Its saturday night. If you are here, you might as well just tell us what keeps you from stopping. Why do you struggle, anons?

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i am haunted by my past. i grew up obese and that's all i've ever be inside of my own head, despite practically being underweight now.

also i tortured a cat once and also cheated on a woman who i convinced to move cross country with me before leaving her her there and moving back.

man I wish God would give me a hint

the world is fucked, I am fucked
I'll just lift, shitpost and look myself in the mirror, I'm not hurting anyone, leave me alone

greentext the cat story C'MN

motivation is fleeting, discipline isn't.

>Believes in God

>threw roommates cat at yoga ball after it clawed the shit out of my arm
>it ran into the other room and jumped into a box
>i punched it

honestly horrified by my actions and regretful.

Whenever I see a hole as the thumbnail I just want to murder her with my bare hands

underwhelming af, that shit haunts you?
get a grip my dude, you're too soft

tener sexo

I have way too much shit on my mind. New job to get more money to start an apprenticeship, lack of family, lack of friends, the mistakes I've made and the future I want. Working out for the past two and a half months and dieting have completely changed how I look at everything. Like I'm becoming a human being. I just want to keep pushing in everything I do now.

there was some other stuff too =/

What's my motivation?
I have none, I occasionally work out occasionally don't, I almost don't have motivation to even get out of bed if it wasn't for needing money.

sweet, keep on trucking dude
you're gonna make it

Looking back into my past, I grew up spoiled and never really had to work hard for anything. Everything was given to me on a silver platter. That in turn made me super lazy. It also didn't help that my entire family was obese. Not like those landwhales you see at Wal-mart but they were obese, and I was going to become one of them. I was always self-conscious about my weight and how I looked but I never really cared enough to change myself because again, I was lazy and didn't want to put in the time and effort to see results. I wanted instant results and always took shortcuts. If there was none then I didn't bother. By the time I graduated High School, I decided to join the military. It was a miracle that my fitness level allowed me to pass, but I did. Now that I have a steady 7-5 desk job in the military, I know I need to take advantage of this opportunity and lose all this fat. But that old mindset of being lazy and finding shortcuts and not putting in that effort still lingers in me. I know this isn't suppose to be easy. I know there will be a lot of tears, and sweat. Maybe that's why I don't bother because I'm afraid of what's going to happen down the road.

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animal abusing faggot

I have to meet a deadline for my fitness and if I don't I'm fucked.

I realise my life seems way better than some of the other anons here but I still have some troubles with mine.
I have terrible self confidence problems.
I thought it would get better when I got a gf but, I got one last year, for a short time because she moved out but I got one.
22, first gf, I didn't know what to do, and asked myself, every time I saw her if it was real, if she didn't force herself or anything.
After failing multiple times at actually having sex, across 3 different girls (only did it once properly), I actually fear having sex and failing again.
I try talking to girls, it's great and everything but the moment I ask if I can see her and she says she can't, I feel like I become the most Omega male on earth, it destroys me.
How can I fix this shit mentality of mine ?

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the kitty claws you, it gets a kick
it's all right, have you ever watched how natural world operates? have you ever watched kitties grab a bird or an insect?

If you've tried and failed to have sex with 3 separate women you have something deeper rooted that no one can help you here. Go see a shrink and get your head sorted out user.

listen carefully and follow my advice, 100% irony free:go fuck 10 hookers

>wife and kid in a flight to Europe
>home alone waiting for the crew

>ten sexo
Do it right, nigga.

I love what I do

lmao alex

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still insecure hahaha

I think I have a little ocd. I had exams Wednesday and checked my backpack at least three times to see if I brought the correct laws. Went out. Went back to check if I locked the door which of course I did. Ordered my pens from (probably) most reliable to least reliable before doing the exam. Space my ID card using an eraser. When I got home I started cleaning and ordering shit that just pissed my off. Unevenly spaced decorative glasses. Stuff that's not in it's right place etc.

This started a week ago. Usually only for a day or two when there's a stressful event coming up but never as long as this. End of message

You fool. The military is a place where you can get paid to workout. Whenever I have doubts, I just tell myself 'Don't even consider it' and just do it to the best of my ability. I come up with new motivations to push me while I'm at the gym, like pretending someone I mire is watching. Girls are an easy one to get motivated for.

I hate myself

I definitely am a fool. Getting all these benefits with basically a free gym membership and I'm wasting it all. and that last statement is also true, I always find myself pushing a bit further.


