Why are women more shallow than men?

Men are accused of being the shallow of the species but studies have shown that on average men are less judgemental about a woman's looks whereas women rate 80% of men as unattractive. Putting physical attractiveness aside, women generally look for a partner with wealth or status to improve her social situation and lifestyle. Some people are still naive enough to believe the personality meme because the harsh reality is unpalatable. So what say you, women? Why are you so shallow?

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Women have the brain of a Golden Retriever.

Because capitalism dictates both supply and demand and that beauty / attractiveness is a sign of high quality. Are you a commie, op?

Dating website surveys aren't studies. Do you have any actual peer reviewed research?
The research available shows women don't care too much about looks, and care more about other things (personality, wealth).

I'm not particularly shallow. I care about multiple things. Having a good personality is necessary but not sufficient to be a fit partner for me. I want someone I'm attracted to, who has enough money to help me support me and my children.

>she wants a literal cuckold
God bless you my dear lmao

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>my husband is a cuck for supporting the children he made and the woman he made them with
Okay, I guess.

Nah the turbovirgin read "me and my children" and couldn't possibly imagine being the father, so he lashed out. That or he's really poor ESL. I'm not sure you should've bothered to respond.

>I'm not sure you should've bothered to respond
Me neither, but I'd rather clear that up before it gets out of hand.

> I want someone I'm attracted to, who has enough money to help me support me and my children.
Why would I read this as if you already have a man? You should have said, "I have someone" instead of "I want someone" unless you don't have a man yet, but are saying this hypothetically. In which case it is still shallow

If you wouldn't date a 1/10 with an "awesome personality" but you whine about women being shallow, you're either a retard or in denial to yourself.

That's funny because no 1/10 women exist. All women are least a 3

>Why would I read this as if you already have a man?
Because you're an easily triggered manbaby who would rather make assumptions and lash out than put one iota of rational thought into contextual clues.

So you're in denial to yourself, unless you think every woman in this picture is at least a three. However, even considering that,
>If you wouldn't date a 3/10 with an "awesome personality" but you whine about women being shallow, you're either a retard or in denial to yourself.

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Kek okay faggot. Try going outside

What does "ntayrt" mean?
There is no context here, unless you mean
>I'm not particularly shallow
>I care about multiple things.
>good personality is necessary but not sufficient to be a fit partner for me
>I want someone I'm attracted to, who has enough money to help me support me and my children.
No part of this is in the past tense implying you've already got the man, and regardless, none of this detracts from the alleged shallowness by op.

You are wrong. Women are not shallower than men in general, but men who are shallow often project their own shallowness on women, and willfully ignore what traits made women reject them, as that is easier to do than to question yourself.

A good man is a man who can handle his shit in a traditional way, that is, studies, career, job, and hobbies and such. Yes, personality is the most important, but if you dress like an utter retard, no amount of personality will remove that red flag. A good woman is entitled to ask for a good partner, as are you. I would not want a woman who has no higher aspirations. Your job as a man is merely to aim high also. Basically, find a partner who has the same aspirations you have, but do not expect a demanding woman to want you if you are not demanding of yourself and of her.

Ignore sexism as it is nothing but bitter men who would rather blame others for their shortcomings. Trust me, I have experience with women, they are not shallow. Incels are shallow, and bitter, and angry, and have a bone(r) to pick.

>me and my children
>our children

Go back to school kido

>You should have said, "I have someone" instead of "I want someone" unless you don't have a man yet
I was talking about dating standards, so about what I want in a man to consider him fit to be my partner. My husband fits the bill, but the bill was there before I had a husband.

I don't think it necessarily implies that I'm a single mother looking for a man to raise my children. I cleared up the misunderstanding, so we can move forward with the conversation.

Yes, we can.

If you're talking about the OkCupid data, the women may rate men more poorly than men rate women, but they actually message more evenly across the board, and send more messages overall to lower-rated men than men to lower-rated women, whereas the men tended to message the hot chicks much more than lower-rated women. But you don't care about that because you're a bitter faggot.

