How do I get a crazy qt gf?

How do I get a crazy qt gf?

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>tfw no crazy, acne qt high school gf

Is there anything more pathetic than romanticizing mental illness? You'd just give her false hope and dump her after a week. And then go on to make "never stick your dick in crazy" jokes to your friends.

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>romanticizing mental illness

Literally the point of this board you fucking retard.

t. redditor with self-diagnosed depression

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What do you look like user? I could be her...

Are you originally a female? I'm a west Indian accountant, asexual, and bipolar...


If you don't have clinically diagnosed autism, get the fuck off my board and go back to posting sameface trash on tumblr

Do you romanticize your autism? I doubt it.

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Has it seriously come to this point where both males/females are considering someone under heavy mental problems

I have a shit ton of mental problems ranging from depression to fucking self-harm and I for a fact DON'T want anyone else exactly like this dude nor would I encourage a female who is interested in me to continue pursuing the relationship.

This shit fucked me up and I don't want to continue spreading this bullshit.

>calls people reddit
>isn't aware of a single one of Jow Forums's 1,879,589 recurring jokes about autism being a super power

Confetti your wrists already.

I'm not retarded. I've been here for almost 10 years. You clearly weren't joking. Nice damage control though.

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>guys I was only pretending to be retarded

>"I'm not retarded."

Also, what damage control is there even to do, you fucking tard?

I actually prefer guys with mild/high functioning autism. I can relate and get along with them better

You might be even more autistic than me if you think this makes sense.

The damage control is that you're not autistic, otherwise you wouldn't be romanticizing it, retard.

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>you're not autistic, otherwise you wouldn't be romanticizing it
That's literally the dumbest fucking shit I've ever heard.

Imagine if some flaming retard tried to tell Jerry Seinfeld that if he was actually Jewish he wouldn't joke about it.

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Joking is not the same as seriously romanticizing it. I'm not referring to your le epic Jow Forums joke there.

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>no, romanticizing it as a joke doesn't count
It kind of does, nerd.
>le epic Jow Forums joke
What, the bit about you dicing your wrists? That wasn't a joke

I'd never do such thing. I can prove it. GIVE ME MY MENTALLY ILL GF RIGHT NOW