Because I’m a coward that keeps letting things slip away from me
I’m aimless, have no idea what l want to do with my life or really even what I’m doing now
I’m so despondent in everything, some days I don’t even want to get out of bed, there’s nothing to get up for
Lifting gives me structure even if it’s without real purpose

i was born with a [spoiler] birth defect [/spoiler] and i look ugly. Getting over the psychological effects of it seems impossible

Girl i really wanted to go on a date with canceled on me after being into me for a while. Pretty disappointed. Oh well. Life goes on. Right now I’m cleaning my car and earlier i studied for the lsat. Work will always set a man free

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Unironically paxil 10mg helped me with my ocd

A lot of regrets from missing out on a lot of shit as a kid and teenager.
Right now I'm just trying to get my life together and I'm leaving for Europe for the rest of July since it was something me and my family had booked a while back.
I hope that I can find work again and continue to build from there

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enjoy sadness faggot

My teeth are really rotten and disgusting. I'm actually alright in every other field.

Yes I've been to a dentist. They've said that it's a genetic condition and I'll need a full set of implants of dentures... I don't have the money for it.

Sucks man. I don't do anything social because I know there will be pictures involved.. And I don't take pictures cause of my teeth

To torture a thing is one of the most pathetic a man can do. Truly hope you got your punishment

Working out is not a struggle. It's a good way to kill time. I feel shitty if I kill all my time doing mind numbing shit like consuming media or shitposting. I need to do something productive, and exercise is one of the most obvious way to kill your time without wasting it.

Im addicted to exercise, so that isnt the issue for me. I struggle with not receiving respect from others, particularly other men. Even when I have set a tone of politeness and professionalism in my interactions, its almost as if people view me as a target. Its been like this as long as i can remember, was bullied for quite some time growing up. Even when ive been in quite good shape and never had problems attracting the girls I want. All I want is the respect.

Due to years of being bullied about being underweight I'm left with body image issues, even though I'm in great shape now, fit and strong I can't see myself as anything but a skeleton.
>Gets constant mires from family and friends
But if you can't more yourself it's pointless anons, my lesson to you is to stop caring what others think before it's too late.
>I know this sounds fucking gay, I don't care anymore

I have a hard time enjoying social situations. I feel like I missed out on a lot of life growing up (currently 27). No gf, never socialized younger. Don't feel like I fit in. I sometimes go out, but I don't understand how people just let go and have fun. Alcohol only makes it worse. Don't like the way I look, never feel good enough for my own standards

I am afraid, last night i had a nightmare about my crush that we were together not in a relationship or anything just together and i for some reason managed to distance myself alot from her. Prev weekend we were actually partying and i did the exact same thing distance myself from her and barely communicatewith her. Idk why i do this shit all the time, like im really into her for a pretty long time. She knows this and pretty much tries to iniate things but for some reason every time we meet i dont want to come over as too tryhard or something and just dont do anything with her.

If you wanna lose weight just stop eating lol or if you have to eat, eat plain vegetables. If you won't eat plain veggies you ain't hungry.


We are living in one of the most peaceful and healthy eras in world history, and I intend to take full advantage of it. Whenever things get tough I remember that I still have it better than 90+% of everyone who's ever lived. I was given all kinds of opportunities and head-starts in life and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't make something of it.

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I work weekends so it’s technically my Tuesday night my normie logic?

today was my birthday and I ate a bunch of cake and icecream and burgers
I'm never gonna make it

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You are a bad person

Boomer pilled af

I'm 41.
I did tonnes of partying in my 20's and less in 30's with friends, so I don't feel like I'm missing out when staying in on Saturday.
But I also am single, while all my friends are married with kids and a mortgage.
Society tries to make me feel like a massive loser because I don't have the white picket fence life.
I feel like I missed the boat with all that, but at the same time I never really wanted to get on that boat.
It's confusing state to be in. I feel like my life is in limbo now as I don't see friends that much anymore, and I don't really want to get into any relationships with women right now.
I quit my job in 2014 and now just live in random cheap third world countries for periods of time, living off passive income from my investments.
It's a lonely, solitary life as I'm naturally introverted so don't bother making new friends. Literally the only people I've talked to in the past year are family every few weeks, and random whores at bars that I rarely go to. I feel like I'm just patiently and passively waiting for something big to happen to push my life in a new direction, but times running out. I wish I wasn't so naturally lazy and unmotivated. Having chronic mild to moderate depression since my late teens doesn't help matters much either.
My attitude these days is that life is ultimately pointless and meaningless so I'll just keep living however the fuck I want to live and try not to take it so seriously. I just set small (or big) goals and working towards them as a method of creating meaning and purpose in my life.
For example I'm trying to learn Spanish on duolingo.
Also I just did a cut in order to get down to visible abs level, and my body weight got too low before getting there, so now I'm trying to gain mass with as little body fat as possible, before I resume cutting again. These and other simple goals keep me occupied and motivated, wanting to live another day.

