pretty sure playing on a martin d28 with my skillz would be a literal crime

well to be fair i dropped out of middle school and i'm too socially anxious to do simple things such as groceries or just going outside so without welfare i'd be dead in fact when my parents die i'll probably be dead in a week

thinking about reading infinite jest


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Capitalism is heading us toward an irreversible place where 95% of the world population will die. Unless the workers take power we are screwed

This is true. The world is already so dystopic, politically, socially and technologically.

workers taking power will not necessarily fix climate change and other major problems by itself tho

Kill yourself and die unoriginally

powerful argument and way easier than actually caring about politics nice one

I can argue
I just assume that you're too stupid to argue

I found out that my bf of 2 years doesn't think I'm attractive and dislikes my body. For reference im 5'4 240lbs, a fat fucking sack of garbage. I overeat and binge eat as a coping mechanism. I'm trying to lose weight... it's hard though. As stupid and unbelievable as it sounds, food is like a drug to me.

I've always known since I met him that I probably wasn't his type, he always strongly denied this, claiming that he didn't have a type. He always assured me that he liked my appearance. I guess he lied to avoid hurting my feelings. I kind of just want to die which I know is a overdramatic. He feels terrible and thinks I hate him now. I don't. I love him more than anything in the world. I also hate myself more than anything in the world. Now I wonder how he even managed to get through sex if he was so disgusted by me. It's impressive.

My intention is to keep losing weight little by little. In the meanwhile though I'm not sure how to procees with the relationship. I want to cease existing. It hurts so much every time he even looks in my direction. I already felt like the whole world viewed me as some grotesque misshapen obese creature and now it feels like he sees me that way too. We met here, both ex-hikkineets trying to improve ourselves. I thought we would be together forever. I don't want to continue the relationship if he has to force himself to like how I look. That's not fair to him. Sucks man.

No you're stupid
There am i at your desirable level of intelligence now?

The fact that i say "kill yourself" doesn't mean that i'm stupid
And do you realize that you called yourself stupid

>The fact that i say "kill yourself" doesn't mean that i'm stupid
It kinda does dude

Sometimes you just give up on argumenting before you start

It's insane how fucked we are

No, but it is preferred

it won't really change a thing, because every revolution just results in mass murder and some other self important assholes making money. any real change has to be done slowly, over generations, or it won't make it.

also, apology for bad english. i am russia

I've been taking steroids for 3-4 weeks now and it's great. My sex life is really kicking off now, the change in my libido has been miraculous. The thing is, my girlfriend doesnt know and I dont intend to tell her, but when I come off the roids and I do PCT and my test levels plummet she'll surely get curious.

Wear sunglasses so that you can stare at people and try to figure out their lives thats what I do

my only friend wants to kill herself
also doing nofap and trying to fight sin on this rarted board

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So you base your political ideology that would affect millions on nostalgic feelings? I know about the soviet nostalgia. I just thought that it affected old people. Then again, young people are much more impressionable.

I'm a normie/chad depending on qualifications, but hate most poeple and seldom feel the will to live. I like going here sometimes because seeing other people struggle to make sense of life makes it feel like I'm not alone.

Hello everyone here in this thread. How's it going for you guys?

If people knew what you feel you wouldnt be a chad, so you fake it till you make it?

no one outside of family wished me happy birthday

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I'm scared to go to the pool

Yeah I don't consider myself a chad, obviously. I think some might though. I've gotten good at faking it, but having another moment where I'm reconsidering the point of it. I don't know if it makes me any happier.

Anyone here run at night time or early in the morning? It's honestly the most relaxing thing I do, I ran a 5K this morning while wearing seven layers of sweaters and five layers of sweatpants. Nearly fucking fainted when I sprinted at the end.

Revealing yourself would be a one way ticket

Anyone here in any trades? Which and how is it?

Do you think it'd be worth it?

Yeah sometimes. I usually do runs in the morning or gyms in the evening. But occasionally do a morning run. Actually went on a 5K run today, like a race. Went okay but my cardio isn't as good as it should be. Got 25ish min.

Gyms in morning and runs in evening, duh. My brain is clearly tired.

I'll go to a school where I'll be the only male in 1 month and I can't fucking wait anymore.

