What do i need to get a girl like this?

What do i need to get a girl like this?

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Just be attractive and have a big dick.

I will tell you after you tell me what I need to get a girl like THIS

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70k a year, I saw some girls on PoF with kids who looked pretty good and are desperate for a remotely stable guy.

kys yellow fevered pedo incel

why do girls point their toes to each other?

Charisma, looks and luck, and/or extreme wealth or fame

She's not that great, an average looking girl after going on a exercise plan for a year.

She dresses like she dates the funny, awkward white guy who loves hiking and craft beer.

You don't need anything more than confidence. But not all girls like that are single.

It's simple, you need shit taste in women.

You've never touched a woman who looks like that, or any woman for that matter. But that's beside the point

makes them seem smaller (easier for men to dominate = attractiveness)
pushes out thighs/ass i guess
other reasons i dunno

Thank god it's beside the point and therefore irrelevant.

Most girls don't bother going on an exercise plan for a year.

Just look decent and have a good paying job. The value of pussy in the west is too inflated right now and if you go to Eastern Europe youll get any girl you want easily as long as you look decent and have a good job like it should be

She is not even that in shape, she's just young and not fat. In 2-3 years she will look like a sack of shit.

This, girls are so lazy in the west that we think that what an avarege girl can look like with exercise looks like a goddess

This, girls are so lazy in the west that we think that what an avarege girl can look like with a bit of exercise looks like a goddess

You are crazy, many men would consider that there a 10/10 body.

You are a gay male

Because western men think that a women that takes care of her body is a 10/10 due to the other women looking like potato bags with makeup

She has toned calfs and thigs and can probably lift more than you with her upperbody, but that isn't saying anything really

Why would any guy want a girl with kids?

It is funny how all you need is to throw a little TV in there to see body changes in cultures that never existed before. Europe isn't much better

A woman who trains 4 times per week in the gym for 5 years will have less upper body strength than a 16 year old boy who never went in a gym.

You s'oy b'oys really need to stop swallowing the Hollywood and Marvel powerful women crap and instead read some science.

>t. someone who has never stepped foot in a gym btw

I look like this except shorter, fatter, and uglier.

Poast roast plox

roastie is totally toastied

I just got back from the gym.

Literally all women do in gyms nowadays is glute exercises. 20 different glute exercises to make their already massive behinds even bigger. They aren't fit they look deformed.

He's close to the truth, 18 year old guy with a few days or training could beat but at the start it's questionable.
>t. trains 3 times a week

Sounds like someone bitter desu. I have had huge tits and hugest tits, I am in support of the ass revolution.

Idk sometimes they connect with the kids, they enjoy being parents, but didn't think they would.

I make 45k a year, is that enough?

is your penis 7in?

By the time she sees your dick size she's already getting fucked

solid incel logic tell me more

how is it incel logic?

Imagine, there are so many girls I see on the streets that match the body shape of the first pic in their clothes. Could it be that they are all in possession of 10/10 bodies, and they've been hiding it from me? ME?!

What a delectable treat. I must go out and uncloth them for the pleasure of mine own eyes.

On top of this, it make their legs/hips look more curvier. Have you ever seen them stand like that in real life? It's retarded and I want to slap them for it.

>how do i get this 8/10 girl?
>be an 8/10 user, it's no rocket science

literally the only way to 'hack' looks is money and status. if you aren't a looksmatch to a hot girl then she won't touch you with a 10 ft. pole unless you have much more money or status than her.

Would have been better with a middle panel where she was just wearing a bar and panties.

Y'all just pull it out and go straight in?

based yellow fever poster. I have the fever myself

what else? do a little dance for her?