Post your bedroom r9k

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nice bait e thot

I just want to see other peoples rooms reee


fine ethot, here is my room

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I like it,
cute bird poster
animals are interesting but I mostly read about mammals
I want to start taking care of a plant in my room, possibly mint since it's a good house plant

I went for a moody feel

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mini amp
big amp
comfy room

These are shit amps though

New place, I'm moving in this week.


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whats with the air vent in the middle of the room

quiet sure you posted your room before, I always remember fellow haruhitards.
looks comfy, are you an ornithologist by any chance?
reminds me of my old room, especially that blanked taped to the window. I'd get a mousepad, because the paint off the table will come off at some point and get into the readinglaser of your mouse, that's annoying as fuck.
are vents on the floor actually a thing or is that just a strange looking drain?

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I love weeb rooms. I never took the plunge even as a teen but i just love that aesthetic still

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I have seen you on omegle before. Do you still go on?

I finally repainted. I am very happy about it.

I used to go on a lot
I don't really now
people like to take intentionally bad screenshots of me and bully
I could go on more again though I guess
it was a different picture
I'm going to have some new additions to my rooms soon + I'm redoing the manga panels
I'm still a teen taking the plunge
thank you for liking it
your room looks comfy
nice doggy

Shit. Forgot pic again

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Who is the redhead anime girl above your bed?
Nice, kinda looks like the labs at my college. Lots of posters on the walls.
I am impressed with your dedication in decorating

this is the comfiest room ever. I always get jealous of anons who know how to make their room comfy. that's the most important neet skill i feel and i lack it. heck i can't even neet right, kill me

you mean pic related? that's a Yui Yuigahama glasses stand.

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post more of your room

Its mainly just lighting. Get a cosy lamp, Stick in a couple of plants. Posters or art you like. Simple. Its a nice enough room but theres nothing unachievable about it

I meant the posters at the other end of the bed. Sorry about that.

Top left and center are Iroha Isshiki artworks drawn by a doujin circle. the right one is Yui Yuigahama again.

Maybe this file size will fit

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okie here you go user

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bump for this comfy thread desu

I'd take a new photo but I need to clean again.

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>haruhi, eva, azumanga daioh
are you me with a vag instead?

yes i am an user
nice to meet you mirror world me

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that shirt is from omocat, right? i've always wanted their stuff but i wouldn't know how to style it without looking like a tranny.
t. bio female.

yeah its omocat
iktf its hard to style it without looking like a tranny
I just like her so I try to support her stuff, even if i end up only using them as sleeping tops

Damn son, dream room right there.
I remember this, still love it.

Hello my anons, its been a little while since the last one of these threads, always comfy.

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Oh yeah, I recognize that room

OP is obviously a guy or a tranny you idiot.

I dont know how to get a good picture of my whole room

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Just take more than one lol. But, it looks like a boring room anyways.

3 27in monitors with geforce surround, makes league of legend very enjoyable, and I have a wireless keyboard with headphones so i can watch movies comfortably. thats my $3500 r5 17 with i9, 32gb ram and a 1080 gtx :^)

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Yeah, no decorations. I wish I was an interesting person.

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I remember you evangelionposter. Nice wall.
Pretty based
Holy shit sugoi

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Do you people unironically have anime merchandise on display in your room? Does this make you feel good?
The true robot has only computer, desk, and computer accessories. Dont debase yourself with these figurines.

Nice room. Comfy and nice. Convinient paper roll for man messes.

Good cleanup diaperbro, Im proud of you.

Needs a bit of a cleanup

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