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I'm really stressed out because of financial reasons but I can't talk to anyone irl about it because they all think I am rich and in reality it is very much the opposite to the point where I'm pretty much homeless.
I have also been stressing out because I met a boy and I don't want him to think of me only in a lewd manner but I don't know how to act around normies so I don't know how to make him like me. He is completely different in text than irl as well and this really bothers me because I am not sure about what his thought process is like.
I've been taking codeine daily for a week or so now because I cannot relax at all.

lmao at least your family remembers your birthday we only do like half of them in my family

and I forgot for some reason to delete the nick from the mbti thread so it's like I'm not fully anonymous anymore that's just great, good job me, yep, nice

This sounds like a good potential way to completely obliterate what's left of your self-esteem

Thoughts on summer?

Trying to find a bookcase and some others things for my new place, wondering if getting everything off Craigslist is a viable option

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Recall hating it more when i was a kid now i kinda like it having my window open at 4 am with a light breeze is very nice

In my family only elders and kids under 18 get birthdays, 21 maybe for guys though.

Too bright out but I suppose the nights are nice

I don't feel many emotions, but the strongest emotion I can feel is towards girls I'm sexually attracted to. It's kind of like, "She's attractive, I want to interact with her.". I don't care about how they feel or desire to make them "happy" or anything like that, but I do like looking at pictures of them and imagining interacting with them.

Even after having sex with a girl, the level of this emotion doesn't change. It also doesn't vary between person. So when comparing the level of this emotion towards a girl I've interacted with for years irl with a girl I've just seen a video of online, the level is still the same.

What is this emotion called? I've never felt "love", but is this it?

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mcdonalds quarterpounder is underrated

I'd much rather have a quarter pounder than a big mac

Probably not.
Jow Forums wont let me post it so oregano

Yhe thought of just pretending til I ultimately kill myself seems like such an elaborate social dance though.

I have no personality and I must post discord
Just don't be too hostile

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I have never used discord, but that doesn't seem to work. I think you get like a username and then there's channel names.

as a fellow fat user i get your struggle

im not gross obese level but im at the stage where it is unattractive and i wish to loose wight for myself too. the stretch marks on my thighs are horrible and i dont want to become amerifat level.
im getting into cycling to give me some excercise

about 88 kilos 5.7 male

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fap = sin

wow christians infiltrating the board now

>my only friend wants to kill herself
iktf, my only female friend wanted to kill herself too, but I'm glad she thought it out, it would've been too soul crushing for me if she did it.

Talking about other things, I was biking today and suddenly the >tfw no gf hit me again, it ruined my whole ride.

I feel undesirable here because nobody believes they exist fembots

Thanks for replying to me. It feels a little comforting knowing someone actually read what I wrote.

Good luck on your weight loss.

Damn dude, I just shot down a girl I had something nice with to be with someone living closer to me, and now she's pretty much ignoring me.

what a time to be alive

join muh serber - zxU6SU

fuck off disfag

FUCK YEAH! Poor me some drink plz

I thought you meant you like shot her down. Boom boom. But alas this thread was not meant to be that interesting.

where do you guys work? are jobs hard? any reccomendations for a job i should try?

I guess I am incredibly depressed cause I don't want to get up, eat anything or do anything else except be on this board.

That's what I get for looking a pretty women while drugged up trying to forget the past.

About to trek from my home in Mississippi all the way to Colorado wish me luck anons

Good luck! Stay safe man.

I'm currently a security guard. It's easy work, and it's a quite building. Look into "what color is your parachute."

did you go to any school for it or have a background as a police officer? and ill read the book

Nope, unarmed security is entry level. I did go for training as mandatory in my state. I told myself it would be temporary...I've been at it for almost five years now.

Original Happy Birthday user

Opposite here, fuckin loved it as a kid because it was when all the cool kids come for vacation(i live near the sea) and everyday was awesome, now that i have no friends it's the worst season, just heat and mosquitoes and no positives really over other seasons, i wonder when it became like this

That's fucking nothing. I was ghosted on my 18th birthday by my only friend.

we all try to become better version of ourselves, it will work out one day desu

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My life is so fucking boring.

I live at home, go to work at my 9-5, and fill my free time with films and books. I have very few friends and when I see them I inevitably self-medicate by getting drunk, because it feels good at the time. Rinse and repeat.