He doesn't use lube when fapping

>he doesn't use lube when fapping

Literally transforms your hand into a pussy.

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>he doesn't use an onahole

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Too messy. Just fuck velvet.

Never in my life lubed my dick when fapping whats the point?

>Literally transforms your hand into a pussy.
I would buy you a beer. Utterly based.

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>he doesn't lube it up by running his fap hand through his unwashed greasy hair
Never ever gonna make it son.

>he doesnt have a fleshlight

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I'm cut and I never use lube to fap. what the fuck is the point of your hand gliding over your dick frictionlessly?

My penis was mutilated as a child, so I've spat on my hand and used my saliva as lube since I started fapping.

The majority of pleasure I derive from fapping is the climax, yet oddly enough I've never been an "edger" like I keep reading about.

Considering buying an onahole. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of going to a sex shop so that my roommate doesn't accidentally get the package and find out.

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Cut fags need to use lube because (((they))) took their natural lubing mechanism because (((they))) believe that cutting is necessary not only for themselves, but also for their slaves.

I wait for precum to come out then I use my foreskin as a replacement for pussy walls

Same. Dry has less clean up and you can do it more spontaneously. Also there is something about the feeling of dry and friction that really plays up. I've only ever used lube in hand for stroking a few times in my life.

No thanks, I have a foreskin and lube makes too much noise.

I have foreskin you american slave lmao

I have a foreskin (yuropeen) but i still need lube to fap
Is this normal or is my dick retarded?

I think it's like at least twice as better. It's just messy and it's not quite as enjoyable as sex because you can just tell her to clean it up after. I guess I'm just not a fan of lube since it's less enjoyable than sex and a lot more work. I guess it's alright on condoms or whatever. Sometimes I think it's fun to just jerk off in a condom since it comes lubricated usually and it takes care of most of the clean up thing. It just gets impractical to do it all the time though.

>having a pussy hand
Not even once

I dont use lube it's better desu

Grow some foreskin

Keeps your cock nice and healthy ;)

Sorry pal but I still have my foreskin

Can confirm there is no wrong choice with any fleshlight

I only started using lotion a few years ago and it is SO fucking cash.

I'm uncut so it always felt good but lotion just kicks it up to 11.

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>Literally transforms your hand into a pussy.
Jokes on you I don't like pussy.

Yeah I actually do like masturbating in a condom. it feels better than fapping normally even though sex feels worse with a condom on plus as you said you can just toss it after