Browses on a botnet OS

>browses on a botnet OS
You don't actually use you!?

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Thinkpad L470
Debian 10 KDE

Jow Forums uses jewgle so what's the difference?

been using xubuntu for 3 years now
fuck windows and fuck mac and FUCK arch

macos on a thinkpad t420 :^)

void linux here
imagine being a (((windows))) user

Linux isn't an OS, it's a shitty kernel
Honestly only an autist would use linux as their main desktop, instead of just using it for work or servers or something.

>occasional documents and email
>no malware ever

>can't game
>good programs aren't supported
>literally nothing ever works outside of the box
>have to spend hours sperging in the terminal to get anything working right.
>anything with a GUI looks like shit

I don't play vidya, that's for neckbeards and virgins. My literal hobbies are drugs and hookers. I don't really code and I only update my laptop once a month, with Debian stable it's enough.
And if the GUI looks shit it's a scaling issue, you have to dick around to find the proper font size, anitaliasiang, re-scaling ratio, dpi. But Windows 10 will have these exact same issues too.

which kind of drugs and which kind of hookers? I use ubuntu btw

linux fags are insufferable

what good programs? i dont need photoshop and i dont play video games because im not a child. works for me buddy

I got you, nigger senapi

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>But Windows 10 will have these exact same issues too.
l think not user.

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if you care about "security" or "privacy" you are unironically incel and posses cp. just use adblock and dont download shit. its simple.

>don't download

Debian > anything

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because windows doesn't log even your ass hole size

Mind if I put a camera in your bedroom?

If you're not a pedo you shouldn't care

Even before I clicked the spoiler, I was going to type how much better Arch Linux is.

I've used MacOS and Windows, but I don't really see the point in using Linux. What are the pros.
Seems like it's really only useful if you like code or you're a programmer/dev etc.
Seems bothersome for the casual user who just likes to browse the web, play games,watch anime and fap to porn.

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>if you actually care about your privacy using linux is better

Or you could just use Windows 10 LTSC

Love Lain Nial Evol

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that's all possible under linux and once configured it's extremely convenient. The games you can't play are most often not worth it anyways and you can still dual boot for some dark souls into windows