I want the TRUTH

Please redpill me on what is better, being a poor/homeless NEET, or being a wageslave. Im not talking about NEETs with an income/support from others.

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I'd say poor NEET beats wageslaving but wageslaving definitely beats homelessness.

long time NEETfagotting will make you misrelable.
wagecucking is therefore better

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depends on the country you live in

if you live in america, being a NEET with no income/support whatsoever is just a filthy miserable life and also an eventual countdown to your death/incarceration

you can get arrested for being homeless in burgerland??

Wageslaves are worse due to faggot enabling this backwards society.

Happiness would be relative to the individual and his situation.

land of the free, baby


Homeless people often commit petty crimes to get locked up, during winter time or to have a meal to eat because that is preferable to the streets. Not that this is completely unique to America, but whatever

Depends on the area, not him.

>6 months in jail for sleeping outside
>>better stay hidden or leave this city and die in the woods!
>choose lfie
>don't stay hidden
>go to jail
>owe jail money
>let out
>>better pay us back or else!
>don't get job
>eventually found
>go back to jail

Rinse and repeat. Hitler literally copied our ways.

>damned homeless Gypsies and work shy people

Everyone we hated the same way as his worker badges. We had him as man of the year in Time magazine before the big fight.

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Unless you're a productive NEET. Then do that.

ok thanks, now I know to never visit. deplorable.

Forgot to bring up the chain gang. To this day we force our imprisoned to do free labor.

Even on the outside they get probation work often.

We are literally Hitler.

You sound like a crybabby grow up

do you think its silly to complain about literal slavery?

you aren't using that word correctly

Wage out for 3 years. save as much as you can aka live off nothing. With the money you save invest in high risk stocks/crypto.

Crybaby here.
>prison system doubles then triples due to knew laws and break downs
>highest rates in the world of incarceration now since 90s
>when slaves set free only if they don't break the law
>literally chain-gang means just make more things illegal to get more slaves
>there are for profit prisons now
>rather than put a bum on SSI for 750 plus 200ish ebt benifits they put you in jail for 2000 grand so the prison system gets profits off of you (that money doesn't go into the jailed but the people that jail)

>implying there's no issues with any of that

poor/homeless neet with wifi on a beach or hot country with drugs



The 13th amendment that free'd them said they're free unless incarcerated so yes literally slavery.

>FORCED to do FREE labor

so yes, it is slavery in the LITERAL sense

I haven't broken the law and I am not in prison which doesn't seem like a good system to be a part of. That isn't the same as slavery you fucking dolt
No they are laboring because they have given up certain rights by breaking the law. Follow the law, don't go to prison. Weird that that has worked out for me, my peers, my family, friends teachers, everyone else I have ever met over the last nearly 3 decades

>>you fucking dolt


I'm suing you for mental anguish. You are now a felon. Congratulations.

Yes, there are laws against loitering and sleeping/camping in public areas. It's pretty messed up, like where tf are they supposed to go? Home?

>now a felon
>has to be convicted of a felony
>haven't even been arraigned yet
>denying my right to a fair trial
you really are a fucking moron who doesn't understand how the law works kill yourself right now I am not even kidding

Our jails are now 'rehabilitation centers' so in the USA if you are homeless you go to be 'rehabilitated' until you can get a job and live on your own. The goal is to track potential terrorists. We have no freedom of privacy after all. No address means the CIA guy can't glow at you to make sure you aren't trying to make a shadow government when they aren't looking. That's the NSA's job. The position of shadow government is allllready filled.


>>get down on the ground
>see shiny object
>officer is now judge jury and executioner
>implying we have a right to a fair trial

Also, we have no knock warrants despite having a stand your ground law in alot of states, so when the cops smash into your house they get to kill you for pulling a gun on them.

You don't know what the USA is like to be perfectly honest.

>The goal is to track potential terrorists
Say what?

Are you advocating homelessness or what?

>You don't know what the USA is like to be perfectly honest.
what state do you live in? how many have you visited? have you even been out of the country? you don't know anything son

Neither. It is what it is. Without privacy there'd be an uprising so to keep the status quo they deleted the privacy. This hurts us, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

>you have to have lived in literally every state and moved away from the USA to know that the USA is an abhorrent police state full of civil unrest

Yeah, okay kid.

>losing the right to decide if you want to work or not

I dont know if thats true and I dont care to verify it. It also probably depends on the state youre in, im guessing. Regardless, any state which practises this is literally enslaving human beings. how you can defend that is beyond me

"All mankind is divided, as it was at all times and is still, into slaves and freemen; for whoever has not two thirds of his day for himself is a slave, be he otherwise whatever he likes, statesman, merchant, official, or scholar."

but idk

with* privacy there'd be

But at the same time we're pissy without it.

It's hard to tell sometimes.

that isn't even what I said. But I will take your dumass answer as you haven't done much travelling. which means you haven't seen how people outside of your immediate area actually live, you haven't shared experiences with them and seen how they view you, how you view them etc.
You also seem to be hung up on the fact that racial injustice exists, yes it exists. Not sure what your shitposting is going to do about it. I studied social sciences so I happen to know way more about those topics than you as well.

originally muted for 2 seconds based

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Being a wageslave, because you can invest your wage and retire young. I've made over $500k in the last year and a half investing in weed stocks.

but you haven't

>>I live in an area I like so the USA is fine!