Fucking boomers

I like being strong and aesthetic.

I need to be a good example for my children and my followers.

The cucks and foreigners don't want me to be strong. I want to mog and intimidate them with superior aryan physique.

I need to impress people and make a good first impression in my work.

Man has a duty to live out his genetic potential and telos, at least approximating the glorious hunter warrior aristocrats that we are descended from.

Our ancestors, having conquered cities with fire and sword, are looking down upon us. I can't face them in the afterlife as a weak lazy twink.

I want to see how much an improved physique changes how girls (and people in general) interact with me.

did he died?

Im tired of everyone making fun of me for being small. I swear one day i will surpass all of them.

The need to secure a future for my son.

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Dubs and we all hear from our crush tonight. Even if I don't get digits, I hope you all have a pleasant evening in some form or another.

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Hey man, I'm in a very similar position to you.

I'm 36 right now. I partied a lot in my early 20's and I've only been in three relationships, one with a drop dead gorgeous model in my mid 20's, but that lasted less than a year and then I dated another girl for a year and then didn't date anyone until my early 30's and that only lasted for like two years.

People give me a lot of shit about how "You should be having kids and paying a mortgage right now" but I never wanted it. I felt really sad when all of my relationships ended, but at the end of the day, I never wanted to have a family or kids or get married and I just wanted to spend time with those women because I loved them and spending time with them.

I do some part-time contract software engineering work and live off of my investments. I have a really nice apartment that I'm renting, I don't own a car or anything like that, my life is basically just lifting weights, biking to the beach and just chilling. I wish I had the motivation to do something, but I have the same feeling of "I missed the boat/it's too late" and I feel strange.

On one hand, I'm living a relatively comfortable and good life. I have everything I need, I have enough money that I can buy myself decent stuff if I wanted to, I'm in really good shape, lifting for 12-15 years now, started doing kickboxing a couple of years ago as well. And it just feels like this is it. There's nothing really to look forward to in life. There's no big change coming (although I wish it did) there's no "cute girl" that you might fall in love with, there's no career that you're going to get now, it all feels dead.

Dubs and your crush fucks a different guy than you tonight


>lifting for others


I'm trans. I've been motivated for the past year year to get fit for surgery. I dropped 40 pounds, I can now do a five km run as a warm up, and I can squat all the free-weights I have access to.

I'm now one month post op.Somewhere along the way I became motivated by self-respect, and im looking to get back to the gym.

...if anyone has any advice on dealing with swelling i'd love to hear it.

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Went on a date with a chick. thought the date went pretty well we cuddled during the movie and held hands and shit. after that she ghosted me now im depressed af wondering wtf i did i wrong. i know its only a date and stuff but this shit still hits hard bros. recently started to lift again cuz i was bored its been fun i guess

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I'm thinking that it may take a while to learn become content with this way of life.

I've read that happiness starts to increase when aged 50+

My dad is 80 and happy as fuck.


Have you tried medicine or are you just jumping right into the self mutilation?

This is a pretty great motivation.

You've got some great advice in the shrink and hookers thing. I'd say do both. Well, not like hookers on the street. They might have aids. go for someone you can just pay for sex.

I came here on a mission, and I know when and where I die, anything and everything I do all adds up to that moment

>Why do you struggle, anons?
I'm not allowed to give up.

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tfw women will go out with skinny twinks or obese sociopaths who ruin their life but not strong lookmaxxed neets

You mean the years of hormones I took? I did. they helped a lot. And I got a surgeon and a bunch of nurses to do it. Technically they where the ones who mutilated me.

I had to go to the gym myself though. That one was all me.

Because I can

I've tried and failed so many times and I feel like everytime I try I get better at not failing so I'm just gonna keep trying until I succeed.

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oh and I hope to marry a qt tomboy girl one day


lol I could totally kick your son's arse

samefag dyel

happy birthday user. don't worry, tomorrow is another day


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I'm thinking of not going to college because the only thing I'd want to do is Art if I decide to go this fall and the idea of having crippling debt behind that terrifies me. I'm thinking of just hiring an art tutor instead or something to improve because I'd save a lot more money and time at that. Unfortunately theres not a lot of good trade options available either around me before it gets suggested, its all weird shit like hotel management and public relations. The job I have now is also relatively okay for the time being $18/hrly construction.