Not the user you're responding to, summer is cancer.
If I, the person who wasn't her, could figure out out from her post without having a temper tantrum, there's no reason you can't have. There is a reason you didn't, tho.


I don't think it's shallow to care about money. As a woman who always wanted to have a family, dating a man without any financial security seems like a terribly stupid choice. Having children sets you back career wise, and kids are expensive as shit, especially if you want them to have good healthcare and education, which are important for their long term success.
I can't work less and make more money to cover for the children and a husband. I need a man who is capable of making enough money to take care of all of us, even when I'll be busier and less capable of working.
Dating a man with no financial security would have gotten in the way of my other plans in life.

Yes, sure thing.

That's because they are trying to wheedle out the ones who have money

Why is it shallow to want looks and money from your bf if you wouldn't date an ugly leech either? Honestly men are such hypocrites.

Strawman argument.
Men will happily date an average-looking girl with a low-mid income, whereas women will overlook thousands of these guys who are beneath them.

This. Women will absolutely "settle" for guys with money. And by settle, I mean nominally enter into a relationship and extract his resources but fuck other guys on the side

Girls will date average guys with low-mid income too. It depends on how pretty the girl is.
Obviously a 5/10 guy with a McJob won't date a super rich top model.

No, they won't. To both.

What the fuck are you talking about? Rich men like to seek out naive and poor (wealth-wise) girls so that they make good baby machines.

If Robert Pattinson worked in McDonalds nobody would bat an eyelid at him but because of fame he become a sex symbol for girls & bored housewives. That's how shallow women are.

No, they don't. Rich men date pretty daughters of other rich and powerful men.

Yes, but those women aren't average, hence no they don't. Quit lying to yourself.

Of course some do, but I'd wager that some rich guys like poor girls

They are the epitome of average

No. If he worked a McJob people would think he's attractive. Since he's famous he's a sex symbol.
If no one knows you, you can't be a sex symbol.

If you believe Robert Pattison wouldn't be swimming in ladies even working at maccies, considering his personality and looks, you're laughably wrong about women's attraction.

The are usually unbelievably attractive. Stop lying to yourself, because it's clear to everyone else and just makes your own argument look weak.

I was merely pointing out that it was a reasonable interpretation, based on the way she wrote it. Personally I just assumed she was older and had her own kids. Which she does and it actually makes sense for her to write it the way she did if she was hypothetically looking for a new man. Different people want different things from their relationships, who knew? As for the other guy, I may not agree with him but it's pretty clear to see how he reached that conclusion. This board is infested with retards who think a woman who isn't a virgin, is a degenerate whore, so whatever.

Anyway, there's no point arguing semantics so:
Women aren't necessarily more shallow then men, it depends how you want to look at. You might say that women care more about THEIR looks, but the truth is that both men AND women value beauty in women, in the same way that both would value a man who is brave for example. It's an aspect of femininity, which in turn represents in our minds of what a woman is or ought to be. It's the same way that courage is an aspect of masculinity, and men are supposed to be masculine right?

The truth is that we all exhibit both masculine and feminine traits and maybe it's worth examining why you think all women are shallow. Just because people value different things to you doesn't inherently make then vacuous, nor are the things that interest you necessarily imbued with meaning.

At the end of the day you can't make judgements about the entirety of a person's being from a single axis of analysis, we aren't caricatures and there is often more to people than you can initially see but it takes time to uncover.

Nope. I know many rich men. My husband is in finance and grew up in a really posh neighbourhood, all his friends are filthy rich.
Of all his friends, he's the only one who married a woman whose father wasn't worth 10+ million dollars. They're all very pretty, and come from powerful and rich families.
Rich men don't typically marry average women they meet at McDonalds. Either they marry rich and gorgeous women, or just gorgeous women.

Look at the four paragraph response that I didn't read because little user can't be wrong on the internet. Triggered.

