Mfw i was some girl's crush for 3 years

>Be me
>High school, year 3
>Computer Science, so basically the male to female ratio is 1:00000000.1
>Each year many students fail or change hs, so classes are re-made
>Third year class 1 (mine) and 2 merge
>2 girls in my class. Wew
>Girl 1 is rich, 8/10 dumb but nice
>Girl 2 is an average girl, prob a 7 but much nicer and down to earth (also smarter)
>We talk once in a while, but them being the "gurls", they constantly get 99% of the attention from the "popular boys" group
>Nothing much happens that year
>Year 4 to 5 classes chnaged again so we were separated
>Last 2 to 3 month of high school, girl 2 starts going out with me and my group of friends
>Apparently girl 1 changed school, but she made another female friend blah blah who cares
>We start getting closer, but just as friends
>Last month or so, word got out that once i finish hs i want to move abroad
>I've wanted to do it for years, but i've only told people recently
>Things start getting weirder in our group as time goes on, but i never suspected anything
>There was a "super duper secrey secret" that everyone was hiding from apparently only me (yes, everyone knew but me)
>Ffw this week
>I buy the plane ticket. The flight is sunday (today)
>Pretty much spend my last week preparing my stuff, packing my clothes and saying goodbye to people
>Friday i went out one to dinner with a group of friends from my town (not the same from before)
>Saturday i went withe "the group"
>It was really weird, she was really mad at me for some reason. Wouldn't look at me, and barely spoke to me
>I thought she was just having a bad day, or was on her period, or whatevs. Who cares, i was tired anyway
>End if the night and we were walking to where i parked my car
>One of my friends grabs me and we start distancing ourselves from the group
>He tells me that she had a crush on me since for fucking ever, but was too embarasses to say anything
>"A what"
>She was also very fucking sad that i had to leave

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>He convinced me that i should let myself kiss her, she told him that it would make her really happy
>i was really confused
>why didn't she tell me anything, i would've said yes
>it took her 3 fucking years, and i didn't even find it out from her but from someone else
>i was single for 3 years, everyone was getting in and out of relationships and i had to pretend like i was happy by myself
>i fucking cried myself to sleep some nights thinking that no sane woman would even consider dating me
>i always slept hugging my pillow, pretending it was a female, because i've never had close human contact from another person
>i don't ever care about sex that much, all i want is to cuddle and watch tv/anime/whatever in bed
>i don't like overly-social girls, i prefered shy antisocial ones
>i dropped my standards lower than the twin towers when the planes fucking flew into them
>anyway, enough rant
>we get to my car and we get some time in private to speak
>i pretty much ask the obvious "why didn't u say anything" and so on
>we make out
>we talk some more and then she starts crying, blaming herself for not saying anything
>we hug and then just stay there awkwardly
>eventually the rest of the group comes to us
>"yea bruh everyone knew whoooa" moment comes
>after a while i say goodbye to everyone and then i drive home

>be me
>i just arrived from the airport
>i'm in my small apartment, alone. Complete silence
>i can't stop thingking about what happened yesterday
>the kiss felt amazing. the hugging too
>i can't stop thinking about her...

>...But now i am alone once again.

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If you don't call her and make things work out, you can kiss this fleeting moment of happiness goodbye. This will NEVER happen to you again, so you better fucking make it work.
Oh and if it does kindly fuck off.

>be me
>study computer science because it brings good money and being female it's an easy path
>get attention from all the boys but no hotties
>there's this one guy who is all alone
>mfw he is the ugliest of the bunch
>he awkwardly hangs out with us but barely says anything
>mfw i can smell his virginity
>pity him for three years and he tells us he goes abroad
>his "friends" talk about a good bye party which is more like a dinner because he was more of an add-on than real part of the group
>we get a pit tipsy and I get talked into kissing him for laughs and giggles
>in my drunken mind I see it as a goodbye gift
>don't want him to get attached to me so him leaving is the perfect way to get rid of him afterwards
>mfw the kiss wasn't even good
>mfw his friends sat around the corner and saw us in the car
>mfw I have no face

We are 2000km+ distant from eachother right now.
I don't think this will work out either way

Ask her to move with you maybe?
Stupid baka

You didn't mention anything about her. She has one line in your story where you call her average. You don't really care about her, you just crave the feeling and attention. This isn't necessarily a bad thing and it's fairly common, but just realize that it's not like you missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Maybe keep communication open and meet up again when things are more convenient.

Also fuck off
>High school, year 3
Continue fucking off
>multiple groups of friends
Seriously fuck off
>Driving, hanging out, travelling, making out, own apartment in foreign country right out of HS
fuck off

If she waited for you for 3 years, she could wait a couple more months for you. She sounds like a nice girl user, rarely will you meet a girl with that much patience and lasting feelings. Keep talking to her, keep stringing her along until you can fly out to meet her again. She sounds like a keeper.

I wanna think anons story is true but there are too many glaring omissions. Sounds like fantasist shit.

Why do you always use Ryan Reynolds user? Do you look like him or something?

Damn fren. Sounds bad I'm sorry for you. How long you will be abroard anyway?
If she had a crush on you for 3 years already and didnt make out with others then I'm pretty sure she is willing to wait another 3 years tops. Stay in touch with her. See how things will go on. If you happen to get back in a year or so dont miss your chance with her. Sounds like she is really commited.
Also why didnt your friends told you much earlier that she had a crush on you?

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Not OP but thats Ryan Gosling.

Yes, I have many friends, and they are all dorky nerds. But i'm still the only twat that doesn't have a gf.
The car i have is 30 yo, i wouldn't call that a luxury.
That's the first ever time i made out with someone.
The apartment is not mine, i pay rent.

It all jhst kinda happened in the last months, i've been on Jow Forums for years

It is true, i'm just bad at writing stories

Idk, she's younger than me and it's kinda of a weird thing to ask.
"Hey, would you come and live with me in a country 2000km away, even if you don't know the language?"
I think that she would come, but she still lives wirh her parents and she's still young idk

Just get a new girlfriend. Moving to a new place means you can be a totally new person. Fuck that shy hoe, get yourself a girl who can party. Three years? Pff.

I have no friends here, i know no one, expect my cousin who lives 30mins away.
My old friends were friends with me either because i knew them since elementary school, or they were intoeduced to me.
I can't just go and ask people to befriend me, i know that i will prob end up alone

Hang out at bars and social events. Its easy to make friends while drinking smoking or playing social games.

i really would like to know how these people look like behind all these just curious...anyone who can relate?

>Social games and places
Yeah, i don't know, i'm not really good at social stuff.
I'm usually the "quiet guy" in the group. I don't know how many people would get interested in me

>writes 3 fucking pages expecting robots to read
BTFO faggot

Why the fuck are you on r9k op. You are clearly notr one of us.