Does anyone have a comfy minecraft server

does anyone have a comfy minecraft server

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How is playing Minecraft comfy? There's too many games that outclass it. Rune factory for the combat/weapons/farming Dragon Quest builders for building. And for a multiplayer experience you're way better off with fps. Oh but next you're gonna reveal that you're super poor and posting on your laptop and don't have enough money well whatever fuck you then asshat I ain't giving you a dime.

my computer is pretty good, I just prefer minecraft to those games, I don't like fps games or overly competitive games
I don't even normally like multiplayer games but minecraft is fun with friends

I also want to play minecraft on a server

man I missed when I had a private server that just me and my gf played on together, we had a lot of fun with mods, they liked witch stuff

Someone here is salty because they didn't have friends to play Minecraft with

I could easily get a server up and running if enough people here are interested.
>man I missed when I had a private server that just me and my gf
Same but with my cousin. Comfiest period of my life. I still have the server files, recently I booted it up and just flew around, nostalgia hit me hard. Pic related was our town.

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Whatever dude I'm gonna build the coolest building and you can't stop me nyeh

please do I think it'd be really fun
>tfw no minecraft male friend or bf
it'd be really fun
are you and your cousin still close ? your town is really pretty

I too would like to play minecraft with Jow Forums bros

>are you and your cousin still close ?
Not as much. We still see each other somewhat often but we don't play together anymore. She's too busy being successful in her studies.
Sweet. What version should I dl?

blah blah original comment required

Shit. I can't find that one. Is any of these versions ok ? Or how much is a minecraft key nowadays ?

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well I'm glad she's doing well in her studies at least
maybe one day you can play minecraft again or something
>tfw made the thread
>tfw too retarded to know how to use anything but latest version I think

I thought if you owned the game you could choose any past version but I might be wrong.

Still looking for a server

oh thats comfy, I own it so thatd make it easy
tfw no minecraft server

Then let's agree on a version from please

1.12 is the best minecraft version. is the best r9k server for sure

I think I've got it. I'll set up the server in a bit.

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Hey guys I just made one.

please send linku to the right version

this is good one join this
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