Brainlet media:

Brainlet media:
>video games

High IQ media:
>anime & manga

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>High IQ: Anime
>Brainlet: Music
Agree with all the others. The music depends, if it is normie music, then yes it is brainlet tier

>weebshitters reading books

Anime and manga is the most normie and brainlet tier forms of media. Youre a fucking outcast if youre a young person who DOESN'T watch anime or read manga

all media is brainlet

So a refined gentleman going to the opera has a lower IQ than the degenerate weeaboo watching his moe bullshit?
Seeing your anime pic, op. I think you're not really objective.

Anti-Jow Forums reatards. Try going into a scientific facility or STEM graduate program and finding someone under 30 who doesn't watch anime. You can't, because smart people watch anime.

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You're retarded if you think anime is superior to manga.

>Try going into a scientific facility or STEM graduate program and finding someone under 30 who doesn't watch anime.
In my last lab, nobody watched anime except one weeaboo lass, so fuck off.
>You can't, because smart people watch anime.
So, in what field are you working user, hmm?
Don't tell me you're a neet, like most anime faggots!

lol no weebshitters get weeded out early on and become comp sci retards

I'm in STEM and hate weeb shit, all weebs should just kill themselves, utter degenerate brainlets
ee here, so gtfo with your western trash propaganda we're still trying to work here

99th percentile IQ:
>shitposting about all of these things on imageboards without actually ever consuming them

I don't dare to get into anime would prob waste all my time. Looks kinda nice tho.

Who ever watches TV in this day n age?
>You have to check on a schedule what is on
>You can't watch whatever you want
>Multiple channels to go through and watch
>It hurts your eyes

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>IQ meme

Please stop redditoring.

It's funny how in order for a video game to be considered art, it has to break the notion of what a game should be like. It is an inherently inartistic medium. Meanwhile you have anime like Evangelion, Ghibli movies, GochiUsa, Ikuhara series, Yuasa series all playing to anime's strengths and celebrating the medium, and achieving status equivalent to great literature/film in the process.

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anime and manga are for pedophiles who, stuck in a childlike phase of psychological development, cannot be accurately called intelligent

>family guy is art
nice try homo

>be you
>watching anime because it makes you smarter
>irl it's not
>wake up faggot

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all of those have brainlet and high IQ subdivisions.

Brainlet tier:
>video games
fortnite, minecraft, overwatch, phone apps
normiepop, nignog rap
ok, on this one pretty much everything except debate and documentaries
>anime & manga
moeblobs, haremshit, isekaishit
vapid romance, the entire "young adult" genre
most of hollywood, especially superhero stuff

Wrong, replace this with shonen fighting shit

High IQ media: books

consuming media
>High IQ
producing media

But anime is television, unless we're talking OVAs here.

You can't produce a decent novel without first reading many.

Brainlet media:
>stuff I don't like

High IQ media:
>stuff I like

people that enjoy stuff I don't like btfo'd

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>literally a tripfag
Please stop redditoring.

This but unironically anons.

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>watching sports of any kind

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Try to teach a brainlet how to do a trip to Jool and its moons in KSP.
They won't even be able to do it on their own in sandbox mode...

This. Only exception I can think of is if someone plays the sport they watch as a form of study. That is fine

>High IQ
hm. no

Anti-Jow Forums redditors need not respond to my thread.

I do love me some animus, OP. I guess I'm patrician.

>hurr durr different media formats are brainlet
Your kind has time and time again been btfo by the emergence of artists in the fields you consider low tier. Film was literally considered low attention span garbage that was there for a small, unoriginal visual gag and nothing else until Buster Keaton and many others demonstrated that you can create art with it.
Unironically, not being able to appreciate media due only to its format is the sign of a close minded brainlet.

>anime as high IQ
the overwhelming majority of anime in the past 7ish years has been pandering garbage. There's a lot of good stuff underneath, but there's a huge overlap between video game and anime audiences.
t. STEM grad at an R1

slam dunk is the GOAT manga

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there isn't much wrong with watching anime in and of itself, but there's so much wrong with identifying as "an anime watcher" like it's a social status. I know a lot of people in my research group who watch anime but we literally only talk about it if we're hanging out and watching stuff on the weekends or if a person crack's a joke at dinner/the bar. There's a way to tastefully be into these things without being a compete, socially inept weeb

Most people just torrent or watch an online stream of a show syndicated for TV formats. The fact is that traditional TV is dying. It's still good for reality shows and the news since that's always playing in offices or waiting rooms, but all primetime TV is best in an online format like netflix or through torrenting

Brainlet opinion
>A type of media is categorically bad

High IQ opinion
>There's a spectrum of quality in every type of media, some good and some bad

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>High I.Q:Anime a form of television

>It is an inherently inartistic medium
>it has to break the notion of what a game should be like
Not even. If you want discussions about games in traditional academia, most people who discuss games as art (in the same way/breath that people discuss painting and film as art) talk heavily about mechanical expression and design as an artistic choice. You have people writing about how incentive design, scores, and player motivation juxtaposes planned narrative. I remember that there's even a dude from harvard who wrote like a full analysis on the original nier and motivtaion. People celebrate the medium all the time for what it is and what it can say uniquely, especially when it's nonviolent like in a game like flower.

I get this is a shitpost, but the reason anime has literature about it is because film has literature on it. Anime by in large is schlocky garbage, and I say that because I'm a fan. In the same way that most films are pandering garbage, most anime aren't much better. But the ones that are good are the ones that make it worth it. The same goes for video games. A mathematical description of why tetris works is important alongside why as a designer it hits all the right cues. It's systems design at its purest,so much so that nobody has even corrected it in every popular iteration. This isn't even to mention works like Deadly Premonition