Two way street user.

When did I bring that up? The 13th ending slavery caused whites to also be enslaved Mr. Presumptuous.

>studied social sciences
Oh, I totally believe that you got a degree in advanced faggotry, color me convinced that you're reputable more so than I! I only live here after all! What would I know! I must not be fully indoctrinated into the system yet! I better go back to school so I can be brainwashed some more as clearly it didn't take!

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you keep spouting about how "WE" (who is we?) have no rights, and then you had some faggy little greentext about being shot on sight by the cops.. which is really more of a racial/ issue at this point unless you are just pretending to be retarded like the "thin blue line" and "black lives matter" movements don't exist.

but let me get this straight, you whine worse than any freshman soc 101 student I ever met about how prisons are "literal slavery omgz!!" and you regurgitate social science talking points but you call it a degree in advanced faggotry. You are a special snowflake through and through

>you have to be a certain race to be shot on sight

The point was the cop doesn't get into trouble when they do this despite your precious ill conceived notion that we have the rights we used to have.

The police are basically your master.

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police have been fired left and right. They fired a cop for NOT running into a hail of gunfire in a school in FL. you are a fucking useless scrub faggot

police now have to wear bodycams in some areas. they are required to wear a camera to show you just how senseless some motherfuckers can be.

do some cops make a poor decision? I guess so but what is the point, we should have no cops?

>posts whale bait
the only person posting bat shit retarded bait is you buddy, I am just waiting for you to see I am riled so you can win your epic troll points

Dependent on your preferred intrinsic lifestyle and psychological imperative, as well as what wageslaving you're doing.
If you're working past a certain number of hours or only making enough to stay alive you're better off being poor or homeless, at least then you can die and free yourself from the pits of the earth.

don't fucking post king kai at me you worthless faggot you aren't deserving of Kais/Toriyama's blessings or Schemmel's voice

Cops are above the law so turning the camera off won't get them in trouble.

They turn them off just like they do their emotions.

Neither here nor there though, as the cop's life is worth so much just seeing a shiny object will allow them no need to turn it off.

The laws are fucked up.

>Cops are above the law so turning the camera off won't get them in trouble.
give me an example of this happening or else stfu. You seriously cannot be older than 25 you are just such a little bitch I am scared for the next generation

>don't deserve
blown THE

can't even comprehend a decent response to the shitstorm you brought upon yourself? next time don't talk about things you hardly understand kiddo, it will all be good

It'd be easier for you to show me one reprimanded actually.

Assuming that ever even happens.

inb4 burden of proof

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a reprimanded cop? you mean like the one who got fired in FL for not running into a building? yea you are a real fucking moron and I would apologize to your parents for you

Shit like youtube.com/watch?v=OflGwyWcft8

Where no one get's in trouble happens all of the time in the USA.

There are gobs of videos where they literally murder people and get away with it due to their lives being 'worth so much'.

There's hardly any videos of the actual police of the USA getting shot in comparison. Do not believe me? Show me videos of them being shot at and I'll show you ten more of them shooting people.

>I won't because I'm lazy but go ahead and look it up on liveleak and such faggot

They usually get in no trouble and are trigger happy psychopaths.

They kill and then they get away with it and then they turn around and kill some more.


wow neat anecdotal evidence user. cool how you changed the goal posts when you asked for burden a proof and I gave you a direct relevant example of current events.. and then you start spouting other bullshit and huffpost articles

damn you really are stupid. no way you have passed college yet, I don't even know if you went

Wageslavery because then you can at least get a gf.

So... can you prove they usually get reprimanded bait master?

Are you implying any self respecting news article would spell it out word for word that it is a police state?

They try to pretend everything is fine but if you pay even a little attention you'll realize that it's not okay. That article talks about how in 2015 there were zero arrests. How come they get to arrest people so often yet no one ever arrests them in this very violent nation?

Think about it. You're not fooling anyone.

Did you expect me to take that lying down?

Go someplace more gullible and imply that there will be an official study stamped "cops r evil" on it or ELSE they're 'innocent' and 'everything's fine'.

Wewing at (You).

You do realize that I can't play with you all day right? I'm sick of rewarding your bad behavior (baiting) with (You)'s and I'll go ahead and stop now.

The USA is an abhorrent police state with less than equal rights and the least free nation statistically en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_incarceration_rate

Get more blown as in fuck the.

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>You do realize that I can't play with you all day right? I'm sick of rewarding your bad behavior (baiting) with (You)'s and I'll go ahead and stop now.
why it is sunday? do you have to go to work? because adults with grown up jobs work M-F mostly during business hours. what the hell do you have to do user? go shitpost your retarded opinions elsewhere? reddit perhaps?

I forgot to post mfw I am reading user tell me that America is evil because for-profit prisons exist. Oh baby if only you knew the half of it


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>angrily typing
>>it's fine here nothing is wrong!
>>g-go back to redd*t!
>>I never had an actual argument nor opinion but I won!

Derailing the threads and sports are your favorite hobbies.

The USA is shit. Cry more.

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you can't even reply to someone's comment properly. proving once again you are far out of your element.