Yes he is incredibly average-looking and no different than your usual McDonalds worker

Well, anecdotes are anecdotes but I see what you're saying. I'd still bet a rich man is more likely to date down in this regard than a rich woman

Yeah, probably.
It makes sense and I explained why here: If I was filthy rich and didn't need to work to live I wouldn't care as much, but most women aren't in that position. My husband's little sister, who is filthy rich because she's a trust fund baby, has dated plenty of broke guys because she didn't need to work to live.

Because it's a double-standard. Women curse men for objectifying them and being shallow, when in actual fact women are even worse in that regard. Total projection.

It's not a double standard at all, capitalism is against stealing too. Are you a sjw?

So you're genuinely delusional, okay

Wtf does economic theory have to do with dating?


Women don't care about looks more than men. They DO care about looks, and you have to be somewhat cute, but they don't care as much. There are many redeeming qualities you can have as a man to make up not being attractive, including wealth and being a good person, being charming, being funny, being romantic.

What is so attractive about his personality? In every interview I've seen he's boring af.

He famous.

That was my point, but user said even if he was not famous he would be drowning in pussy because of his looks/personality

I find it funny that you blame women for having unrealistic standards for what is average, but you consider Robin Patterson average.
He has a great face, full hair, he's 6'1", very proportionate and fit. He's conventionally attractive.

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That's like an 7-8. Looks like he just got done crying

It's total projection from women. They claim that men objectify them and judge them on looks, when the OKCupid study proved that women are far more judgmental when it comes to physical attractiveness. Also factor in that women weigh up a man's earning potential & social status when choosing a partner and it proves they are far worse.

>an 8/10 is average

If a 7-8 is average for you, you need to go back to school. He's a tall, built dude with a strong jawline, good hair and a pale complexion. He's book smart, charming and sarcastic, which basically makes him what women consider to be "nerdy Chad".

>the OKCupid study
It's not a study. It's a not scientific survey.
Also that "study" showed that women still chat up men they don't consider that attractive, so how is that "shallow"?

Ugh, of course he's all of those things to you because you're trying to rationalize your superficial attraction to him rather than admit it's because he's famous.

7 is just barely above average, 8 is above average. 4-6 is average. There is nothing particularly special about this guy except for him supposedly being famous. I see chaps like him on campus all the time

I already answered this
80% of women can't have the chads to themselves, so they begin wheedling out the men with high social-value. For example, when a woman says a guy should have a "fun" profile it usually means "show me you have the resources to fund my lifestyle". Typically, if the guy is seen travelling a lot.

I'm a dude talking about what women have said in the past regarding their attraction to him - whilst he was coming for Harry potter, before he actually became famous or even as attractive as he is now. If you can just dismiss all responses that don't fit within your world view without thinking about them, you'll never grow as a person
Also 7-8/10 is still not average and it's very telling you've not responded to that point

He's objectively a canonically attractive dude.
His face has all the traits that are considered attractive for men: strong jawline, symmetric face, strong face structure, great hair, etc.
He's fit. He's taller than average.
All those traits are associated with being attractive.
Even if he worked a McJob, he'd still be attractive.

More like a small rodent or bird


Dude if an average dude looked anything like him women would be much happier.
70% of men are overweight. He's fit as fuck.
Average height is 5'10. He's 6'1.
By the time they're 30, 30% of men are balding. He's 33 and has a head full of hair.
Almost no man has that Godlike face structure.

I wish he was average, I would find 70% of men hot. He's not average. He's really hot. Keep coping if it makes you happy, but that's not what an average man looks like.

I'm married and am speaking from experience

I already said he's slightly above average. I wasn't the original guy who said he's average, but that doesn't matter. I can't tell why you're obsessing over this guy. Yeah, he's like a 7 or 8. Probably 20% of the male population looks like him or better.

Poor women. Why not divorce her and let a real man take care of her?

>take care of her
So you're agreeing with me that being with a girl is like being responsible for a small animal?

Lol. I am not obsessing over him, I'm just saying he's factually an attractive dude.