Plus I feel I'm too old anyway(24, 25 soon) since I had a late start in life due to set backs beyond my control and was tied down by my redneck family. Things have improved drastically since I moved away to focus on myself but I'm still trying to pick up shambles and meet milestones I missed out on. I realized the only calling I've ever had and wanted in life was to create things, make a living off it, and be my own boss. I'm thinking of trying my hand at writing since I was always relatively skilled at it and my ex professors and teachers always pushed me toward writing anyway. Also use my hobbyist experience in game dev to actually design and sell something. Do more with art as I get more experienced with it.

I already stopped.
I quit and became 350 pounds.
I hate myself and life is horrible.


>never popular but at least had friends before high school
>lose friends when high school starts, grow more angry bitter miserable and isolated, which in turn pushes people away
>no social skills so i fuck up socially in college as well staying mostly shut-in and didnt want to be around happy people having the time of their lives in college
>graduate a friendless kissless virgin
>perform mediocrely in college due to social isolation, misery, suicidal depression so can't get into post-grad programs, so i've worked a pathetic shit job the entire time and im miserable about that too

>now 27
>still friendless kissless virgin shut in so humiliated about my life i dont even try to meet people, talk to coworkers at work but nothing past that with them, even people ive worked with for a few years and get along okay at work, nothing outside of it.

>all i am i the funny guy who can easily make people laugh but form no connections with anyone outside of just cracking jokes

everyone knows im a loser. i repel people, i disgust them. i stay shut in my house to not deal with any more rejection. i didnt work thursday, friday, or today for the holiday and i havent stepped foot outside my house in 3 days. i need to fucking die already, i need to donate my organs so other people with worthwhile lives can continue theirs

I struggle cause I fucked up with my last gf (we were each others first) and it’s been 6 months since we broke up and I know she’s with other men and it fucking hurts cause I still love her but I know it can’t work right now between us and she doesn’t want to be with me. I work housekeeping at the gym I attend which is easy but tedious, and my family are all distanced and I barely communicate with them. I have a good set of friends though who help me with things and make me happy, I’m gonna visit my best friend in the navy in Japan in a couple months once I save enough.

What keeps me from stopping is that being depressed and getting out of bed at 8pm and sitting at my laptop isn’t gonna make me happy, and even if I’m sad about my ex, my family or friends or life in general, she and everyone who knows me wants me to be at the gym rather than in bed all day, that’s what they would’ve wanted me to do. So that’s what keeps me going, even if some of those people aren’t in my life anymore. Almost drowned myself in a lake last week but I’m doing better now. Stay strong brahs

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I originally started going to university for chemistry at 17 and ended up dropping out.

A few years ago I got into programming and made a career out of it. I'm 30 now and make more programming and have more fun with it than I ever did with hard science.

I'm self taught and never had to do any formal school for my current job. So you can get places without needing to go to school.

I don't recommend game dev ever though. It's a very shitty industry as a professional.

Jow Forums loves to just tell people to become programmers making a quarter million a year with no college

Why would I struggle when that mouth is perfect for my cock

I want to fuck really hot girls because 24 years of being a manlet twink pretty boy hasn't proved very fruitful so far.

Quarter million pretty unrealistic early on.

I've been doing it for 3 years and currently make 80k (CAD). I can probably find a new job worth 100k+ salary but right now the experience I'm getting is solid.

ahhhhh, thanks OP

Every time I close my eyes
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I can't get OP's pic out of my mind
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my wife's back in her home country for a month. I guess I could go out and try to cheat on her but I wouldn't do that. also I have no friends in this city and don't want to go to a bar.

You know the drill, r9k

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I work out purely to get big enough to mog my own father when I go home for winter break

Thats a worthy goal.

no, the cat was okay. never told my roommate and was always nice to the cat after that. cat changed owners soon after and I never saw it again

Lifting makes me way more confident. Though I'm just starting and have a mediocre physique, knowing that I'm taking action makes me feel better about myself.

And then seeing attractive women is the rest of the motivation I need.

please don't go to college for art. go for a stem degree dude. just put in the work.

t. 31 year old living in regret

What are you doing with cad? I use it for really basic ass traffic control work and make 60k.

Did you go to college?

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jesus fucking christ, why did you do both of those things? I'd expect you to be so sociopathic to the point of never regretting anything, but here you are. What's up user?