See this

>See this
>Get a sudden urge to suck cock

Has Jow Forums corrupted you?

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>See this
>Get a sudden urge to get my cock sucked.
Kinda, I'm here since 09 and now, I wouldn't mind a feminine guy to touch my dick.

>Has Jow Forums corrupted you?
I think it has made me more sexual at least. Before using Jow Forums I was pretty much asexual and didn't care for guys nor girls. Now I'm into guys and constantly think about sex.

no. i wish my gf gave good head but she always says her jaw hurts too much. not saying im huge by any means

what is she doing to that man

that's because she's too busy sucking cocks of other men who knows how to fucking handle her.
>ok babe, you're tired so you can take a break
fucking lol

I think some girls like to give head, others just don't. If your girl doesn't like it you have to evaluate how much you like her and if her head game is worth the relationship or if you'd rather have someone who's into it.

thats a pretty wild accusation. why is cuckoldry on your mind so often lol
sorry i didnt mean to say i was reevaluating our relationship because of that i love her very much but this thread made me think about how its her one flaw in bed

>i love her very much
normie out
but seriously, good for you dude. If shes good otherwise then a weak head game is not the worst flaw she can have. Imagine if she refused to take it in the ass. Instant deal breaker.

thanks. im actually not too into assplay beyond eating her out and maybe sticking a finger while i fuck so i stay away from anal desu

>Deal breaker
My gf is petite ans I'm 6'4" 200lbs with a 7.5" dick, so anal sex is out of the question. Shame because she loves being stimulated there and taking a finger or small plug. The head game is outrageous tho so I can't complain. I never really fully understood hetero anal sex anyway, like I get that taboos can be fun but there's a perfectly good pussy right there? Why would I fuck her ass instead of that which is meant for fucking

>see this
>don't get any urge of that kind
And I have been here since 08, don't go blaming this site for your own problems, cocksucker

>see this
>sudden urge to get eaten out
>remember it doesn't even feel that good
>become sad

anal is hot because the girl is submitting completely, its unnatural but shes letting u do it

Yo shit I saw this exact fucking video two days ago, it's very nice. But I don't want to suck a dick because of it, you're just a faggot.

>sucked cock
>it was boring and uncomfortable
>didnt like the feeling of gagging
>cock smells weird

eating pussy sucks too

oh well

>submitting completely
I don't do the sub/dom thing but I've done anal with my bf.

you unknowingly totally submitted to him and became his marked property. Congrats femanon.

You where a closeted fag then

Yeah porn turns some people gay. You wouldn't find the video entertaining without the big dick, now you like dick because it adds to the viewing experience, now you gay.

I realized that I am too ugly to get a male partner.

No I think you're just fucked in the head

This is actually a cuckold video. This guy taking the video is the boyfriend and the bull getting sucked is his best friend.

The title I saw was something that was like "my best friend blows me" or some shit, which was a really hot title, and then yeah I saw another one that was "my best friend fucking my wife", so yeah that's fucking shit.

It just gives me a sudden urge to have a nicer dick.

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09 here. you took the words out of my mouth

shes doing it wrong

Weird, I liked it.

I did it to a TS, and I liked watching him/her writhe in pleasure, telling me they're about to cum, and then blowing in my mouth