>Probably 20% of the male population looks like him or better.
You're very, very deluded.
10% of men are 6'1 or taller.
70% of the population is fat, and most people who aren't fat aren't fit either. Let's be nice and say that 1/3 of the 6'1" or taller men are also fit, which isn't even realistic in the slightest. 3% of the population.
Take his face in consideration. Take his nice full hair. We're at maybe 1% of the population.

Obviously the fact that he has wealth and social status makes him a sex symbol, but even without that he'd still be a top 1% of men.

No he's saying you've never fucked her properly and need to step out the way

Nah. 1% is far too low while I concede 20 might be high. Any how, I still stand by him not being anything exceptional beyond being generally attractive. He's an 8. You can do better


I never said intelligence in a female is a prerequisite for me to be willing to fuck them

Because they botch and fucking moan and sneer and carry on about receiving dick pics yet secretly love getting them
Two faced cunts

Yes they do. The study proved that women only rate 20% of men as physically attractive.
The "redeeming" qualities for a man are wealth and status. Nothing else. Don't even try to sell me the personality meme, ironically or otherwise.

Mate you can be willing to fuck her and still be incapable of fucking her properly. It's clear from your comments that you're insurable of fucking her properly. Step aside and let a real man so what needs to be done.

A survey sent out by a dating site is not a study. The American schooling system is a joke, you people are retards.

>The study
It is not a study. It is a poll from OkCupid.
Bring me scientific research.

Actual scientific research shows women care about wealth, social status, personality and other traits more than looks, even if looks still matter.

Ok Tyrone

Kek small dick white boi fuming

>Actual scientific research shows women care about wealth, social status, personality and other traits more than looks, even if looks still matter.
Yes, women care about wealth & social status. Thanks for proving my point. It's a bonus if they have a good personality but not a prerequisite.

I mean I'm a chick explaining what the other user meant, but I'll still fuck your wife and let her call me Tyrone and I'll be a better lay than you.

I hope you realise that him being an 8/10 makes him, factually, the top 1% of the population. Maybe the top 2% if we want to be generous.
There isn't the same amount of 10/10 and 5/10. It's rare for a man to be incredibly good looking. Most men fall in the middle, and just very few are at the extremes.
Out of 100 men, over 90 of them are 3 to 7/10.

You can still do better


Yes, women care about wealth and social status. I already gave an explanation to why they do. It makes sense for them to care.

Personality isn't a bonus, it is more important than most other traits.

Lies straight from the serpent's mouth. Get 'em while they're hot

Ah. Another person who can't get women here to tell us how women work. And when any of us with experience tell you you're wrong, even those of us ugly broke and socially awkward who still got girlfriends, you'll throw a temper tantrum and claim mental superiority or something

Why make these threads anymore?

Everyone seems crazy when you judge them as a group

Why do "you" make "this decision" when "you" say "this intention" and they conflict completely conflict? The answer is nobody is always on the same page, but it's still much easier to understand an individual than a group

I'm very happy with my husband's look, he has everything I like in a man.

There are plenty of actual peer reviewed and published studies that show that women care about how men make them feel more than how they look, and they tend to perceive a man changes if they have a pleasant personality and they're happy around them.

It's funny because women feel better around men they are physically attracted to. What a convenient thing

>even those of us ugly broke
Some badboys aren't particularly goodlooking or high-earners. Plenty of coalburners date jobless niggas because they have daddy issues and love the badboy image.
If you're genuinely ugly, broke and socially awkward you aren't finding a woman worth anything.

>It's rare for a man to be incredibly good looking. Most men fall in the middle, and just very few are at the extremes.

Yeah because men are called 'gay' or 'sissy' if we wear makeup or put too much effort into fashion. Take that away from women and they're no better.

Yeah, it's almost like the two things influence each other: being happy around someone makes us more physically attracted to them, being with someone who is very attractive makes us happy.

Yes and thanks for confirming that

I never claimed that women are any different, with or without make up. Most women are average looking, a few are really pretty or really ugly.
A very good looking man is the 1% of men, a very good looking woman is the 1% of women.

Get outta here with that nuanced explanation, making too much of what sounds like sense