Is it wrong to approach woman when you know your dick is too small to satisfy her?

Is it wrong to approach woman when you know your dick is too small to satisfy her?

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How small? Sounds like your insecurity talking

It's pretty alpha if you can actually end up fucking her. You don't give a shit about her pleasure, you take what you want. Only wrong if you're a beta phaggot.

im 3 inches and I have had sex maybe at least 6 times in my life. No girl is ever gonna get up and walk out on you when she has her pants down

>No girl is ever gonna get up and walk out on you when she has her pants down
This much is true.

No, you're being far too insecure. Unless you're like less than 3 inches plenty of girls will still go through whatever sex act you're going to do. Even then, I'm sure some females prefer a small or micro penis for feitsh/other reasons. If a woman rejects you solely for having a below average or small penis, she wasn't worth dating or having interactions with anyways.

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you mean you won't let her leave if she wanted to, I'd tried to leave before the the monster held me down and sexed me anyway

>3 inches
Your in my prayers user godspeed

Not him but I'm a 4" dicklet, plus I'm ugly.

You'll be fine user. There are people out there who are 3 inches and 2 inches, or ugly, that still fuck and have relationships.

Hard to believe user, I've never seen them in public, and I live in nyc.

How exactly would you know if someone is a dicklet unless you've seen them naked? Which wouldn't be very possible in public.

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this is really my biggest issue and why i refuse to approach women
immediately after that is the fact that i am not physically appealing, followed shortly by the fact that i have no personality

Main reason I don't even try anymore. Even on the lucky off chance I do think I can succeed, it suddenly hits me that I'm a virgin with no sexual experience with an average 6 incher. wtf am I thinking and I give up.
It's also mainly because most of the women who've shown interest have worked in the same place as me. I'm in a huge plant so there's a ton of females. I don't want that kind of gossip of how bad I am at to go float around the place I work at every day though

But I haven't seen ugly couples.

size doesn't matter user. small dicks are cute and i'd like to bully a guy for having a small dick

This, but being unemployed.
It's it wrong to approach women if you're unemployed and don't have your career together?

Normies probably but fucking don't live your life by normie retard standards. There's someone out there somewhere who doesn't care if you're unemployed or anything else and just likes you for who you are and your company. Absurdly rare sure, but it's somewhere. Beats a thot who just wants what you can provide for her

Sorry to break it but op isn't gay, real women take dick size very seriously.

would you like it if I struck you for calling my dick small? in a loving way, of course

i know you won't believe it but im a real women. and yeah most take size seriously but there's a lot of girls that enjoy it as a fetish

that'd be nice user good ideia

I've only ever spoken to one girl that liked that desu. I'm not remotely small, but I enjoy sph as a fetish if it's the right kind, not the kind where they sound like they fucking detest you. It's certainly not a common thing amongst women that they like. Maybe more of them like making fun of small dicks if they don't have to sleep with the person or don't like them, but that's zero use to dudes

tits or gtfo, roastarino

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are you a girl(girl) and what do you look like?

>Woman, using Jow Forums
>You might as well said you're a passable tranny or an anime character
Women love big dicks (no exceptions). Sex is the determining factor in a relationship.

i'm the only girl i know that's into it actually. its probably uncommon but happens
i'm a girl (girl). i'm very loli looking, people usually think i'm 12, which makes humiliation even cooler

what's your discord, assuming this isn't a larp?

Yes, women assume a minimum dick size for every man they meet. Hitting on an attractive girl with a small dick is betraying her trust.

Why don't you just become a Muslim and date an Arab girl or convert a white woman to Islam, user?
You can get a cute woman you like, completely ignore what she thinks or feels, and if she ever leaves you, you just murder her!

It's the perfect and only solution for any man with a small penis. Because if you get a normal gf, you just know she will eventually leave you and then tell everyone about how small your dick is.

unironically be my female friend who talks sph with me to help get me off regularly. it's a fetish that's very difficult to fulfill with porn unless you like the trash tier kind

send yours first, i'm shy. promise i'll add ya
send discord user


can i give email instead? i'd rather swap discords where not every larper can add me, the fetish just doesn't work unless it's a grill
[email protected]

Did "she" add you or is this a confirmed LARP?

how tall are you dicklets ?

didn't add me, dunno about the other guy.

there's no correlation at all if that's what you're suggesting. i'm short for a dude and i'm pretty big, there are midgets with monster dongs

Isn't there a correlation? Asians are on average much shorter than whites, and their dicks are shorter too. So it follows that height and dick size are correlated, although this doesn't have to mean anything for the individual, since a 5'5'' Korean man could still have a 7 inch dick. but it's statistically less likely

I'd like to talk to you too user [email protected]
>Tfw 3 inches with loving sph fetish

I know, I was just wondering, bc I myself am 5'4 and have a 6,5 dick

People with a SPH fetish are so pathetic.

>Is it wrong to approach woman

whatever gives you a good orgasm is whatever it is niggy